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The Agitators

We are at the precipice.

This may be our last chance to save our Constitutional Republic. One of America’s feet is already in the grave, and the other is on a tyrannical banana peel.

This is not a politics thing, it does not matter if you are left or right, we are all Americans

It is not a religion thing. It does not matter what religion you claim, we are all Americans.

It is not about skin color. It does not matter if you are black or white, or anything in between. We are all Americans.

It does not matter if you’re male or female, we are all Americans.

It just does not matter what side you are on; everyone wants freedom. Everyone.

Those things do not matter because we are all promised the same rights. However, they have been stolen from us, and while the thieves think they got away, we know where they live. Capitol Hill, The White House, and all up and down the halls of Washington’s different agencies where unelected officials that rob you of your freedoms everyday work, cheat, and play.

It seems to me this 1776 Restoration Movement is the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the TPC. They have shed the TPC’s corruption and are moving forward a new movement. They have already accomplished more than the TPC did, and they did it in less time, with less resources, less attention, and less money.

We have heard them speak about what the government has done and is doing.

We have heard them talk about the duty we as American citizens have to our country.

We have heard them calling for more to join them.

We have seen them persecuted by the police.

We have talked about what they are doing.

We have talked about why they are doing it.

We have talked about what you are doing.

We have called, and you have probably already decided if you will answer.

To the thousands that have already answered, we thank you. To the ones who have not yet answered, get here. Please, for your country, for your children, and for these people who risk so much to fight for freedom. Find a way to support this movement, because it is doing it’s best to support your freedom.

Let’s talk about the people in this movement. The daily struggle they face, the things they are giving up for this mission, and the price some pay.

If you have read my articles, you know I am no fan of the TPC. I have to say that and clarify that this is not TPC. The members involved with the 1776RM that were also involved with the TPC are for the most part the best of the best. Meaning, they have God, the restoration of America, and all that comes with it at the source of their motivations.

What most people do not know, is there are organized liberal activist groups and others working with some members of the TPC to stop this new movement. As a matter of fact, most of the rumors and such that you see concerning this movement often originate or are at least twisted and then magnified by these groups.

To be clear, the 1776RM is a group of Americans from all over the country, who work in all sorts of professions. They are not professional protestors. Most have never protested anything in their lives, at least not until now. No one in this movement is doing this for themselves and we are all sacrificing something.

We are also under attack from professional protestor groups trying to smother our message, they show up and get in our members faces, they yell, scream, and roll around on the ground like children. They blow whistles and do their best to agitate our members into a reaction so they can record it and edit it to show 1776RM in a bad light. They take pictures of us and our license plates in order to dox us. They hurl insults and slander and then they don’t have the integrity to leave those parts in the videos they post. This person who calls herself Anarchy Princess, (nothing like naming yourself after something you don’t understand). I was slandered when this “princess” yelled out on recording that I was a “child molesting murderer” after having my vehicles plate screamed aloud to everyone present and watching online. When I went to view the video, the human who posted it had edited those parts out. A 58-minute video edited down to 17 minutes to remove the remaining 41 minutes of their slanderous actions and foolish tactics, how brave!

The 1776RM is constantly under pressure from these groups. They walk among us posing as supporters, at times they have infiltrated the 1776RM’s ranks acting as spies. They have called the police, child protective services, as well as other groups to hassle and scare the 1776RM. Yet the movement continues, disregarding the doxing, the slurs, the libel, the harassment, and the violence. The chance for these brave patriots to be hurt, or even killed in the pursuit of this noble goal is very real.

I have personally witnessed piles of bricks placed a block and a half away, where bricks should not be. A tactic we have seen time and time again from the left. Purposefully placed for a specific purpose. To tear down rather than to build. We have since confirmed through our sources that those bricks were placed there by their operatives. Due to excellent security work by the team on site, BTM plans for that evening of throwing bricks at car windows that hold male and female patriots were stopped.

I have witnessed and even spoken with their people who believe they are moving through our crowds unnoticed with hidden cameras and microphones. They try to catch video or audio that they can edit to suit their purposes.

I have witnessed their spies watching us from the park at night. We received some great intel and were able to expose them.

We have found bricks placed strategically at the base of trees only a few feet from where our people sleep.

I just want you to understand that these patriots are not simply having a cookout. They are facing serious persecution; they are berated by the sleeping citizens that are woke but not awake. The men and women of the 1776RM are standing in the gap for every American Citizen out there. Including you, they stand there for you. With you, or without you they fight this battle for you. We prefer with you.

We all need your prayers, we need your help, we need your numbers.

With such a small group of 50 or so, they are vulnerable to these extremist groups. Yet they stay. Let us show them the support they deserve. It is not a political thing; it is a government structure thing. The government has morphed itself into a tyrannical behemoth and this is not how it should be. Just look at Washington D.C. and the buildings of marble and granite that house this huge tyrannical government. The size of that city alone is a testament to the fact that we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic.

These are good people in this group.

They are not willing to quit, they are not willing to leave, they are exercising their 1st amendment rights and they are doing it cleanly and paying for their own parking because that is what responsible citizens do.

They do not want to burden you; they want to help lift the heavy burdens government has already placed onto you.

I was asked the other day by a particularly nasty woman, she asked “Do you want to bring back the slaves too?”. I responded to her the way I thought I should, “What a silly question?” I said to her as she shook her uninformed head and walked away.

That seems to be a lot of the problem with those who oppose us. They are simply uninformed, or ill-informed. They claim we are insurrectionists; they claim we are racists; they yell and scream that we are evil, lazy, homeless, grifters. That we are homophobic or hate the LGBT community. All incorrect, but they yell it anyway. They do not take the time to learn about us or talk to us. Instead, they yell lies into a bullhorn, which in turn brings more people to our cause when they see the childish behavior of these anti=protesters.

While the ones that show up during the day to yell and scream are usually humorous or downright pathetic, the ones that lurk around at night are anything but. They represent a threat to our people, and our movement. I recently entered their discord chat to reach out and suggest a meeting between myself and one of their moderate members. While they pretended to be open to it, they suggested I speak with one of their leaders named Telescope. At that point I knew it would be fruitless to have a conversation if that was the person I would be talking with. I specifically asked for someone that was in the middle somewhere, not someone who has not only been drinking the Kool-Aid but making it as well. They took my offer and threw it back in my face while acting like they were being genuine. Tele-dope was supposed to reach out to schedule something, he did not, nor would I have accepted the offer as again, it would be fruitless. Either way, I tried to reach out. They declined to have an intelligent discussion. I am starting to wonder if they are even capable of it.

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