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Website updates...

We have changed the front page to go to our news page to make it easier to get updated on what's going on in the world out there. We will do our best to keep it somewhat light by mixing in some comedy and opinions.

MagNews will also have more sources active. We currently have news from 12 sources coming in, but it seems we need to do some back end work as only one source is coming through. That said, it is the Epoch Times so that isn't all bad.

The menu will be changing a bit with some of the pages being streamlined together to make it easier to navigate.

We have also changed the layout of the meme page and made it easier to download memes you like. We have plenty more of those to post.

So that is a quick update. Very much appreciate all of you out there. We are trying to make this a place that you feel good about inviting your friends. Don't forget, you can make uncensored private groups here as well.

Thanks again Patriots!


Karen Merritt


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