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Must She Be Watered?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

How far do I take this?

How far should we go?

Can it be successful?

Will we ever know?

Is the battle we’re waging,

gunna be our regret?

Do the American people

Care to do this again?

Will we fight for the flag

Only to be lost in the wind?

Will people forget

All the things that we did?

Will liberty ring

Anymore in this town?

Will the answer we seek

Ever really be found?

Do patriots still roam

In the halls of D.C.?

Did they all go home,

Leaving tyrants the key?

Do I stand alone,

Or do you stand with me?

Will America awake,

Or continue deceived?

Will the battle hymn sound

When the words are all done

Will the people rise up

When that time has come?

Will the ones who stood tall

Be crushed swiftly and neat

Will the bodies be strewn

On America’s streets

Will fake news win the day

And help government hide

The corruption they made

And the way that they lied?

Will heroes be silenced

One way or another

Or will we win the fight

Against our Big Brother

When Liberty’s tree

Is wilting and weak

Must she must be watered

By the blood in the streets?

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