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Statement to the School Board

This is a copy of the statement I made to the school board. At the end are all the original questions I was asking. They did not want to answer any of them, but finally answered 2, (kind of).


I was surprised to see the video from the last school board meeting where the solicitor read a prepared statement in which my name was brought up numerous times and in which I was framed as a liar.

You said that my claim that the students were improperly trying to gain entrance into the high school was inaccurate. I noticed no one took the time to elaborate on how it was inaccurate.

In response I will say what I have already told you. I saw video showing the students rattling the doors trying to open them. I heard students accounts talking about trying to gain entry. I would welcome the news that I was wrong here. Can anyone provide that video?

The Solicitor went on to say, “He was also incorrect in the statement that the walk out was staff led.”

To clarify, I did not say it was staff led, to say otherwise is another example of the intellectual dishonesty I am seeing from the district on this issue and others.

As the district is quite aware, that was not a statement, it was a question. That is why when I typed it way back on March 11, I put a question mark at the end.

So, who decides?

What is the policy on the threshold the students must meet before the school apparently throws its hands up and takes the role of event organizer? Where in the policy does it address the subject on how you decide when they are as you said, “dead set on doing this”?

Section 218 of the Student Discipline/Behavior Standards

"misbehavior on the part of the student which disrupts the classroom procedures or interferes with the orderly operation of the school"

Do you not consider students leaving their seats, classrooms, and then buildings misbehavior? Is there a policy on that? Or is that word, misbehavior, just in there to give the school itself more discretion on how it handles specific protests? Shouldn’t that read “actions” rather than misbehavior?

What are the standards to decide when the administrator would step in, and what role does that person play?? Is there policy to point to?

Who decides what facts or policy that person is required to, or required not to take into account when making their decision?

The careful wording of this prepared statement is clear. You won’t answer my questions, so you attempted to attack my character or intelligence, (because it has to be one of those doesn’t it?) in a public meeting to discredit me. Then you are in a better position to dismiss the issue and no longer respond to any inquiries about it.

Silly Mr. Chadwick…

Seems a bit like Saul Alinskies 12th rule. …”Pick the target, Freeze the target, Personalize the target, Polarize the target…”

Where are we now, I kept sending emails and coming to meetings so you “picked” me.

You froze me when you stopped responding to me, now you are trying to personalize it by making me look like a liar in public.

But I digress..

So the district “first step” is to meet with students to “provide students with ideas and different ways to express opposition or support for a particular law, rule, or situation”.

“Citizen tips” you called them. Then you use the 1st amendment to hide behind? The disingenuous comment that “staff and students do not shed their constitutional rights at the door” wasn’t wrong, but it was carefully chosen. Of course they don’t shed their 1st amendment rights when they enter the building, the district limits them in the same way other employers limit their employees’ rights. Is there a dress code? A code of conduct? Of course there is.

There are many policies already on the books. Why are some of them being ignored?

In one part of the statement, it said “we try to minimize student walkouts as much as possible”

Yet about a minute later it states - “So we have put together a process and safety procedures to help these students have these protests, but we do not sanction them” Sanctionthe approval of someone in authority for the doing of something

So, you will help them have these protests, but you also say no one in authority approves it?

Sounds to me like the wording in the policies needs to be tightened up or amended.

“As the school system we cannot limit nor encourage students first amendment rights because we disagree or agree with their position.”

Another red herring, it is common knowledge the SCOTUS has ruled the student cannot be punished based on the reason for the walk-out, only for the fact that they walked out. Whatever they are protesting cannot be considered when disciplining the students.

The statement said that “Mr. Chadwick will only consider meeting with the administration if they allow him to record the session.”

I can’t help but wonder why the secrecy?

Why did the district shy away when I asked to record the meeting? You record parents when they step on the property or even call the school. So, what is the problem? Seemed to me no one wanted to discuss this publicly, only behind closed doors.

I also can’t help but wonder what the real purpose of that prepared speech was. There was nothing new in it, except the lies that were told about me. The statement was riddled with deceptions and vague explanations that really left even more questions and clearly shows the need for new policy and amendments to existing ones. It was clearly meant to deceive and distract while also putting my own character into question.

“Having explained the process publicly, I wanted to do so, so it was on the record for all to hear and all to know.”

It is already on the record for all to hear and all to know, reading a carefully crafted statement doesn’t change anything except public opinion.

You are choosing activism over education and breaking your own policies while you do it.

The solicitor followed up by saying the district “doesn’t want to look like they are taking a stance in any way”. Why not? Shouldn’t you take a stance for all your students education?

“This is their right under the 1st Amendment we just provide a process safely to do it, and we’re required to allow them too safely do it …” Another partial truth, when does school policy get applied? The district is not required to allow walk outs, that is another red herring.

So, when do my questions get answered?

These questions have been asked since March...

What was the purpose of the student walk-out?

· Is it true students had to sign up to participate?

· Where did the sign-up sheet originate and who was in charge of it?

· What steps were taken to discourage participation?

· Is it true the students went to the High School and attempted to gain entry?

· During Principal St. Amant’s meeting with the students to, as she put it, “discuss procedure”, were the students reminded of the consequences that they would face per the districts own handbook and policies?

· Is it true the district is directing faculty NOT to answer parent emails?

· If it was not organized by the staff, will the students then be disciplined for walking out of class? If not, why not?

· If it was organized by staff or a staff member, what discipline will he or she face? If none, why not?

· Was this permitted and supported by the district during educational hours?

· I believe section 218 of the Student Discipline/Behavior Standards Attachment Suggests "misbehavior on the part of the student which disrupts the classroom procedures or interferes with the orderly operation of the school" - calls for "Immediate intervention by a staff member who is supervising the student or who observed the misbehavior". Did any of that happen?

· Were valid excuses presented within 3 days of the absence or were they marked unexcused?

· Is it true students were disciplined last year for a mask walk-out?

· Is it acceptable that one of your teachers tells her students that she is bi-sexual? If not, considering that logic, would it then be acceptable for a male teacher to tell a female student his sexual preferences?

· What steps were taken by the district to correct the people involved, as well as to prevent this from happening again?

· Is there a reason no one will answer my emails?

· How can I feel safe sending my kids to a school that allows students to walk out of class and then the building?

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