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On to the Next Stop

The People’s Convoy is heading to California. They say the bills California is looking to pass are more important and that they will be back to D.C.

I believe it to be a convenient excuse to be able to leave Hagerstown and not have to admit it was a failure. I think they were getting close to the end of the line in Hagerstown and they knew it wouldn’t last. Donations dwindling, lease expiring, they were left to make a choice. They had 3 options.

1. Staying in Hagerstown was not something they were willing to do. That would require more money, and more resolve. I believe you must be willing to lose something, or you will eventually lose everything. They were not willing. They were not willing to go into D.C. in numbers. They were not willing to drive 44 mph on the beltway. They were not willing, so why stay?

2. Leaving Hagerstown and going home. This option leaves them having to admit defeat. Having accomplished nothing, they would roll out with their spirit broken, beaten by weak leadership who chose the road of low impact and minimal effect. The participants, the ones who sacrificed to be there, the ones at the ready, waiting for their orders to make a difference. They never got the order, and as the time went by, they were left to be proud of something that ended in failure. They should be proud, but overall it was a failure.

3. Find a new cause and quick. With numbers, donations, and interest fizzling out, they faced defeat by attrition. Realizing that they didn’t like the prior two options they went in search of a new cause. Something that is big enough to matter, a state rather than the nation is a more bite sized option. They found it in California, how could someone not get behind this? It could even pull back in some of the people who already left. After Cali, Brian said they will keep going. That means they are smart enough to take the jobs that they created for themselves as activists. They will travel and make appearances, they may even drive their trucks.

Please don’t go the predictable route of saying I don’t get it, or that I’m just a hater. That simply isn’t the case. I was a very early supporter of the Canadian Freedom Convoy, just like I was of the People’s Convoy. However, it didn’t take long for differences to become apparent, and they were blaring.

The idea was great, but it was late. It was a noble cause and I find no fault in the cause itself. It was the planning, the organizing, and the execution that was, well, horrible. If it weren’t for volunteers, they wouldn’t have had donations or funding. The people carried them to D.C. and when they got there they stalled out, the engine was slowly choking from idling. They left the movement just breathing to death. I don’t place any blame on the participants, and I understand Putin decided to steal the headlines, but did he really steal the or were they given away? Of course, the media is going to purposely ignore the convoy, but it’s like the organizers didn’t even consider that. They needed to make more news, and don’t use the excuse that Putin stole all the news, it wasn’t an eclipse. We live in a 24-hour news cycle.

The viewers on the live truck feeds have gone quiet. The patriots out there like me remain a bit shell shocked. This wasn’t supposed to end this way. The message was confusing and not publicized well, certainly in the beginning, but even after, it was mostly supporters just sharing and spreading the word.

Now they will ride the donations into lives of activists. Making appearances at state capitols and leaving the trucking industry behind. Can you blame them? On the other side I have heard people say they should have all rolled into D.C. That wouldn’t make any sense, the government called in 700 unarmed National Guard troops for traffic control, or more accurately, truck control. So, considering it is the military, they would probably be doing 12-hour shifts. That would mean there are 350 National guard troops in D.C. actively working traffic control. Do you think they are standing in traffic directing what typically doesn’t need it? No, they are waiting there to start directing traffic if the trucks were to show up. That much has been admitted, however I believe the point of which would be to separate the convoy sending some that way and some this way. Essentially robbing it of its biggest asset, (at the time), their numbers, and sending the convoy to places that angers the public and gets bad press. They were right not to go into D.C. itself in that manner.

Allow me to clarify, I am not angry that the convoy lost. It was the way that they lost. They were careless with the hope of patriots all around the country. Some of those patriots won’t come out next time. There is a nasty taste in their mouth. They helped carry the convoy to D.C. and then waited for the payoff. There was none to come and they are left disappointed and bitter. In that way I believe it caused more damage than good. I know people who were very active in organizing donations, sending out routes and so on. They said if the convoy decided to do it again and go to D.C., would they go out in support? The answers were resoundingly no. Can you blame them? Time will tell if I am correct, until then true conservatives will keep on truckin, with or without the People’s Convoy.

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1 Comment

Austin Skidmore
Mar 31, 2022

Yes, they have made a mockery of themselves and shown the world what it already knows - these people are idiots on the opposite spectrum of Christ’s agenda. BTW QAnon ideology is a first class ticket to eternal damnation 😂

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