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1776RM Live!

Take a bunch of patriots from all walks of life. Put them together on a hot asphalt parking lot and watch the show…

It has been a bit of a show, hasn’t it? It has everything a good TV show has. Characters that spark emotions for those watching from home. Some give us hope and fill our hearts with joy, some anger us and make us want to tune out forever. Watching this group of patriots who only want America to be restored and taken back from the tyrants who currently control it, is good T.V.

We are there for the ups and downs as they navigate this uncharted territory. It has been and will continue to be an amazing story of success, and sometimes failure. We have watched the group find their way while on live streams, with all the positives and negatives out there for all to see. Consider how weird a feeling to have your every move watched, and judged, by thousands of people, some with love and some with hate in their hearts.

1776RM members are not perfect, nope, far from it. They get unfairly torn down and berated by the public for standing up, most of the time by people who do not stand for anything except themselves. They put up with abuses of all kinds and continue to push through. Whether this movement is successful or not, those patriots should be commended for their bravery and courage. For the sacrifices they are making in the pursuit of a better America, a restored America. Where the chains are removed from Lady Liberty and the scales of justice are put back into balance.

I have witnessed the heavy burden of this undertaking grind some down to the bone and yet they continue forward. I have witnessed women and children tormented by the opposition, I have seen the evil behind the eyes of those who tried to shut us down with harassment, stalking, threats, and other illegal activities. 1776RM has endured things no one should have to in their pursuit of liberty, they have suffered, yet they continue forward.

Some have left us, and some have been removed. Some have broken and some have shined. Some have turned on us and some have joined. In the middle of this we must remember, these are people, people just like you. They are not machines; they are not emotionless. This war wears them down and sometimes it is hard to see the right battle through the fog of war and battle fatigue. Sometimes there is even accidental friendly fire, and like any army, it has its traitors, it is a fact of war. A war they are not used to fighting and are learning while they do, on livestreams for all to see, and all to criticize.

The point is, we are a movement, we are patriots, but we are also people, and people hurt. People get tired. When you are forced to not only fight the tyrannical government, the opposition, and even your own people sometimes, you get tired.

I know I get tired but for this fight I am willing to lose everything, it must be done, or it will never be undone. I have lost quite a lot already, but I have a feeling of duty in my heart, and I know this is the right thing to do. Are we polished and efficient? Maybe not, but we are certainly more so than when we started, and as we stumble our way through the coming months and years, we will get better at this thing that none of us are used to, but we all know needs to happen. Someone needs to yell. Someone needs to stand. We will, even if we must do it alone.

This is pure grassroots, and pure grassroots is not polished.

So, remember, no one claimed to be perfect, no one claimed to be blameless. We are simply patriots, from all different backgrounds, and all different places. Please consider however, the amount of courage it took and continues to take for these people to stand up, to leave their homes, their families, and their jobs. Because they know, eventually we will lose everything, might as well try to save their children and yours from the heavy chains big government is shackling them with. No, maybe not literal shackles, not yet anyway, but chains just the same.

1776RM has faced persecution from every angle. We have come out the other side with a bit of a limp, our battle scars are starting to show, however that has not affected our resolve one bit. Our hearts remain pure because we know what we are fighting for is important, honorable, and worth the sacrifices.

We all realize that people will leave under all different circumstances, and people will join for all sorts of reasons. There will be growing pains, many of them, and some will hurt. Some will seem like the end of the movement, and yet the movement pushes forward.

Now that the 1776 Restoration Movement is going through another change. One from a movement to an organization. We plan on being around a long time to fight for the Restoration of our Constitution. However, with that transformation comes even more growing pains. You cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and this is no different. Egos will be humbled; members will leave for many reasons. None of those things will be done maliciously, and while they may be painful, they are required for the longevity of the organization.

It is clear to the patriots among us that this is what must come first, not egos, not individuals, not feelings. The mission is what matters, we must succeed. We have to remember and keep our focus on the fact that moves are being made to shape a future for 1776RM. To allow us to become more effective and grow our influence.

So, we have transformed 1776 Restoration Movement into an LLC to allow for the proper organizational structure. We are working on a new website, (it is just easier), with new options and new ways to organize state groups. We have established a Board, to help make the hard decisions easier and keep lines of communication open between the boots on the ground all over America.

The bottom line is, we are learning as we go, but we are learning. We are excited to see the next phase of 1776RM who has already had to overcome many demons, we have already been tested, and we remain steady. We know this is a battle we cannot afford to lose. You see the enemy has built his foundation on sand, while we are building ours on rock.

America is a shining city on a hill, surrounded by those who stand in the shadows cast by those tall towers of freedom and liberty. They only care to destroy it, or profit from it, or change it to match their twisted visions. 1776RM has decided to put our collective foot down and say enough is enough. This is not how it was supposed to be, the Constitution has been ignored, usurped, and trampled on for far to long. It is time we restore that document and in doing so restore the greatest nation that has ever existed on this earth.

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