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A 1776 Summer and

Like many patriots, we were left feeling many different emotions after the demise of the “People’s” Convoy. The damage done to the American Patriot by that organization has been immense. It was introduced into our patriotic bloodstreams, but it quickly became poison. Infecting our will, our morale, and our judgement. They sickened the American Patriot, now disease ridden, we limp, but we limp forward still.

In our house we teach our children to love America and to be patriots themselves. That one was a hard thing to try to explain, and I believe seeing it’s fall damaged their hope as well. Hard to explain, much like January 6th, 2020. We sat there as a family watching what was happening. My wife had a look of heavy concern, and my children were looking at me to explain why. Why does something like that happen. They saw only the surface, but I know what swims a bit deeper in that swamp. They saw it through more innocent children’s eyes, and to attempt to explain all the layers, people, and organizations involved would have been too much for them to bare, nor would I ask them to bare it.

I was going to go to the rally, but I could not, so on January 6th, 2020, at around 3:30pm I went into my office and created MagAmericans. I felt like I had to do something, and that was it. I felt called to do it, and I feel called to continue it. I didn’t know our place just yet, and to be honest sometimes I am still trying to figure it out, I just knew I had to make it, so I did.

Fast forward a little over 2 years later to the end of TPC. The state of the conservative union was in a bad place. At we wrote pretty extensively about TPC, called them out when they needed it, and predicted a lot of their moves before they did. It was like watching a train wreck, except I knew what was going to happen. There should be no survivors from a wreck like that, yet there they are again trying to rise even as we speak. But this story is not about them, it is about my wife Faith and myself. It is our story of patriotism, and sacrifice for something we believe in. For our children, for our freedom, and for the 1776 Restoration Movement.

We were in a bad place. While my support for TPC had left me as I investigated deeper into their organization, Faith still supported them, however she was starting to see the writing on the wall. It hurt me as those days went by to see her own faith in TPC fall away. I saw a broken patriot, the remains left all over the country by the TPC. It didn’t take long for her faith in country to come back and she is already putting things in motion for her own website that spreads love of country and love of people. America could use that about now. Her faith came back quickly, but what about those millions of other patriots? Some had more trouble than others and some have retracted to the temporary safety of their living rooms. I totally understand that. I don’t blame those people, but it is time to come out and stand again!

Along came the 1776 Restoration Movement. Faith was very happy to see that David “Santa” Riddell was leading it. She had previous conversations with him over social media and found him to have his heart in the right place.

Not long after that I had volunteered my services to them in reference to building a website. They accepted and I soon found myself hard at work for many hours to get up and running.

We already run a small home improvement company with a great reputation, and our time is very limited. We have not had to advertise and almost all our business is local. Since covid and the following shutdowns business has been getting worse and worse. The effects of it reached well beyond health, it touched economics and the homeowner’s willingness to spend their money, it effected the price of supplies and made some almost impossible to get. What used to take 3-4 days to come in has gone as long as 2-3 weeks. Some special-order items even took 6 months or more to arrive. It made what business we did get, more difficult to manage.

We watched countless other small businesses fall to the government and go out of business. Tapped out, not by covid, but by the government’s restrictions and unconstitutional rules. It affected us as well, but we managed to expend all our savings trying to save our business. In the end it may prove futile, just as things were looking up, there was an event at our child’s school, and we spoke up. How dare we! As a result, I was doxed and lied about at a local school board meeting when I was not in attendance, by the school solicitor no less. That meeting was August 1st and since then, the phone is barely ringing. I fear this is the end for our business. With savings spent, and at a crossroads of sorts with MagAmericans we find we have some serious choices to make.

Writing is my passion; I love doing it. I find MagAmericans has become another passion as well, and I love the opportunity to work with my amazing wife Faith. We are doing our best to find a way to support our family and keep that ever important roof over our heads, while at the same time putting it all on the line for God, Country, our family, MagAmericans and for you too!

I spent a very long time away from home so far during this 1776 Restoration Movement. During that time there was a lot of support. Faith stood up and took the reigns of the business and worked with our employee to keep that running smoothly while I was in Bunker Hill or D.C.. Time and money, we sacrificed them both. Quite a bit of both come to think of it. We sacrificed our time together, I sacrificed considerable time with wife and my children and I can never get those moments back. I missed 2 family relaxing camping vacations of as we both decided it was important that I was able to stand for freedom. We found that incredibly important and worth the sacrifice. To be honest, we have had fun doing it!

We are at peace with the choices we made, I believe we would do it again. 1776 Restoration Movement is fighting for the right things, and for the right reasons. This is one of the most important fights you can ever join. I am proud to have our name associated with them. Restoring our Constitution is important to me, I don’t want to leave my children and America in worse shape than the one I received.

We ask that you help to support our move from backbreaking work to narrative breaking work. We have received press credentials and are moving forward applying for press passes at select events. If you have an idea or request you would like to send our way, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Of course we welcome any other messages, prayers or messages of encouragement are always needed as we navigate this hazardous road of life. We don’t know where we are going to end up, but we feel God has put on our hearts and we will see it through, no matter where that road takes us, we want God’s will to be done and we give Him all the glory.

That being said, we have some big plans and some exciting ideas we will be putting into action in the near future. Please stay tuned, it is gunna be one heck of a year!

Thank you all for being a part of our story, this is just the beginning. We want nothing more than to make this a success and with your help we will. We ask that if you feel so inclined to donate to our mission or to take a look at for items that help support the mission. Please keep in mind we are supporter funded and we cannot do any of this without your generous support.

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