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The Activist Convoy

If I sound angry, it is because I am. I also wonder why more aren’t. I am mad about this whole thing. People ask me if I am going to write about other things, I say yes and may be in the middle of another piece when I hear another lie from the convoy, or see another person post one of there commercials, and I’m back at it.

It is because I believe they have done, and are doing, more damage to the conservative movement than the left could. Because conservatives saw them as something we could all get behind. We didn’t know it was just going to run us over on their way to chase glory.

So, the “People’s” Convoy made it to their appearance in California with all the useful idiots who still support this traveling carnival of gypsies. I bet the crazy laws in Cali just melt away because they stopped in to make a speech at a previously planned protest.

Actually a few of those bills have already gone away, and even though the truckers claim responsibility, they had nothing to do with it. Even if their useful idiot followers believe every word they say, it doesn’t make it true. They seem to have cast a spell over a lot of desperate people. They are selfishly hurting conservatives by splitting us into groups. The informed and the not so informed. The convoy supporters attack people asking questions and others as not patriotic, while those trying to wake others see useful idiots surrounding and crowding around their version of Jim Jones, although this version leaves behind broken patriots in his wake, as he rides off into the sunset of making appearances and giving uninspiring recycled speeches. Meanwhile, all around them the zombies stand, (or watch livestreams), waiting for the next “press release”, (is it really a press release if the press isn’t involved and doesn’t report it?), to mindlessly share without asking any questions. When the next video comes out, they will share that too. They won’t stop following these court jesters because to them, hitting that unfollow button means the end. It means it is over. They must acknowledge it is the end, and that thing in all addicts have, that little demon that shows up that tries to stop them from quitting, is essentially the same thing that keeps them from unfollowing, un-liking, or even moving onto the next thing. It tells them they can’t quit, they need this. If they quit, they are giving up on patriots, etc.…

Now that next thing is going to suffer because of what they did here.

Those who are not informed join the ranks of many others who blindly follow the convoy and defend all its actions, no matter how silly. They believe every word these truckers say and continue to post, share, and fill up their friends feeds because they believe they are helping. Tell me, what are they helping by continuing to post the trucker commercials that are uploaded in a desperate attempt to stay relevant? They do this as they sit on the couch visualizing riding shotgun down the highway with their good friend Trucker G. While they use their irreplaceable time watching someone else’s life through a dash cam.

There are so many angles to this that are bad for America it is hard to understand why people don’t see it.

I may sound like a hater, but at this point I am one, and rightfully so. What these sunshine patriots have done to their supporters, and to the whole conservative movement was to weaken and splinter us. Much like how I am angry at the conservatives who should know better by now. Even so they continue to support the convoy that has provided no results yet continues to make claims that they have. Does any actual evidence exist behind these claims? If not, then isn’t that just propaganda? They eat it right up though, and then they ask for more. It is very concerning to me how the government has engineered public schools to normalize all sorts of behaviors. For instance, how gullible some people are in this day and age. The desperate will believe whatever you tell them because they WANT to believe it. Once you get your followers to the point where they will advertise for you, and they want to believe you, they start throwing reason out the window and thinking with their hearts rather than their minds. Like children do. I wonder how many of their supporters followers, (mostly women), were falling over themselves to get a trucker, any trucker to notice them. Trying to get them to stop so they can meet them, or even get a picture. Jumping up and down waving their hands trying to get the truckers attention. Breasts bouncing, self-respect slipping away just like their drink, their inhibitions. Logic, and reason fade away in favor of a groupie type behavior.

People think they are supporting something, when in reality they are just making these truckers kinda-famous while willfully transferring money from their bank accounts to the truckers. Maybe they will at least get some merch to show for it, so they feel less like they got robbed of their time and money at gullible gunpoint.

So yes, I am angry, but I am still rational. This may have been harsh, but people need to wake up. It reminds me of a scene from the classic movie “Airplane”.

Let’s take that energy and invest it in something that will work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they did this, at least until the 2nd week of March they had support and the people behind them. However, they did not use their momentum and they did not harness their support, (other than to make money directly or indirectly). They grossly underestimated the press and didn’t us it in an effective manner, they just didn’t. It was the same thing when Senator Cruz and others shined a light on the convoy for 2 days and then nothing. When it came time to act, they did not do that either. Now they want people to continue to support pay them while they try desperately to stay as relevant as possible. And with all the lonely housewives at home streaming Trucker G, (seriously?), and dreaming they are riding shotgun, pretending they are 25 again, so they can leave it all behind. “Calgon take me away” and all that. Most of these women that follow these truckers found a cute one to follow, or they just like the rough trucker reputation because their men are soft, or otherwise creating the Pareto Principle. Some women will use it to justify their actions or behavior. Some will use it to validate online conversations with strange men.

They use these crafted personas, created and acted out with the intent to gain followers, grow in fame, (I use that word loosely), and eventually make money from this fizzled out movement, even while they continue to claim it is not fizzling out, and that they are winning. Those are simply the facts. They must make a name for themselves now before it fades.

I wonder what happened in Hagerstown. That weekend everyone went home. Something changed. I wonder what it was, I mean it seems that was when the movement died. They took their focus off of what they said was their mission?) and put it on themselves. They carried the people to Washington and dropped them of in route to California when they were ineffective, and spotted an easier target, with less planning needed, and less opposition to face. This way they can make their transformation to full time activists and continue making no difference except to their own net worth. How are they different from people like David Hogg or Greta Thunberg. They use serious issues, or completely fake ones like in the case of Greta, to get people behind their cause by making it seem as though if you oppose them, you’re evil, you hate kids, or you like pollution.

Of course that is absurd, but most people don’t get to make that point because as soon as they start asking questions, they are swarmed by the zombies. Your patriotism and conservatism is called into question, and you’ll be dismissed, ridiculed, or forced into silence and the ones who pretend to hear you won’t really hear you.

The people who still totally believe their misdirection and outright lies live in the same mental neighborhood as the people who believe Biden when he tells us inflation is a good thing. I am sorry to inform you, inflation is NOT a good thing, and the trucker convoy was NOT effective no matter how much any of us wishes it was. Those are just the facts. I speak of it in the past tense because that is what it is, the past. It doesn’t nor will it ever exist as it did, and that is a shame. They had something there, but they seemingly took their eyes off the ball in favor of their own futures, and in doing so squandered ours. You're damn right I'm angry and you should be too.

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1 Comment

John Jameson
John Jameson
Apr 17, 2022

100% correct. Thank you for writing and posting this. It is a crying, shameful thing the truckers in this so called for the people convoy did. Yeah it was for the people...themselves. When they stopped in hagerstown, I knew it was a sham, then sending out a few at a time to circle circus DC and for what??? Our money. I dont even know where they are now, and really don't care. They made a mockery of America, just a shameful thing.

May God bless you

And God bless the USA. The real USA, NOT trucker G and

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