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How Can We Not See It?

How can we not all see it?

The destruction of America is happening right before our eyes.

Yet most people do nothing. Living in a blissful ignorance while the few have their character murdered, and their identities doxed. The arena of ideas has sprung a leak and the heathens on the left are using it to scare Americans into silence. Or to bully them into it.

I will not be bullied into silence; I will not be intimidated into a passive patriotism that infects so many of us. Some believe they are patriots because they watch fireworks on the 4th and thank a veteran once in a while.

You are no patriot.

Some believe they are patriots simply because they served. They ride those few years for the rest of their life like they ride on an untouchable badge of honor. Yet they forgot their oath, all the while they claim to live by it. They ride that wave of service all their lives, when in reality they abandoned their oath when they got their DD-214. They should be ashamed rather than proud.

Patriotism is a love or devotion to ones country. You may love it, but are you devoted to it? Does it come before your weekend football? Does it come before your fishing trip? Does it come before anything or is it simply a tool you use to stand behind, as a shield of “honor” to protect you from the risk we face today when we stand up.

You are no patriot.

You watch from the comfort of your life, as true patriots stand alone, unarmed and in the line of fire. They stand alone, and they get picked off, yet more stand up. They put their time on the line. They put their lifestyle, their careers, their families, and their very lives on the line to stand and defend this United States of America. While you sit at home, thinking you did enough because you have a flagpole in your front yard.

You are no patriot.

Your word is hollow; your lives are wasted in service to no one but yourself. Patriots fall all around you, and you do nothing. Government encroaches further and you look the other way. Allowing yourself to be distracted by the shiny things of life, all the while others lose theirs.

What are you willing to lose in the fight for liberty? Right now, the answer is clear, nothing.

That is fine, it is your right to do nothing while your country burns. It is your right as an American, but do not continue to carry yourself around claiming the proud label of patriot.

You are no patriot; you are nothing but a coward. One day your grandchildren will be cowards, but they will be prisoners as well. They will ask, what did you do. When that day comes you better answer the honestly. Tell them, tell them you did nothing to preserve liberty. You claimed an oath, and you abandoned it. Tell them you walk in that shadow forever, disgraced, and pitiful. Tell them you took the road of a coward rather than that of a patriot. Tell them when it came time to decide, you decided that they didn’t deserve to live in freedom, they deserved to live in chains, and that YOU helped to shackle them before they were even born into the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of this earth. You stood by while it fell apart, while the Constitution was torn apart, and their future was ripped from them.

You are no patriot.

I have put everything on the line, everything. I will continue to do so. That doesn’t make me better than you, but it does make me braver than you, or considering everything maybe that makes me dumber. I can only hope someone will pick up the patriot banner and continue the fight when I no longer can.

How can we not all see it? Patriots are falling because patriots are outnumbered, out gunned, and out funded. We have put out the S.O.S. to Americans over and over again with no answer. We are screaming and begging to be backed up, but all that has our 6 is the knife placed there by those faux patriots standing by their flagpoles while the nation burns down around them. I wonder if they think they will be left standing when it is all over. I wonder if they know they will face a larger enemy than we do now. I wonder if they realize that when that day comes, there will be no patriots left to stand for them. That flagpole will fall like a dead tree in the wind. Much like that dead tree, your patriotism stood hollow for many years before it fell. It died many years ago, but it continued to stand, and you continued to hide behind it.

Hide no longer. Step out into the light with us and renew your vow. We need you all now. Don’t let us all die out here for nothing. Don’t let our lives be torn apart, don’t let our families be doomed. Our lives are being destroyed because there are not enough of us. Our fight is honorable, and it is worth it.

You are either a prisoner or a patriot.

You either make the choice to stand or you choose by default to watch those that do stand be cut down. You watch this from your knees, because that is the way you choose to live your life.

What a pitiful patriot, you kneel when you should stand, and you will be washed over with the blood of true patriots. That blood will cause you to wilt in shame for what you didn’t do.

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is the regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” Sydney J. Harris

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