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The District and the Dad

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It is time to take back our public schools. I have been engaged in a battle with our local school district and I decided it may be helpful if I document our fight so far, as well as where we go from here in the hopes of encouraging more parents out there to stand up and be heard. Below you will find the complete email chain between myself and the school district so you can read it just as I did, and I also included two short videos of me speaking on it at our local school board meeting. Please take a moment and let me know what you think, and if you have a story, please share it or contact me at

Parents have been doing amazing work while under amazing pressure since Covid-1984 was injected into the world’s bloodstream. I believe this was done on purpose, and that becomes apparent as you scroll through our Covid-19 timeline, but what do I know? Not much if you ask our public school district, in which I currently have 5 children enrolled.

Allow me to start from the beginning. On March 11th of this year, I was working from home and received a text from my oldest son at about 10:00 a.m. The text was to let me know some middle school students were planning a walk out that day at 1:00 pm in protest of some bills that were being voted on in Texas and Florida, (we do not live in Texas or Florida).

I immediately wrote an email to the Middle School Principal to inquire if they were aware and if they were not, to let them know this was being planned. My thought was the school would make an announcement over the pa system to advise students not to participate. Then place some personnel at the exits of the building to turn back any students who decided to walk out anyway. However nothing was done. They did have a safety officer out on the field that the kids walked through about 15 minutes prior to the walk-out. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they knew the route these kids were going to take.

Little did I know, the school itself wasn't following it's own policies and got involved with supporting these children to walk out of their classes. It was later discovered there was a “sign up sheet”, (as described by the school secretary), that the children had to sign to participate in the walkout. Later, as they walked the grounds screaming and chanting silly slogans from their uninformed and ignorant mouths. So these middle school students were disrupting the education of hundreds of students, in numerous buildings on school property, eventually making their way to the high-school and attempting to gain entry into the locked building. now disrupting even more students. So this entry will be a little different from the norm. I am going to post here for all parents to see, the email chain between myself, the Principal, the Superintendent, the School Solicitor, and eventually all the school board members as well. I do this in hopes that it may encourage others to stand up, and then more behind them. You can follow the story as I will be posting updates as they become available.

On March 11th, at about 10:35 in the morning, one of my sons sent me a text from school telling me the Middle School students were planning a walk out at 1:00 that same day. I almost immediately sent the Middle School Principal an email to advise and ask for information. Below I post screenshots of those emails with the names redacted, for now.

As you can see, I have received almost no answers for my questions. Just red herrings and deception, and now refusal to even respond. The next step I will be taking is a follow up email sent to the Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, School Solicitor, and the school board. Additionally I will be sending all this information to a few people in the media. Updates forthcoming.

***UPDATE*** These are the most recent emails I have received in order.


The Following is the last email I sent to them on this subject. Future communications would be at board meetings only, where no responses would be given.

"Chuck Chadwick <>Wed, Jun 8, 3:57 PM to mkozlosky, sweinman, daltierihand, vazzolina, kkurimsky, emittereder, wyant, Tawnia, jborrasso, asheehan, Traci, Herb, Gennaro, Robin, Gary

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know I am still out here looking for answers. I have a few more examples from parents who have contacted me to tell me how their child was treated differently than others. We can talk about those soon as well. I was sorry I couldn't make it to the meeting on Monday, I'll try to make the next one. Has there been any movement? Have any of those answers to my totally legitimate questions come to the surface yet? I know Tracey said she was trying to get to the bottom of my questions, any luck there Tracey? Why have my questions not been answered in the 3 months since I first asked them? What do I have to do to get these answers and why won't you put them in print? What is it that would be different if I take a day off of work in my busy season to come into the school? That doesn't make any sense. If everything was on the up and up, this shouldn't be a problem. Enacting a "policy" not to respond to emails anymore in response to my emails is disgraceful, (I am going to assume that was the case since no one answered that question either). To be honest, I am not sure why I bother coming to the school board meetings. It isn't as if anyone sitting behind that big table is going to provide any answers. Even the ones who said they would... Additionally, If I was able to pull away from work long enough to have a meeting, I would insist on recording it. Would that be a problem? Is that a question you can answer? As I have said before, this is not something I am going to drop until I have my answers. Sadly, this isn't the only issue I have questions about the goings on at that school. There are a few more I am researching for some articles I am writing so I'll be sure to bring those to the meetings so I can speak to a bunch of people who aren't going to answer anyway. You may see those articles published locally as well. I'll send you the link if they are picked up by anyone else. Currently 3 sources are interested, but I digress. Since answering questions is apparently not anyone 's strong suit, I have included below the multiple choice questionnaire I made to simplify the process. I have also attached a pdf with the "quiz" on it so maybe someone could print it out for everyone and you could all get together and try to answer them. Consider it an open book test.

QUIZ - 1. What was the purpose of the student walk-out?

a. LGBT Protest about laws in another state

b. All of the above

2. Is it true students had to sign up to participate?

a. Yes

b. No

3. Where did the sign-up sheet originate and who was in charge of it?

a. Created and managed by students

b. Created and managed by any faculty member

c. Created by students, managed by faculty member

d. Created by faculty, managed by students

4. What steps were taken to discourage participation?

a. Students were reminded of discipline

b. None

c. None, we actively supported it

5. Is it true the students went to the High School and attempted to gain entry?

a. Yes

b. No

6. During the Principal’s meeting with the students to, as she put it, “discuss procedure”, were the students reminded of the consequences that they would face per the districts own handbook and policies? Why or why not? Please elaborate.

a. Yes - Please explain ______________________________________________

b. No – Please explain ______________________________________________

7. Is it true the district is directing faculty NOT to answer parent emails? If so, why?

a. Yes – Please explain ______________________________________________

b. No

8. If it was not organized by the staff, will the students then be disciplined for walking out of class? If not, why not?

a. Yes

b. No

9. If it was organized by staff or a staff member, what discipline will he or she face? If none, why not? ________________________________________________________________________

a. No faculty members played any role in this incident

b. Yes – Please explain _____________________________________________________

10. I believe section 218 of the Student Discipline/Behavior Standards Attachment Suggests "misbehavior on the part of the student which disrupts the classroom procedures or interferes with the orderly operation of the school" - calls for "Immediate intervention by a staff member who is supervising the student or who observed the misbehavior". Did any of that happen?

a. Yes – Please explain _____________________________________________________

b. No – Please explain ______________________________________________________

11. Is it true students were disciplined last year for a mask walk-out?

a. Yes

b. No

12. Is it acceptable that one of your teachers tells her students that she is bi-sexual? If not, considering that logic, would it then be acceptable for a male teacher to tell a female student his sexual preferences?

a. No/No

b. Yes/Yes

c. Yes/No

d. No/Yes

13. How can I feel safe sending my kids to a school that allows students to walk out of class and then the building?

14. What steps were taken prior, during, and immediately after this incident to prevent it from happening again?

15. Why can’t my questions be answered in email form? Why must I call or take time off work to come in to speak with whoever. I already get the runaround in email form, why would I waste my time to get it in person?

16. Here is a new one – Does the school board ever answer questions at the meetings? Extremely concerned and disgusted parent of 5 children in your district. Chuck Chadwick P.S. Here are the links to the videos of me speaking about this issue at prior school board meetings. Enjoy! So, after reading that and hearing my words, what do you think? Tell me what you would do in this situation. If you are a parent that wants to help in this fight or link up with others please contact me at


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