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Quick update for everyone. We are just about ready to "go live" and start really sending out information to see about growing our community.

First, thanks to all of you out there for being here, you have helped us to work out some of the bugs and really get the website running pretty smoothly.

I would like to ask that anyone who likes this place, please share it with your friends. If everyone invited just 2 or 3 people it would make a huge difference.

We also wanted to extend an offer to anyone out there who would like to be able to post blogs, or other content contributions. We want this to be a 2-way community, not just another website. With that being said, we welcome any suggestions to make the website better. Do you want to start your own blog on parenting? Or tips on coaching. How about a survival page? You tell us.

We will also be rolling out more content for the American History page as well as a few others.

Member Badges can be custom made and issued, so if you are an expert at something, please let me know and we can get you a banner to help express that.

To be clear, this site is not meant to replace social media, (personally we hate social media), but it is more intended to be a lounge for the tired or worn out conservative. Come read some news, engage with our community, laugh at some memes, or be lifted up by our motivational page.

One last thing. This site was not made for a profit. I decided to put it together as more of a, "I have to do something!" reaction to the election fraud, (yes, you can say election fraud here). Please understand I just wanted to create a place for real Patriots.

I hope you find your time here enjoyable.

God Bless America!




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