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Because You Were Luke Warm

Because you were luke warm, I spit you out of my mouth…

Everyone will have to pick a side in this fight, everyone. It will happen, the only question is will it be on your terms, or on theirs? I know it seems safer up there, riding the fence, but it isn’t. I know it feels like you are safe from both sides, but in reality you are more vulnerable. While it may seem safer, fence riders make themselves more of a target, one that both sides look upon with contempt. Hating fence riders is one place opposition can find agreement. Fence riders expose themselves as weak and easy to control because of their inability to commit to a cause or even a set of principles. Instead riding the top of the fence makes them feel they are more reasonable. They ride the waves rather than creating the waves. “Moderates” they often call themselves. It sounds so much more reasonable than “liberal,” or “conservative”. It portrays a more evolved way of thinking, but in reality, in almost all cases it is just the behavior of a coward unwilling to commit to a certain side, frozen and fearful they may pick the losing side. They are unwilling, nay, they are unable to truly commit to either mission. Those of us who have played this game before know those who sit there on top of the fence not only expose themselves, but they eventually fall, hit by some of the artillery whizzing (wysiwyg’ing) past their heads. Now they have no control where they land, because they gave up their choice to stand. They can only adapt, with the good, or with the evil. One thing is for sure, wherever it is they land they will be a feckless follower. Exposed as weak to both sides and neither respected nor feared.

The time for fence sitting is long past and the time for choosing a side has come. If you don’t know where you stand it is time to figure it out. The clock is ticking, the drums of war grow louder with each passing moment and the time for choosing a side is quickly passing away to give way to the time for fighting. We must be committed to our principles, or we will be easily dismantled and defeated as others before us that have tried to stand against this behemoth we call the federal government. Unity must be found in our ranks or the lack of it will destroy us from within. Man is a sinful creature, not to be trusted with power and easily deceived by lies. Easily lead down a dark path with minimal effort or convincing. We must be aware of our weaknesses as much as we are our strengths or we will fail. We must remember this is Gods fight, we are merely His soldiers and blessed to be so, behave as such and resist the dark forces screaming for violence.

Remember, vengeance is His, it does not belong to us. Do not steal it from Him.

For the record, I do not care about our differences. I want to unite around what we share. Differences are an excuse, a weak point to be attacked. Differences are places for the opposition to insert wedges and encourage infighting. Once again pushing us to fight each other and allowing them to fortify their defenses with fencing, new legislation, and “commissions”.

The time for games is over, the times that try men’s souls are upon us. How will you respond? I know how I responded and how I will continue to respond as long as I am able.

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2 commentaires

18 févr. 2023

I am with you all the way. Have spent hours since you started this movement. Following since California. Still visit Santa when he is on. They are not showing anything on TV what is happening. Watch the j6ers every night. Thanks for all that you are all doing. Ask Santa



18 févr. 2023

Depth of reality!!

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