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No Consequence, No Confidence

I keep trying to get away from writing about convoys, but I keep getting sucked back in by how I see people still falling over themselves to support these truckers who have proved to be of no consequence.

Convoy supporters, hear me out. I am not liberal troll; I am a constitutional conservative who just happens to also be cynical. Once I took a closer look, I found my opinions on the convoy changed. I wonder if you give it a few minutes and an open mind, you may as well.

All over I find people gushing and fawning over these “heroes”. The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition reads like this.

Hero – a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great.

Something very brave or achieved something great. I could see someone argue for the former. It could be argued that this was brave. Very brave? I am not sure. The payoff was potentially life changingly huge, and the people were already desperate and primed to support something, anything. They filled the bill, anything it would be.

If they would have just made the trek across the country and then ended it, I would have no problems. My full support would still be in place. However, they promised so much and, in the end, delivered so little.

Heck, even if they would have admitted they were ineffective because no one was willing to take the next logical step into civil disobedience. Instead, they remained obedient. They were careful not to break the speed limit, they sent some trucks into D.C. pretty much to take some pictures and to be able to claim they were actually inside D.C. The whole thing is sad to me. This is what we needed; the truckers were the ones to do it. They have a power over the economy that most don’t. This band of blue collar, freedom loving Americans was the perfect weapon, but it was never meant to be more than the tip of the spear. They were going to need support and reinforcements. I predicted that would be America’s veterans. I still believe that, but it just never got to the point of them mobilizing because the convoy itself roared into Hagerstown but sputtered the beltway and stalled out from all the idling in a parking lot. That is essentially it. They took this grand convoy across the country and then they parked it. They took the hopes of supporters, and they parked them. And while they were being obedient, they raked in the subscribers.

Men and women from across the country started fawning over them, spending ridiculous amounts of time on social media doing things like “Ridin with the G’s”, and feeds with trucker livestreams of a road going by. Tired speeches from a flatbed trailer that become more and more uninspiring every day. Cash grabbing “documentaries” are in the works. Not to mention all the clear leeches that converged on Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto California so they could say they were there from the beginning, and that for some reason give them credibility? What were they doing before they joined the convoy, and how they saw the convoy as a way to make money and grow their brand?

Much like this recent letter that came out on April 2nd from “The People’s Freedom Coalition-Northeast (official)”. It was full of lies about their effectiveness of the convoy and began posturing for the future activist group. They are clearly running out of steam and trying to stay relevant.

They start off the letter by pointing out how after watching the success of the Canadian convoy they were inspired to figure out a way to copy it. If it worked, afterwards they can secure the easier life of people who make appearances and give uninspiring speeches where they preach to speak truth but then demonstrate the opposite.

Adding some meaningless comments about facebook groups to fill space, they then move onto the posturing. Easier to manage state convoys, speaking engagements, and “special appearances” are surely on the horizon.

They then claim indirectly so as not to be called out, that they were successful in stopping legislation. They put it this way. “As the U.S. convoy movement gained popularity and began to see some media coverage, convoy participants & organizers began to see positive steps toward legislative support for change.”

What does that mean? Do you have to be a participant or organizer to see the “positive steps toward legislative support for change” Additionally, what does that even mean? Qualify that, define that for me. How did the convoys directly affect anything in a positive way except themselves?

“Some media coverage”? What does that mean? It is not definable. What is “some”? The way they spin this web of words isn’t even skillful. It is out in the open with unprovable claims and clear falsehoods, but those with the rose-colored glasses cannot, or more accurately refuse to, see those things. They only look for a reason to cheer and something to get behind. While the merch marching trucks, truck across the country, people validate their support using the false claims and outright lies put in place by organizers and preached to the rank-and-file useful idiots willing to defend whatever they are told to.

If anyone says out loud, they don’t support the convoy be ready for the zombies to pile on. You will be shut down, kicked out, and banned for questioning anything. You cannot speak truthfully about the convoy carnival, or you are dismissed and ridiculed. Incidentally, it is interesting how closely they follow the rules for radicals in their reactions to dissenters. Doesn’t anyone notice this? They almost seem to be under the same spell the left has kept their supporters in for years.

I think people still support them because they believe the only alternative is to NOT support them. I approach it with a Reagan attitude of “trust but verify”. It isn’t that they deserve no support at all, however it is off-putting when they act as if they were successful in D.C. and now they are triumphantly riding to Cali to take on the protagonist government of smaller size, where a protest was already organized, in other words, making an appearance.

You can’t get away from it. One of your friends or more are always blasting out videos livestreaming a highway going by. It is as if they equate that with helping the movement. Really, they are just sharing commercials. If you watch any of them or pay attention to the way the whole thing has been moving, you can see these livestream truckers are desperately trying to keep views up and subscribers with silly 5 hour driving videos. There are people at home, sitting in their living room with this on the big screen. I guarantee it. Maybe in an attempt to fill some void they end up feeling as if they are friends with these truckers. They are out there on the road with them. Which also then solidifies their subscriber base and that helps increase sales of yoga pants with a creepy beard printed on the side. I mean, I’m all for capitalism and making money, that is great. Just don’t lie to people while they give it to you.

I understand that clinging to this movement, to this sliver of hope makes people gullible. They will accept, and even defend it even to this day.

Useful Idiots are people who are easily persuaded to do, say, or believe things that help a particular group. They will even fight for these falsehoods ands believe themselves to be virtuous for doing so.

In my opinion these convoys have damaged us more than they have helped. People who for the first time were able to break the chains of fear the left has instilled in us with the numerous examples of the public attacks on conservatives who dared to speak out or stand for something. They pushed through that because they thought they would see results. They got none, and now they won’t stand up next time, when an effective movement happens. That only helps the left, and it is almost as if it was planned by the opposition. People who would have spoken out won’t next time, and the ones who do will stand alone and be crushed under the weight of government.

I hope I am wrong, but I don’t believe I am.

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