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It Will Take Courage

Some moments make you question everything that you’re not.

I was so sure I was going to do well. I was so sure that God would put the words in my mouth. He would have if I wouldn’t have tried to put my own there. I didn’t listen to Him and as a result I was easily the worst speaker at that event.

I feel like I let down the movement, myself, my family, our future, and most importantly, my God.

I heard comments like, “you weren’t terrible”, or “people started to go get food while you were talking”, from loved ones who were probably trying to make me feel better about that pitiful attempt at public speaking. I feel broken about it. Broken is the best word to describe it.

I suppose I will fall back to writing more, I clearly do not have a gift for public speaking. I have been so focused on being part of the movement that I haven’t really covered it, not like I should. I have an inside look at everything going on there and should be writing about it more. I have worked with the people all the way to the top and have a story to tell about each one of them. I can do that professionally while not sacrificing any trust that has been put in me by any of these people. I am not interested in talking trash or dishing out dirt. People are people wherever you go, and we are all imperfect.

I essentially put my life on hold for this movement. It is that important to me. I wish it was that important to everyone else. The public has been effectively trained not to ask questions. No critical thinking allowed, for if you use this golden weapon of truth finding (other words) you will be banished to the land of the labels. You will be a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a hillbilly, or worse yet, the C word… cancelled.

It is refreshing to see so many people in one place who understand the threats our liberties are under. Who see the Constitution being trampled over and have the nerve to call it out. They are attempting to hold our tyrannical federal government accountable for not abiding by the Constitution. This federal government must be forced to take its knee off the neck of the states and in effect the American People.

The 1776 Restoration Movement is one of many groups attempting to do that. They plan to petition the government in a peaceful manner. Civil disobedience, if need be, but no violence. They are 100% against violence. David “Santa” Riddell has told people on the camera as well as us behind the scenes that he will not stand for any violence and will tackle any one of us to the ground and hold us there until the authorities can remove us. This man wants the government to be held accountable, that seems to be mistaken for he wants to violently overthrow the government. He has said many times “you can’t out violence the government” and he doesn’t want to try.

What he wants is for free men and women to stand up and be heard.

Sometimes I wonder if it is too late. What I mean by that is a majority of the public is already conditioned not to use critical thinking. Taught not to question authority, they believe the government and the media only have our collective best interests in mind. I am sorry to tell you, that is simply not the case. Not even close.

Those Americans that still utilized critical thinking skills remained quiet until TPC came around. It seemed people were finally speaking up. People were finally starting to accept the risk of stepping out into the light where they could be seen because helping and supporting that movement was so important. It really had a chance. Until it was sabotaged from within. I see many of these newer groups, especially 1776RM to be the phoenix rising from the ashes, having cleansed itself in fire of the parasites and traitors in the TPC.. When those people were abandoned by the People’s Carnival, (which is what it had become), they scattered. Some went to the state groups, of which each state seemed to have endless numbers of all bickering with each other. Some returned home broken and with less than they had when they started. Some became bitter and decided to distance themselves and put their heads back underground in disgust. As I wrote before it happened, the people’s carnival did more damage to the conservative movement in this country than the left could have hoped to. It is almost as if they infiltrated and were in charge, hmm.

Now we find ourselves in a weakened state, scattered, splintered, and licking our wounds while some still try to fight for freedom. They need re-enforcements, not summer soldiers or sunshine patriots. The honorable groups being kept busy in the states need to make their way to Washington D.C. and send a message to this tyrannical government that we will no longer take it, and this trampling of our Constitution will end. By all means return to your states and carry on your mission. Only now it will be even more powerful because we have united, bonds will have been made, numbers exchanged. Then we can really begin to build a network of Americans who can work in an organized manner together, which will give us the power and the voice we need to act as one. This is not meant to be a fight between hundreds of groups and their respective states, this is supposed to be a movement of the American people, We the People, to remind our government that they work for us.

Please consider supporting this movement and others by showing up. Make no mistake. The call is urgent, Lady Liberty is drawing her final breaths. It will take courage to save her. Put aside our divisions and petty rivalries and let us join together in a moment of solidarity. We must trust each other or we will be easy to defeat. This will not be over after the week of July 4th, quite the contrary, but we will all be stronger for it, the movement will be stronger for it, and America will be stronger for it. The traitors in D.C. will take notice that a change is coming. A return to a Constitutional Republic, and a national morality within its citizenry. More to come...

RSP - RattleSnakePatriot

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