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Just as they Want Us

Just as they want you.

It is no secret that the government does not like when We the People stand up and demand to be heard. They have done evil things in the past to create fear and try to silence the American people. That includes breaking the law and inflicting damage upon whoever might speak up, if they are conservatives that is. Otherwise, it is “mostly peaceful,” right?

On July 4th, there will undoubtedly be many movements in D.C., some good, some not so good. Some of these movements see no value in peaceful protest and the 1776 RM will not be able to compete against them for airtime. If other groups turn violent, or more likely respond to violence with violence, they may drown out the peaceful groups preventing them from getting any attention at all. News cameras will turn towards the negative and use every opportunity to discredit and shame 1776RM and other peaceful groups.

More Bad Press

Please understand the left and the MSM are excited to hear about these protests, they need new cherry picked and sometimes edited, video clips of their enemies. (patriots). We must be incredibly careful what we do and even who we stand nearby. I also believe peaceful groups should circle the wagons a bit, as it is easy for infiltrators to blend in and hurt our cause. However, that makes them a target for government agitators. People fighting to get inside the group so they can cause problems should be something the 1776RM should be ready for. There will be no airtime later for them to explain that the bad actors were not from their group, it will be too late. They will be crucified and then silenced when they bring a defense or explanation, no matter how easily substantiated it is. Someway to identify 1776RM supporters may be helpful in stopping infiltrators from posing as members and causing problems.

The swamp is a dangerous place littered with traps that were placed there by professionals. They have done this before, and they are good at it. Opposing us will be the government in all it’s different avenues such as direct attacks as well as federal agent infiltrators. We will be competing with violent groups from both sides and D.C. is already full of Roe vs. Wade protesters that are immature and angry, a dangerous combination. All of them fueled by lies and in search of somewhere to take out their anger.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it…

We will need to be aware of our surroundings and our people MUST be ready to move as one or we will fall prey to those bad actors. It is important we separate ourselves from them.

I DO NOT condone violence in this case, and I don’t want our people getting mixed up with these groups. We must start peaceful, stay peaceful, and remove ourselves when we can no longer control the situation. If we fall out of control, we also lose control of our reputation and hand over the movement to the MSM to dismantle with lies and then hand to their social warrior lemmings to push it out everywhere. That helps them to keep what they want in the headlines longer by covering the social media “reaction” and more of that nature.

It is important to realize, staying until we get arrested is just what they want us to do.

The government wants us to be arrested so they can control every single aspect of our lives as we wallow a political prisoner in a jail cell, and for what? In that cell you become ineffective, just as they want you.

In that cell your voice is silenced, just as they want you.

In that cell you are at their mercy, just as they want you.

Remember, they no longer honor the Constitution.

It is never the goal of protesters, civilized protesters anyway, to get arrested. We do not have “VP” Harris bail bonds or soft district attorneys to get us out. That is even less true in countries like Russia. Outside of a few occasions where the arrest was needed to bring attention to a cause, everyone realizes jail or any other invited government control, renders the movement weaker and less effective.

In that cell you lose, they win. There is little chance for a good outcome. We have seen the public’s response to the political prisoners sitting in a D.C. jail, it is underwhelming and ineffective.

That reality should scare every single American to “Liberty or Death.” The United States Government is currently holding political prisoners because they want to. They believe it weakens the resolve of the patriot. Ahh, but they have miscalculated a bit. That may scare off the summer soldier, but it does not scare a real patriot because fear does not live in the heart of a patriot. Others will back down and get back in line to avoid confrontation or challenges, they do not realize that by not fighting this now, they are selling their children into a socialist version of slavery. However, that doesn’t mean we need to play into their hands by submitting ourselves to their jumpsuits, prison food, and abuse either. That does not help our cause, let us learn the correct lessons from Jan 6th. Not to be scared, but to be tactical. View the situation from the air. There you see many groups fighting and engaged in other forms of violence, then you see an area where people are peaceful. It shines a light on us and separates us from those bad actors and violent groups. If the 1776 RM movement is the one peaceful part of this, God will amplify us.

