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My wife Faith and I were talking the other night about our federal government and some of the problems with it. We somehow got on the subject of changes. The question wase posed, “If you had free reign to make any changes you wanted to government, what would you do?” It got me thinking about a series on what Mags would do. So consider submitting your questions and maybe I can tell you what I would do, this could be fun or get me in trouble, let’s see what kind of questions you ask.

Now, back on topic, what would I do to fix government if I could do anything? There is no right or wrong answer as there is so much corruption to remedy where do you begin. I think it is more important that we begin rather than where or what we begin with. Do I even think I could fix it? Well, it may sound like an outrageous assertion to most, but I have no doubt in my mind I could make the corrections that needed to be made to bring America back to a Constitutional Republic.

Our federal government is a bloated monster, an obese monstrosity that has become so large it is now begun to consume itself. When I say I could fix it, I don’t say that because I believe to be some sort of genius, far from it. I say that because the government is supposed to be something the people can understand. It is overly complex and it is that way for a reason. Remember, it did not start this way and it was not designed to be this way, no, in fact the federal government became this way. The people either had their eyes covered over by the governments illusions and misdirection, or it stopped looking altogether, discouraged by the future they turn away and focus on their life alone. They become more isolated, more introverted. No one looks anyone in the eye anymore and the government is left to monitor itself with hardly any overwatch.

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson

We are all sold a lie that the government and it’s framework must be complicated. We all buy into that lie. Almost everyone in America would tell you that the government is complex, and it is. In its current bloated and mutated form anyway. However it doesn’t need to be and in fact, it isn’t supposed to be. Every American citizen should have access to and be able to understand every bill that moves through the outrageously corrupt halls of Congress. We should not, as the former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about yet another oversized spending bill, “have to pass it to see what is in it”.

So how would I fix it? Well, I would probably start with removing elected officials and setting new elections for those removed members. I know, that sounds scary, “remove elected officials”, but don’t forget, I’m allowed to do anything I want right? These officials I am considering have blatantly trampled the Constitution and or shown great negligence and incredibly poor or insidious judgement in acts against the interests of America and the people they represent. For instance, Diane Feinstein who had a driver for decades that was a Chinese spy. Or possibly Blumenthal who has committed the act of stolen valor on many occasions. The ones who lie in the open, the deceivers, the snakes, the lying, cheating, stealing officials. Notice I did not say anything about political affiliation. I would not target anyone based on their location on the political spectrum because I believe in the Constitution, I believe that when the corruption has been cleared out our Constitution is enough to hold the government in check. It always was, it’s just that the people forgot and let it slip away. The people must stay engaged, the Constitution was never the problem, it was the press who turned away from their duties and the people were soon lulled to sleep. This is why I would end any partnerships that currently exist with the press. The government should be covered and investigated by the press, they should not be working with them to achieve the same goals. Any existing funding would be stripped, to include PBS. The only remaining government funded television media would be C-Span. The people must be able to see into the halls of Congress at all times. Illuminate all the dark areas and burn away all the shadows that tyrants hide in. I would quickly implement term limits on congress, 10 years for house members and 12 years for senators. Part of the problem is some of the people who really have their hands on the controls of America have developed such relationships with these congressmen and women, developed over time which only helps to corrupt them. The longer citizens stay in government power the more corrupted they become. Exclusions to this rule are few and far between, but for the most part 90% of Congress is corrupted. I would venture to guess at least that many have compromised their integrity in a way that may benefit them yet hurts the American people. Without being able to develop these long term relationships with paid lobbyists the corruptibility of the Congress as a whole is greatly lowered. That is good for every American. Lobbyists themselves should be expelled from Washington D.C. and any government officials caught making deals with one should be immediately expelled from office and if possible, brought up on charges.

Make treason a thing again. When true tyrants are found working within our government they must be removed, charged and face trial. If found guilty the punishment for treason described in the Constitution itself must be carried out, and it must be made available for public view. It must be know Americans who choose to take the road of a tyrant understand that it only ends in death. The oath must be taken seriously again. It is not something any Americans should take lightly. It is a sacred pledge that millions have taken before you and hundreds of thousands have died to keep.

One-page bills. I agree in its current form, the federal government is complicated, there is no denying that. However it doesn’t need to be, and it isn’t supposed to be. Remember, it became this bloated monster with an unending appetite it is today from many years of gluttonous and greedy behavior by the tyrants within it and the neglect of the people. It was not created this way, and it cannot continue to exist this way. It isn’t about making the current form less complicated. It is about returning the current form to that of a Constitutional Republic so that the federal government can return the power they stole back to the states and into the hands of the people. That is just some of the things Mags would do, for now. More to come.

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