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Constitutional Arsonists

If it were up to me, I would not have become active in this fight to restore America. That is not because I don’t think it is worth it, but because this fight shouldn’t even be happening.

So, I stand here in opposition to the tyrants that have occupied the once solemn halls of Washington D.C. for a century.

They have taken what they could from America, and they spit on We the People while they do it. They are arsonists watching the Constitution burn as they rape Lady Liberty. She has cried out over and over in pain and for help, but there is no answer from the people she stands for. She has stood for us for so long, why won’t we stand for her? No one hears her voice echoing across the empty parks and quiet streets of America. The people are too busy gazing at their phones, or any number of other distractions that are simply used to occupy the people like pacifiers in the mouths of a restless babies.

The patriots that would stand up find themselves spending their time just trying to keep their head above the surface. A surface that is slowly being raised by the choices being made in Washington. They make it harder to survive, harder to thrive, harder to pursue your happiness. They strip us of our liberties and have attacked our right to life for 50 years. So many of those patriots who want to stand up cannot because they are being held down by the chains of government already. Many are too busy trying to keep the next breath from being their last. Who has time to fight when your energy is spent struggling just to be allowed to breathe.

So many today are fighting so hard, just to breathe to death. I will no longer breathe to death, and you don’t have too either. You don’t have to continue struggling to survive, we can fix this. It isn’t going to be easy; you may lose some things, you may pay a price. However, we must pay that price, we cannot consider the pain it will bring us, we must consider the pain it will cause others if we do not.

The current political and social climate, as well as the lack of results from previous movements, has understandably caused many to retract back into their own lives. This is a natural reaction, but it cannot persist indefinitely. Keeping your head in the sand doesn’t stop the enemy from surrounding you. It doesn’t stop them from going through your pockets, stripping you of your dignity, and shackling you. It only prevents you from your freedom. It makes no difference, and then you make no difference.

We have already paid such a high price for standing when they want us to kneel. Thousands of us are losing everything for this fight, however thousands more stand behind us with more rising every day. America is waking up and it is starting to feel like morning in America and I am excited and filling with hope again.

It still needs to be said, if it were up to me the 1776 Restoration Movement would not have been born. It wouldn’t have been needed. The very fact that exists shows me there are patriots who will give anything. That truly warms my heart and reminds me that I am not alone. YOU are not alone either. So since sadly enough we need the 1776RM, I want to help as much as I can.

Many patriots saw what was happening to America and they stepped out into the light in faith that the mission would be completed. When I say stepped out into the light, I mean they made their opinions public by showing support for the TPC. When the TPC failed in their mission, patriots who were not ready to give up the fight united around a Godly man. They decided then they would finish the mission. Since then, we have lost and gained many. We have faced persecution from all sides and been battle tested. Successfully convoying into D.C. and occupying the National Mall for 34 days and nights.

It was not the typical protest, but it was a protest. At times we held a closer resemblance to lions in lawn chairs than patriots in protest. The people could tune in at anytime to see what we were or were not doing. We spent a lot of that time shell shocked to an extent. All of this was new to us, ALL of it. We were forced to deal with and eventually defeat the harassers who called themselves counter protesters that really were just agitators and aspiring YouTube’ers in search of fame and fortune, in this case likes and donations to support their grifting lifestyle of drugs, waffle house, and alcohol.

The 1776RM is at a crossroads. We want to continue the mission of restoring our Constitutional Republic and returning the power back to the states. We have the people who are willing to do the work, however the recent battles with D.C. and agitators have taken their toll. Donations have slowed to a crawl, and we are getting ready to set out on our long-term mission. It is time to step out into the light once again patriots. We need you now more than ever and ask you to help us continue the fight. We have many ways you can do this on our website. Everyone can be involved at some level whether you want to be a county lead, boots on the ground, or and internet warrior, we need you. America needs you. Please click here to take a look.

It is time to step back out into the light and help us in our mission, because unlike some previous missions before, this mission is for you as much as it is for us. You can sign up to be boots on the ground, an internet warrior, a county lead, or even a state lead. All applicants will be vetted and must agree to a strict code of conduct.

As patriots we committed to rolling into D.C. on July 6th and we did it. In the middle of the night, we lined up and headed out to make our stand. A reminder, where other larger groups failed, we succeeded. We did what we said we would do, and we will continue to do so, God willing.

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