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"Fight for 15"... years of a depression

For many years people have been calling, wait, I'm sorry. How embarrassing. Allow me to start over. For many years, the left has been calling for a $15.00 an hour minimum wage. What big hearts they have with other peoples wallets. Yet another leftest call, for yet another leftest cause, that on the surface seems like a wonderful idea. Yet, like most of their "causes", they have not dug into the issue to fully understand it. Another example of my theory that conservatives use reason and facts to come to conclusions, and liberals use feelings and emotion. They can't get past the feel good first few lines that give lower income people more money.

Yes lets give everyone a raise! How can you be against that? You wouldn't be...... unless you were an evil capitalist, or a racist, or possibly the new label they have for us to try to totally discredit us before we open our mouths, terrorists.

Please allow me to explain why I am against a $15.00 minimum wage, and if I may go further, why I am against ANY state mandated minimum wage. If you think I am evil now, just wait till you find out I am a hard working small business owner, (oops scratch that, doesn't fit the narrative), who believes in capitalism, and doesn't think anything should decide the "minimum wage", (what was that before the government created it out of thin air?)

It is a pretty simple idea. The market will pay you what you are worth. When you take a job somewhere, you enter into a contract with that employer. You agree to provide some sort of work, and in turn you receive an agreed upon wage. Typically, those who excel at their job, will be rewarded with more money, more responsibility, promotions etc...

Of course that sounds pretty simplistic, however the issue really is simple. It is when government gets involved that the water gets murky. Require this, regulate that... social programs that were never really meant to help the people, are more likely to keep a permanent poor class of government dependents. In most cases creating reliable voters, although, "voters" being needed is so 2016...

They're are more moving parts to this issue than anyone cares to consider. Allow me to simplify it.

1. I own a business and I have 2 employees, I pay them each a fair and agreed upon wage.

2.The Government decides I need to pay them more.

3. I cannot afford to pay $30.00/hr plus taxes, insurance fees, etc etc for both workers.

4. One of those workers is going to get laid off. He will get into the unemployment line, and as a man his self worth will recede a little while he waits in that long line. (The super long ones we are going to see shortly). The employee I have kept has received a raise, but now will be overworked because I need him to do the job of 2.

5. Everyone was good before the government showed up. Now we have a struggling understaffed business owner, a broken man in an unemployment line, and an overworked/over-stressed unhappy employee.

Not to mention companies that can afford it are moving towards automated systems... Let the market decide, Capitalism works amazingly well when it is unchained from government shackles, as does almost EVERYTHING else. If you don't make enough at your current job, look for a new one. Don't force an employer to pay a rate.

If there was no minimum wage, and I only offered to pay my employees $5/hour, I wouldn't have employees very long would I? They would go somewhere willing to pay more for their services.


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3 commentaires

23 janv. 2021

Very gifted writer, but I issue wasn't mentioned, most corporate jobs now have a clause that you can't bargain for higher wages, mention unions, meet with any union representatives or union meeting, pass union paperwork of any kind to any coworkers, but the government keeps letting in immigrants who are willing to work for less and the corporations are hiring them by the buttloads because they get a tax break. The constitution states we can bargain for wages but our hands have been tied


21 janv. 2021

Hmm, looks like I need to get into the system and change that. I dont want people getting 300 emails a week. Heck 1 a week is to many. Thanks for the input!


21 janv. 2021

You are a very gifted thinker and writer! Truth wonderfully stated! Maybe you should run for office! One question? I’m receiving this post through my email address and not through the Wix MegAmericans app? Same as yesterday. Just want to make sure all members are getting a chance to read new posts.

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