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I Call You an American

We grow weary, yet we continue moving forward. The mission is all that matters.

It is easy to get lost in our differences, and while we can acknowledge them, we cannot focus on them.

The mission is to return America to a Constitutional Republic by restoring our Constitution. That is the mission. It will be accomplished by taking our country back from the tyrants steering us into the ditch.

Over the years the Constitution has been perverted, ignored, worked around, trampled on, and usurped. This cannot be allowed to continue. We MUST reclaim its power and restore the shackles it was intended to have on the overreaching federal government.

Do you stand for freedom?

Do you cherish your liberty?

Are you willing to stand next to me to restore it?

Then I don’t care if you call yourself a liberal or a conservative. I call you an American.

It doesn’t matter to me who you date or if you support Common Core. The mission is what is important, the return of a Constitutional Republic would fix so many of the other issues they keep us bickering about while they steal our country away.

They want us to focus on the leaves, and not on the roots.

They keep us behind invisible bars. Most of us don’t even see them, the glow from our devices makes it hard to focus on what is real. Instead, we focus on the likes and notifications alerts as we use our devices, they way they were truly intended, as a pacifier to the people. A distraction, we are caught repeatedly watching the wrong hand.

There is hope however, those who are awake are now waking others. America is waking up from her slumber, and when she realizes what the tyrants have done since she has been asleep, she is going to be enraged. She will purge the cancer from the halls of Washington and make the needed corrections, such as term limits. The founders expected that the people would stay awake, that they would complete the job they started, suffered, and died for. Some of them gave up everything to build a better future for country, and family. Where has that attitude gone today? What is the average person prepared to give up? Has a whole generation been trained to post a cliché hashtag and believe they are helping? A temporary profile picture change is fighting back to them. It is time for the men and women of America to STAND UP! STAND UP for your children! For your nieces and nephews.

STAND UP for the soldiers, the patriots, and the ones ringing the alarm.

STAND UP for your own rights, your own freedoms, your own liberty.

STAND UP or kneel. Kneel to tyranny, high taxes, big government, and big brother policy.

Kneel and give up your individualism in lieu of group think.

Kneel because to stand would take too much backbone. For not being informed, for not standing for your country you should feel shame.

Shame for enjoying the benefits that comes with citizenship and yet what have you done to preserve a future for those we will one day hand the keys to? Seems take is the word of the day, and people have forgotten to give.

Forgotten to give a smile as we pass in the street. Forgotten to give back to the country that has given them so much. They have the cushiest lives in the world and do not appreciate what they have inherited as they are squandering it on instant gratification, irrelevant goals, and inconsequential achievements, in pursuit of false idols and meaningless awards.

Allow me to make an analogy. I have 5 young children. They have always lived in a home that was equipped with a dishwasher. Recently we have been pulling back on cleaning up their messes and instructing them on how to do so. We explained and showed them the process for rinsing their plates and placing in the proper place inside the dishwasher. Yet the sink kept filling up with dirty dishes, some not even rinsed, cereal drying to the sides of the bowls.

This got me thinking about how much they take the dishwasher for granted. That is understandable when you consider It is all they have ever known, it is the way it always has been for them. I grew up washing our dishes, we didn’t have an automatic dishwasher until I was around 13. I appreciated that dishwasher so much! My kids never learned that lesson. It dawned on me, as parents, we must be sure to not only teach our children the typical things, but also try to instill in them a sense of the past, something to give them a good perspective on where they are now, and how valuable those things are. Perspective is very important to help gauge so many things in our lives, we must provide them with that tool and teach them what it means.

So, now they are no longer allowed to use the dishwasher. They have been instructed once we find the sink clean and their own dishes hand washed and put away will we allow them to use the dishwasher again. The idea is to give the perspective and to change their habits.

No one changes unless they are made to feel uncomfortable and now America is feeling uncomfortable.

Some do not give back from where they take. They were never taught to appreciate America and the benefits and rewards that they receive just by being a citizen.

It seems they believe to stand would take too much effort and staying informed is hard. However, it is designed that way now. There is more information available today that there ever was, but there is still only so much truth. Many of those who believe themselves to be informed, are only told what to believe by corporations and conditioned on how to react by law, (government), or by a society’s standards, (corporations shape these). Individualism does not exist in the world of the leftists, as much as they will argue against that, while they stand there in the approved uniform and follow orders of the puppet masters who sit safely offsite. Unaware they were conditioned to be useful idiots, the soldiers of the leftists. They are told who to hate, they are taught that ONLY when someone disagrees with their group are they allowed to focus on differences and allow that to be used as a tool to dismiss and then defame the opponent. This way they can, in their own eyes, win the battle. It doesn’t matter if they are unaware of the facts surrounding an issue, it isn’t the facts they need to master, only the tactics. They are never taught the facts, and they are even now taught NOT to seek answers elsewhere. They are simply taught tactics, often without them even knowing it. Kind of how you boil a frog, slowly so they don’t notice or jump out of the pot. It is a saying, no, I’ve never boiled a frog.

Some can still be woken up, red pilled so to speak. Others will simply need to be defeated in the arena of ideas and shown the results of what a Constitutional Republic offers them.

We are warriors standing on the battlefield. Let there be no doubt, we are already at war, ignoring it does not change that fact. The only question is are you willing to fight with us? Will you stay informed? Will you do whatever it is that you can to help freedom survive? We must multiply and not get lost in the divisions.

Division. It is an effective tool to disrupt the constitutional movement. Take those with similar beliefs and opinions who would normally work together for the cause of freedom. Magnify the differences and focus on them. Make it appear as if we are not on the same side. Erase the normalcy of uniting on one issue when we disagree on another. Make it seem impossible to support anyone or any group we do not align with perfectly.

We are all different, and that is part of what makes America so great. We can have disagreements while we embrace the places we agree. If the army is not aligned on the mission, and if we don’t allow the differences to fall away, the mission will fail. America will one day be lost, eaten by the rest of the world because of their hunger for mediocrity and an easier society to control.

You see freedom naturally multiplies

But you can't grow when you divide,

It’s the method they choose to ostracize.

Preachers need to preach the faith

Christian armies must finally awake

God has removed the hedge, protection

Now America is at the edge, reflection

The stage is set, the battle is here

There is no retreat, we can show no fear

We stand in the light, and in their sights

Their bark is loud and so is their bite

The line is drawn, and patriots unite

The final chance to do what’s right

Some of us will fall during this battle

We must stand tall, pick up the mantle

Fear cannot be our guide

We are all Americans, none should hide.

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2 comentários

26 de nov. de 2022

Faith hates nothing more than to walk in the kitchen to find it full of dirty dishes. Sadly the kids don't feel that way.


24 de nov. de 2022

I laughed at your analogy, we haven't had a dishwasher since moving to Florida, my adult daughter still needs improvement but after having to do dishes without one has helped her a lot. My husband and her don't take the time to wash the dishes right after use, so to save myself a lot of work I fill 1 side of the sink with soapy water and instruct them to at least rinse and soak, so they aren't horrible when I get home

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