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Subversion of a Nation

In 1954, the early years of the cold war, the Soviet Union created the Committee for State Security. It was to serve as the ”sword and shield of the Communist Party”. In the West we called in the KGB.

Yuri Bezmenov was a journalist for the Soviet state sponsored Novosti Press Agency. His duties consisted of, among other things, propaganda and subversion work for the KGB. In 1969 he defected to the United States and ended up settling in Canada. During his time here he repeatedly warned America of the impending doom that was being orchestrated against it. That same doom is still being worked against America to this day, just by different enemies. Sadly, these enemies are now within our walls.

Yuri warned America over and over about what was happening, yet it seems no one was paying attention, (or his message was silenced). Yuri explained the process of Subverting a Nation.

How it was more effective than a military takeover. The idea was first developed in by Sun-Tzu.

A Chinese philosopher, who lived during the Eastern Zhou period of 771-256 BC. In his work “The Art of War” he laid out the plans for subverting a nation and conquering it without firing a shot.

Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and finally normalization.

According to Yuri, demoralization takes approximately 15-20 years. Generally speaking this is because that is how long it takes to educate a generation. This is the same mentality is why the left began slipping its vile tentacles around our education system. It is the reason the Dept. of Education was created and began operating on May 4th, 1980. Control information and you control the world, and in the meantime you brainwash a generation into following you or anyone you tell them to follow.

Even though it is estimated that you can demoralize a country in about 15-20 years, America is 40-50 years into that process. That is why are people are clueless, our men are women, and our women are Karens. Take a look at the basic differences in society today as compared to 50 years ago. Morals, integrity, work-ethic, the disintegration of the nuclear family, and more have been under attack for decades. Where being on public assistance was seen as a temporary thing, not a way of life. There was a stigma attached to paying for groceries with food stamps. No longer, they made a card so you don’t have to be embarrassed. They have taken everything away that should stimulate someone to get off of the assistance. Now it is a comfortable, practically permanent life.

We are late in the game, but it is not too late. We the People can stop this but we need the numbers, so we need people to not only wake up, but act as well. America is being destroyed from withing. In future articles I will address this in much greater details.

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