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First Things First

MagAmericans and MAGA are not the same thing. MagAmericans are simply people who believe in the effective conservative principles and policies that have brought America so much success in the past and even, yes, in the Trump administration. 

I am a MagAmerican. I am a Christian, a husband, a father of 5, a blue collar small business owner, a veteran, and a patriot. 

I love America and I hate what is happening to it. I am willing to take a stand for my country. 

Are you a MagAmerican too?

The people in Washington no longer represent the people, they no longer support or defend the flag, the Constitution, the people, or even the future of our Republic. It appears we face taxation without representation.


We believe in lower taxes, small government, a strong national defense, free speech, the rule of law, human dignity, free markets, strong borders, less government regulations, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, and peace through strength. 

A Constitutional Republic.


So please consider signing up as a member. ​Take a look at the 12BravoBlog, or browse our store. Everything here is written, designed, and funded by a family of 7. When the time comes we want to leave them an America that was as good or better than the one we received. 

Freedom is Not Free.

God bless you and yours, and God bless America


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