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Reawaken America Tour NY

A small team of us headed to upstate New York, most traveling together, some coming from different places. The destination was the Reawaken America Tour. We had a booth for 1776 Restoration Movement that the motivated patriots to go with it. Unfortunately, TPC of New York was involved with the show as well, and that didn’t turn out well for 1776RM. You’d think 2 patriotic groups with the same goals would align well with each other. Even help each other, and that would be true, if the two groups had the same goals. Sadly, they do not.

On Friday morning, as the team was already in route as they received a call from event security. We were told that our booth had been revoked and we would receive our money back. When asked why, they gave no reason, only said that they were just the messenger. We all found this to be very odd, at the time I was not aware TPC of New York was involved with the event or I would have known which direction to look for answers.

So, the patriots continued on their way, Saturday morning we arrived at the event ready to speak with fellow patriots and enjoy as much of the event as possible. I was also there to livestream some of the event and network with people about MagAmericans as well as 1776RM. The first day went smoothly, I was able to get some wonderful video and we all talked to numerous people about the movement.

Everything was going very well. David was in the media booth doing an interview, he left briefly and upon his return was told he was no longer allowed to enter that area to be interviewed. Hmm, another interesting development. I wonder who pulled those strings?

Scab team 6 was onsite they, had been paid to follow us 2 states north to continue harassing us and spreading lies to anyone who would listen. They were provided tickets to the event as well. Later they were even provided media passes.

Someone really didn’t want us to be there.

So, all in all Saturday went very well, we did plenty of freedoming and networking, and we all had a good time. The agitators were onsite, but quiet, they were busy spreading lies about our group and slandering us to the organizers, security, and guests. We have plenty of video capturing these actions. Most recorded by the geniuses themselves.

They first showed up in D.C., a small group of angry and bitter TPC rejects. Desperately trying to make themselves relevant and get a few subscribers on their YouTube channels. They were and are puppets of the disgraced TPC and for just a few dollars, were willing to sell their what remained of their patriotism and souls. It is pretty clear; principles are not something they hold dear. Over the last few weeks, they have managed to grow their audiences slightly by jumping onto the 1776 coat tails and holding on for dear life. Even their own chats are about 50/50 for and against their behavior. It is rather sad.

So Sunday rolled around, David and I enjoyed some quiet time on the porch, just the birds chirping and his live stream. It was a relaxing and good conversation. You can find that video on the link below.

Then it was off to the event again. Sunday had another good line up of speakers and we were excited to speak with more patriots. David was approached for an interview out on the lawn and after he completed that, the security team came to tell him he was no longer allowed to do any interviews while at the event. Another interesting twist!

The day went well, towards the end of the event, the scab team 6 suddenly had media passes hanging from their necks. These were provided to them by TPC of New York. The purpose was to help them shut us down while they posed as media. They then complained to the security that we were a hijack group livestreaming the event. To be clear earlier in the day I was told by security that I could only livestream inside the big tent where the speakers were. That is what I was doing.

The scabs proceeded to complain about X-Ray, Golden Chariot, and myself (MagAmericans), to get security to one by one, shut us down. They did accomplish this, but I was also able to shut them down as well. It did not matter though the damage was done. They had succeeded in their super epic plan to get us all shut down, halfway through the last speaker on the agenda was finished. Yup, we missed a whole half speaker! What a home run for this team of 007’s. They really got us good.

For the record, most of us were glad we didn’t have a booth. It was much easier to mingle freely with the crowd.

I checked in with one of their pitiful channels, because they aren’t all that smart, and I saw they were taking credit for “getting us kicked out of the event”. That did not happen. They attempt to make themselves sound more effective than they are by lying. TPC was the reason our booth was revoked, TPC was the reason David was not able to do interviews, TPC provided their puppets the passes and the plan.

I was actually laughing about it when I was driving home and feeling a bit of pity for those agitators. It seems to me to be a sad way to live your life.

All in all the weekend went well for 1776RM as well as MagAmericans.

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