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The Agitators 2

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I have written many times about how hard it would be; I wrote about the sacrifices we need to make. I told everyone that the price for standing would be high and that we as Americans have a duty to pay that price.

The fewer the people, the higher the price. To stand alone against tyranny is noble, and patriotic, and worth the fight. To stand against tyranny alone is also suicide, it's built that way. The system will come down and crush any opposition that aims to loosen the grip these tyrants have on our government, on our nation, and yes on our daily lives. The system has put down many who have stood against it, because they stood alone, or because their numbers were few.

They would have us believe that to stand against this tyrannical government is an exercise in futility, and in a way it is. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. However, the more you stand up, the more pressure they apply to you. No one can stand alone against this force with endless resources, endless man hours, and its useful idiots who spend every waking hour trying to destroy you. Those that stand will be crushed, as we have seen many times before, under the weight of the Federal Government and its minions.

So, what are we to do then?

We are to rise anyway.

We are to stand in the gap anyway.

We must respond to this pressure the tyrants apply to us and we must do it with no concern for our own selves. I see us in a position similar to what Moses faced. We may reluctantly pick up the banner and take up the fight, but we will never enter the promised land, and that is okay, our children will. We do this for them.

The tyrannical useful idiots create false narratives. As Saul Alinsky said, if you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth, and that is what is happening to us. They have taken to calling us pedophiles, the lowest form of human. There is no defense to that except to say you are not, but any energy you put towards your defense is seen as an acknowledgement of the original insult. It really is a good tactic if you aim to destroy people’s reputations, therefore destroying the pieces that make up the organization. If people think 1776RM is full of pedophiles and rapists, it will fall. It doesn’t matter if it is true, it only matters that enough people hear it enough times. It will become truth.

However, they are running the risk of breaking the 7th rule, “a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag”.

So, we have these useful idiots following us all over the country, screaming lies and harassing our people. Applying the pressure for their tyrannical masters who pull the puppet strings and make these fools dance to their beat. No matter how much that beat sounds like the Chinese national anthem they continue to do the dance of the useful idiots so they may eat the table scraps of their masters.

They have no original thoughts, they have no opinions, they stand for nothing, only themselves. Now we watch as their lives fall apart around them, and they begin to eat one another. They are now learning that there is no honor among thieves. They stand for themselves, they live for themselves, and now they have fallen for themselves and become convinced that the roles they are playing are their own. They are merely puppets, and when their strings are cut, they fall to the ground. They have no bone structure or principles to fall back on because they sold those up the river for the chance to become YouTube famous. They are like octopus’s, they may be clever, but they have no backbone to stand on their own. Without the restrictions of something silly like principles they are able to morph themselves into anything they are told to be, no pesky morals to restrain them, no opinions to defend. No standards to hold them back, and no conscious to listen to. They spit their venom in hopes of slandering our name, and for a little while it worked, but that venom has grown less potent, and their usefulness is waning.

We must cut off the hand that feeds them or they will continue to scurry around our feet like roaches. They will continue to be the annoying insects buzzing around our heads. No longer effective, but there none the less.

The time has come to shake off the parasites who ride our coat tails in an attempt to become relevant. Those that have no talent of their own, no content except harassment, no mission except a made up one that supports their ridiculous narrative that we are a group of traveling pedophiles looking to ensnare you in our patriotism and then victimize your children. The premise is just silly, but when said enough times, people begin to believe it. That is all they need to count themselves as successful.

However, they were not successful, 1776RM has risen above them and continues on our path, all the while shaking the roaches off our feet and trampling them on the way to liberty.

They tried to shut us down with threats and violence, it did not work.

They tried to discredit us with slander and lies, it did not work.

They tried to stop us with fear, it did not work.

They tried harassing our people and supporters, it did not work.

They tried threatening our families, it did not work.

We are patriots, we are willing and actively standing up for our liberty and yours. To think we would tuck tail and run because some social degenerate drug addicts and alcoholics stood in the shadows screaming outrageous things at us and passersby. Often times we stopped to watch how silly they looked, shaking our heads and continuing on our mission while they seethe and have mental breakdowns in the street. They are the ones that have broken, and they are now at each other throats, trying to find a place to put the blame of their failure. And because personal responsibility is a bad word to them, they try to place the blame on each other, and so their house of cards begins to topple, and they will be buried by their lies and insidious actions. They will be left with no reputation worth mentioning, no friends or family to stand by them, and no future to look forward to. They are simply useful idiots that have used up their usefulness, which by process of elimination leaves only idiots.

Their families are falling apart, their kids reject them, their spouses divorce them, their siblings won’t let them see their nieces, and their sanity is leaving them. They are paying a price as well, but theirs is a self inflicted wound caused by their own actions or lack of actions. They blame others for their troubles because they are stuck behind the mirror, rather than infront of it. I imagine they are discusted by the ugliness they see in the reflection, it must be tough to look at.

Even now they scurry across the country trying to find something, anything to bring back their viewers. Like a junkie in withdraw, they become more and more desperate, until they act irrationally and carelessly in their pursuit of the attention and the validation they require. It is truly pitiful.

So, remember, we are no professionals; we are simply a group of patriots willing to stand up. We believe our federal government has reached far beyond its Constitutional restraints to slowly take over the country to move us towards central rule, which is a much easier system to control the people. They control the law, they control the media, they control the food, they control the regulations you must follow, they control the healthcare, they control the money, and they control you. The only question is do you see it? Are you willing to stand against it? Or is this battle already lost? Has Rome already fallen? I think not, the fire can still be put out, and America can be restored to the shining city on a hill it once was.

Will you stand with us?

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