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How Many?

January 6th, 2021 seems like forever ago to me. I imagine to the prisoners sitting in jail cells, it seems like yesterday. I imagine there hasn’t been a day since then that they haven’t relived it in their minds.

I had planned on going. My wife, Faith, was very concerned and was clear that she didn’t want me to go. She felt it wouldn’t be safe, and I felt the same way, but I thought I needed to go. In the end, I decided not to, and that is what I want to talk about here. What changed in me between then and now? If I can pinpoint it, maybe I can help other patriots who want to help, just like I did.

I remember January 6th vividly. Watching what was happening on the tv and internet with my family and children was scary. To me it was obvious what was happening. This was not what it appeared to be, this was an orchestrated attack on our country perpetrated by those who have sworn to protect it. By those who have taken an oath to the Constitution. It was not the patriots and veterans that showed up that day to once again defend their country. Sadly, it was the ones wearing uniforms, badges, and holding batons, shields, and grenades that were attacking all of us. Whether you were there or not, you were under attack. Our nation was under attack and to this day justice has not yet been realized, only more lies, deception, cover-ups, and tyranny.

They are destroying people’s lives. When will we all awaken to the evils our own government carries out with a caulis and cold attitude upon their own people. How many patriots will be crushed under the bootheels of our now tyrannical government? All to cover-up the lies they have told us for decades, if not more.

What will it take to activate and motivate more Americans to stand up against these injustices? Have no doubt, the drums of war beat louder everyday as they creep closer to a reality. There will again be bloodshed as our government murders more of us to keep what it has, the illusion of power. Rest assured, that is all it is, an illusion. The people hold the true power, but we need numbers to win and tyrants have been working for 60 years to subvert the American population with their control over education, the media, and now social media as well. We were not paying attention, and while that may be the way they win in the end, I will not give up. I will not bend my knee to anyone except my Lord, and I will not stop fighting for this divinely planted nation until the glorious day I meet Him. Even if it is by my own nations hand as we have seen so many times before. How many of us have they murdered? How many have been locked away in a cell to be forgotten about in the 24-hour news cycle?

When will the excuse stop being used that allows people to simply dismiss the issue and forget about these Americans so they can focus on the next thing they are told is important. It is easy for people to look at the message the media pushes and assume these people were all trying to take over America. That allows them to dismiss the issue, without ever considering that these Americans have been stripped of their Constitutional rights? None of the J6 political prisoners’ actions that day matter, criminal or not, they do not matter to me right now. All that matters to me is that these people are having their constitutional rights stripped from them. Until that is corrected, nothing else matters.

We stand looking at the sky for a balloon while the ground below our feet is shifting.

How many lives have been ruined?

How many families have been torn apart?

How many children have been robbed of a parent?

How many parents were robbed of their child?

How many murderers will walk free?

How many? When will it be TOO MANY!?!

I did not go to J6. I was scared of losing everything, and I let that fear stop me. When I look at it now, I think God kept some of us home that day so we could be here for this battle we fight today. I was always a patriot, and I saw what was going on, yet I did not step out and put my neck on the line until after J6. How many people are out there right now, ready to help, ready to join the fight but letting fear hold them back. I ask that you please consider joining the fight. You will be a part of something great. If not you, who? If not now, when? So since J6 I have since stepped out in faith to actively join the battle against the tyranny within our own government. Becoming “boots on the ground” was scary in the beginning, but God pushed the fear out of my heart, and replaced it with courage. I took that courage with me when we stopped traffic, blocking the beltway in 4 locations for 30 minutes, (we left a lane open for any emergency vehicles). It was with me when we rolled into D.C. and protested the federal government on the National Mall for 34 days and nights. We didn’t know what was going to happen when we went in to D.C., but we went anyway. It was surreal, but we came out the other end wiser and stronger having been through the fire.

God gave me a job to do, and God continues to provide the tools and the means for me to continue to do His work. He will do the same for you. He has been putting His army together to fight this tyranny in America. He is putting his soldiers just where we need to be. This is His divinely planted nation , and He will defend it, IF we do. Like many, my children are forever on my mind when I think about why I do this. It is not fair to them to hand them a broken country when I pass on. So, I will work until my dying breath to save America from the tyranny that has worked its way through the halls of D.C. and it’s illegal agencies.

Along the way I have met some of the most amazing people I have ever known. In person, as well as the supporters all across the country. People see what we are doing and want to help. They encourage us and we have truly become a family, it is beautiful.

So remember, be encouraged; “We know that in all things God works for the good of those that love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

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Mar 02, 2023

You are over thinking this. Trump lied to us. Fox News proves that. What they said on air was all a lie and they knew it. Their texts messages off camera all say how crazy and wrong it is but they don't want to lose their viewers so they kept the lie going. Whose lie? TRUMP. He and his cronies couldn't accept defeat, this was entirely planned, You can listen to Steven Bannon on his own show tell his audience that no matter the outcome, Trump will claim victory. Roger Stone is on camera saying the same thing prior to the election- No matter the outcome Trump will claim he won. This was a power grab that nearly ov…


Feb 13, 2023

I posted it on Facebook


Anne Lake
Feb 13, 2023

Thank you Mags. I just read my story ❤️🇺🇸

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