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The 1776 Restoration Movement

I do not believe that God brought us together, brought us this far, and does not want us to enter the promise land.

I have written extensively about the Canadian and U.S. convoys, some good and some bad. I don’t pull my punches, so when I saw the downfall of TPC I wrote about that as well. I was able to successfully predict most of what happened with that movement weeks prior.

In the beginning I was all in. I felt the truckers were the ones who could effectively be the people’s army so to speak. I thought they would be able to start the mission and when the call came out, veterans would stream to D.C.

Of course we all know now, it was not meant to be. However, its downfall was not caused by its supporters who worked so hard and gave their time to raise donations of money, food, fuel and more. It wasn’t caused by the people working on social media to get the word out in support of the mission. It wasn’t caused by the streamers, the truckers, or the people that stayed in Hagerstown. Well, not all of them. It was cause by corrupt, and inept leadership at the very top. What happened there was very ugly, it left a stain that is very hard to wash out. It certainly made it hard to look past and get behind another movement. I wrote about how TPC was splintering the conservative support, how they were without direction, without a clear leader or plan. Conservatives began to bicker and argue with each other all over social media. The People’s Convoy started hurting more than it was helping, but it wouldn’t stop. To much money to be made I suppose.

Most of us know the story, and when people say they have a hard time getting behind another movement, well, I understand all of that. There were many people just waking up to what was going on, and they stepped out into the light for maybe the first time in their lives, only to be left behind, lost, and a little poorer. They did that because they believed in the movement, and they thought there would be results from their actions. When there were no results, they faded back into the darkness. Nervous to step back out as they felt vulnerable and uncomfortable. Yet they went out anyway, and now where are most of those people? Understandably sitting at home. They may be watching; they may even be donating. However, to get these people to step back into the light will prove to be more difficult than it was the first time.

Enter the 1776 Restoration Movement. I watched as they began and grew. I was not ready to jump onboard, I needed to do some research. Then I did what so many people out there either do not do, or will not do, I researched. After a little while I even commented on one of their facebook posts offering, half-jokingly at the time, my services as a web designer. A few days later I received a video call from Chrystal who asked if I would be interested in building the site. I said yes and she handed the phone to Santa sitting in his truck. We spoke for a bit, and I was off building them the website.

I worked on that site pretty much 36 hours straight and then took a short nap before getting back to it. I knew the sooner it was up the better. Within the week I had a trip scheduled to get to Base Camp and meet everyone. I walked in there expecting to find essentially what I found in Hagerstown. I was happily surprised to find that was not the case at all.

I arrived on site just as the morning meeting was starting on 6/2/22. Not knowing what to expect I sat down and remained quiet. I wanted to soak up what I could and see what it was all about.

After many conversations with leadership and supporters, I found that these people were genuine. Genuine in their mission, in their love for country, in their love for each other and all Americans. The place is simply put full of love and hope. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised, and if you read my articles prior and during the downfall of TPC, you know I am not afraid to call people and movements out.

Santa could not be nicer. He is probably one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Being around him seems to make people happy and hopeful. This man is clearly ordained by God for this moment and is meant to be exactly where he is. Not only does he have the complete love and support from his team as well as supporters on and off the site, but he also shows empathy for his fellow man, and leads with humility.

The leadership team has their head in the game and their eyes on the ball. They are all very sharp and manage to do things in the field that other people can’t seem to get done in an office. There are many others who keep the wheels greased, engines running, and tummies full. It really is amazing what the get accomplished there.

I suppose there is just an aura of hope and love surrounding this place and all it’s people, near and far.

So, is this movement real? Oh yes, it is real, most importantly it is God centered.

We will be writing more in detail about these patriots and introducing them to you. We hope to learn what makes them go, and what keeps them going. In the end, you may just decide this is something you should see for yourself. So why not get in that car, truck, bicycle, skateboard, helicopter, or plane and see it for yourself? With that in mind, we are calling all patriots to show up on July 1st through to D.C. on the 4th. Be a part of history and help take our country back.

Rattle Snake Patriot

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