We don’t need to see the inside of a cell, not yet anyway. The movement is too young, and it has much more to do. Consider the potential, the change it could make. You can not do that if every time you meet with your lawyer you must do solitary confinement for 10 days.

The phoenix has risen from the ashes, and it can fly much higher, be seen by more people, and make all the difference. We must nurture it and see the long-term benefits from not succumbing to the typical protest and go home mentality. There is an opportunity here, the 1776RM is special, and it has a real opportunity to make an impact now and for the long term.

However, if you take this right to the limit. If our people remain disciplined and can function as one in the face of different circumstance. If 5 seconds before we get arrested, we turn and leave, we will have achieved all that we can without damaging our own ranks, weakening our numbers as well as our morale. Which would eventually result in a lack of resolve, causing the movement to splinter and fade away. That cannot be allowed to happen. This is too important, and this is truly our last chance at saving our Constitutional Republic, and surely any hope of a return to a moral society. Having our 1st amendment rights violated will only help our platform and help spread our message. We must expect there to be violence, whether it is caused by other protest groups or as we have seen many times before the government, we must be ready. When people see that we did not succumb to the violence all around us, when we demonstrate that we are true to our word and our God, we will be amplified. So, it is important that we all know the plans when something happens, and we must ALL stick to them. We cannot think with emotion, our opposition will expect that and gear their whole attempt to discredit us on that assumption. If we are full of emotion, we will be easy to rile up, they will work to get us there and turn on the cameras. We cannot allow that to happen. Leave the other groups to face the damage to their reputations. Leave them to face the loss of support, and casualties to their numbers because they could not control themselves, or because they were baited into it by the government. We will be magnified, and our mission will be emboldened.

We MUST also assume there are rats among us.

This is a tricky high wire act, or more like the person that spins and balances plates. In this case consider those plates all the different movements, good and bad. As some of those other plates fall, ours becomes bigger and more visible. We gain traction and soon followers. The battle is not on the streets of Washington D.C., the battle is in the hearts and minds of the American people. I see a place of influence for us in the arena of ideas, an important one, and I see this movement as the spark that lights a fire under the American people’s cold patriotic bones. Burning away the cobwebs of indoctrination, fear, and inaction and replacing it with a fire for God and country.

The 1776 RM can influence the heart with courage, passion, incredible likeability, and genuine emotion while it also enlightens the mind with facts, quotes, and stories from Americas history.

The conservatives need an organizer, a motivator, a truth teller. States need direction, there are so many groups doing wonderful work, we must facilitate those groups working together or even becoming one. All the while giving more power to our voice because we are speaking as one people.

We could encourage groups or organizational growth by offering peace of mind with a certification of sorts, to interested groups. We could provide peace of mind to supporters, help these organizations grow, confirm their belief systems and mission statements line up with a set of principles, and facilitate meetings and partnerships. All the while growing public trust, and for good reason.

If we continue to walk the path God has put us on, and we do it with His protection and blessing. We cannot be stopped because the fire of Freedom burns in every Americans heart.

The ideas of Freedom and Liberty have been shaped and disfigured by the Media, and Dept. of Education. They have shaped public opinion on these things and then use the culture as faux support to move their agendas forward.

Most eat that stuff right up. We are at a critical place. If more people knew, we wouldn’t have to fight so hard to be heard. Maybe when it comes to the MSM we should take a new path. Instead of playing into their defenses and competing against it, we should focus on replacing it. “Thrown off” and replaced with a new honest media that acts as the peoples check on the government as it was meant to be and not the lacky of the government as it is now. Just as they want it.

One By the people and for the people as well, just as We the People want it.


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1 Comment

John Jameson
John Jameson
Jun 24, 2022

God Speed to you.

Great write up, and your right, we have to stay peaceful, even though, in my heart of hearts, I would love nothing more, than a 2nd Revolution. But in todays world would not turn out so well, as you have stated. Only way this would even have a chance, and I emphasize, chance, would be if every American in the country would join in, and that AINT gonna happen. We Patriots, have become the minority, it seems, as sad as that sounds, is true. Very few are willing to stand together anymore as most did in 1776. And those that didn't then, were ridiculed, and mostly left for canada, known as Tories. As much as I…

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