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Teach Don't Preach

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Parents today are being crushed by the demands that society puts on us. That is a false world filled with meaningless distractions to keep us preoccupied. Trying to fight the school district is usually a losing battle for one or two parents. The voice isn’t loud enough to get through the clatter and noise of the squeaky left wheels on this school bus.

Clearly, we need to join together, we cannot allow fear to stop us from standing up and stepping into the light to defend our children and help shape their education. If they asked nicely, would you let the government come and pick up your child for 6, 7, or sometimes 8 hours every weekday, fill their heads with things, feed them what they want to, and then bring them home. Doesn’t that sort of sound insane? Yet that is what we do.

Look, kids need an education, I am not questioning that at all and to do so would expose me as being foolish. However, the education that they receive from public schools is often under par and uncompetitive with the rest of the world. They spend less time on core subjects and more on indoctrination and normalization than ever before. It seems more and more everyday that the school system is focusing more on social, mental, and even sexual subjects and material.

I don’t care which side of the isle you fall on, that is inappropriate. The left fights for it because they are focused on shaping a societies social and sexual views. It is important for them to normalize mental disorders, even classifying some victims of these disorders as heroes. They use that word but I’m not sure they know what that word means. If they did, they may back off such claims. The idea is to use their incredibly influential positions to shape future generations to accept concepts and things like gender fluidity, CRT, pronouns usage, equity over equality, the LGBTQ agenda, and other ridiculous concepts that shouldn’t be anywhere near a public school.

I am a Christian, and I am looking at this subject through that lens as best I can, but sometimes this whole subject angers me because educators are supposed to be there because they want to teach, not because they want to preach. Teach don’t preach, that should be our slogan.

I believe everyone has their battle in life. I have mine, you have yours, whatever that may be. I am not judging anyone outside of the Biblical meaning, which is from a place of love. As a matter of fact, I know people on the left will throw out a quote from the Bible where Jesus actually says, “Do not judge lest you be judged”. Their interpretation of this quote is incorrect. The verse goes on to explain; He is not telling us not to judge others, He is telling us not to judge hypocritically. We are of course supposed to judge each other, but not judge and condemn. The meaning is essentially saying we need to keep each other accountable. Any Christian who judges and then condemns is not behaving in a Christian manner. I digress, this is not a religious piece, but good moral points are found there none the less.

Lately you hear the word “grooming” being thrown around. We have been screaming this from the rooftops for many years. In a way we owe China a debt of gratitude, because of the China Virus parents got a closer look at what their kids were learning in school than ever before. We got to sit in the classrooms and be a silent observer, off screen, out of site out of mind. Soon the activist teachers started to let their guard down and we got to see the real lesson plans.

So, parents are awake all across the country, but I fear they may have just hit the snooze button, and if they start going back to sleep it will be harder to wake them. It is time to wake up and stay up parents.

We have to many organizations in the conservative world. To many state, and local groups working well together but often we are spread so thin we are ineffective. It would be easier to work together if we all united under one banner. Whether that is an existing organization or a new one like or, it needs to happen. We all need to be on the same page, fighting for the same things.

At the local level we are weakest. We tend to get run over by the opposition because they are better organized. They have large tents with local branches, this consolidates resources and makes them more effective.

We cannot allow that to continue.

A big part of why a lot of parents don’t get involved is because of fear. Fear of being doxed, fear of repercussions at work or in our social lives. We don’t want our lives to change just because we want to be involved in our kid’s education or because we don’t think a 7-year-old should be taught that today they can be a boy and tomorrow they can be a girl. I don’t want you to tell my child about your partner no matter who that is. Teachers shouldn’t be telling students that they are bi-sexual and talk about that in class. There may be a time and a place for that, but that time and place should not be a public school. Those sorts of discussions are more appropriate for college level.

But if the schools don’t teach this stuff like equity and acceptance who will? My first answer would come in a loud voice, “NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS”, but I realize that would be rude so I would just keep that part in my head.

It is the parent's job to do that, or NOT do that. That should be the only answer needed. It doesn’t matter if the school wants to know where your kid will learn that stuff, because the school doesn’t get a say. We have gone so far off course that correcting is going to be extremely difficult, but we must make the correction.

Become a member in a local group. This will help you to stay informed and makes it easier to stand up in confidence. For instance, standing at the podium in a school board meeting is a lonely place. Knowing you have people who stand with you is very comforting and helps us to be more effective.

Do some looking around on social media to see if you can find any local or even state organizations. They can help connect you to local groups. You should also consider going to some school board or local council meetings. If a speaker aligns with you then approach them after the meeting and speak with them a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask around. If you have any friends you know are conservative, they might be in a local group. It is hard to say usually because as conservatives we do not necessarily go out of our way to make that public information.

Parents are busier today than ever before. How much of that is our own doing? Let’s take a step back, really talk to our kids and be a part of their lives. Ask what they are learning in school. Go through all the subjects, learn about their teachers. Go to the curriculum meetings. I see our kids out there, in the open as we all stand in the shadows waiting for someone else to step up and say something. It is time for parents to step into the light and stand beside their children.

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