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The Convoy and The Activists

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

What is their motivation? I always ask myself that about most things I see in the news. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Sometimes I get a little hate mail, or someone throws shade online. I’ve been accused of being a liberal, a hater, uninformed, misinformed, a traitor, and more. I stand by my principles and I ask if you enjoy what you read here, please share and join us on

Now, back on Jan15th when I heard about the Canadian truck convoy that they were calling the Freedom Convoy, I was excited to hear about it. It was the people finally standing up. It was handled so well by all involved. We watched closely and I was proud of those Canadians who took a stand. Then on the first week of February when I saw that there would be a similar convoy in the United States, I was ecstatic. My wife and I were very interested in helping, and we did. Promoting it on and social media, we even went out and helped to collect and load donations. I was proud standing there, I felt like a patriot.

I personally felt that this was the perfect tip of the spear. The truckers could affect the economy, they can attract attention, they could shut this down. They even have their homes with them so they could stay longer than most people. I believed once they started to face opposition like they did in Canada, I was sure veterans from across America would pour into Washington D.C. to provide back up to these truckers who were there to fight for the Constitution. That would never happen, and it wasn’t because the call wasn’t answered. It was because the call was never made.

Originally the convoy announced it would be leaving Indio California on March 4th, but that turned out to be one of the first blunders of many in what soon became a carnival to be pointed at and ridiculed.

There was an unbelievable amount of confusion in the first month after the original announcement and that was to be expected as people were clamoring for this, but the convoy should have stopped it. Fake social media accounts soon sprouted up, directing people with fake routes and t-shirt sales. Some of these groups amassed tens of thousands of gullible patriots. These things went on for weeks before the People’s Convoy came out with their own website and clarifications on where to make donations. The whole thing was a mess from the start it would seem.

Then when The People’s Convoy finally did come out with what they called press releases, it didn’t help much. Information that came out one day would be incorrect the next. There were many people out there that wanted to support the People’s Convoy and ended up supporting nothing because it was too confusing. The fact that the organizers were in over their heads became more and more apparent with each mile they put behind them. The signs were already starting to show long before they arrived in Hagerstown that there would be problems ahead.

Brian Brase, one of the main organizers who is now no longer with the convoy, said early on that “we’re not going anywhere”, later this turned out to be true and false.

So, as they moved across the country, we, like many other patriots, were excited. Large numbers of people came out in support of this convoy. From the people on overpasses, to the ones behind the scenes, people were mobilizing like we haven’t seen in a very long time. The people were clamoring for results, they carried those trucks to Hagerstown with donations of fuel, money, food, and much more. So, what happened? Was it all worth it? Did anything happen?

The answers to those questions are found much deeper than most people are willing to go.

So back to the story. The truckers are making their way across the country, and I am starting to see an unhealthy worshipping of these people. They are starting to be treated as rock stars, and that is not a good thing. It is okay to celebrate them a bit, however I believe it actually hurt them and it hurt the movement by making it more about the truckers involved than the cause. The live streams were a great idea for many reasons, I loved the idea of not taking a meeting unless it could be livestreamed. However, they took it too far and it turned into a bunch of different side shows to a larger carnival.

So, they got to Hagerstown, they were going to be there for a few days and head to Washington D.C., what would happen about 2 weeks in that would change the direction of the convoy? After that weekend when Brian and some others went home, it wasn’t the same. I write about this extensively on. After that weekend, the air was let out of its and its supporter’s tires.

Sure, they drove around the beltway and maybe caused some traffic problems, (that was more the police than the truckers), but that was it. The parasites that only got involved because they saw this as a way to make money by growing their social media following, and selling merch were not the assets the convoy organizers thought they would be.

When you back up and look at it, this whole thing could be explained as just a mechanism to transfer wealth from their supporters to them. Meanwhile you have other truckers that participated paying a real price. Almost couldn’t have been done better if the other side had planned it. Hmm now that is a thought that I will address further later.

You see I believe that the whole thing started off innocent enough. With the proper motivations and a true love for country. I think the early part of the convoy was plagued with confusion and mismanagement, it seemed as if the organizers were in over their heads. However, it persevered and soon they were halfway across the country. Support seemed to be growing all across the country, even if they couldn’t get any press outside of the local news, and they pretty much have to cover it. National “news” was a different story, no pun intended. There was essentially a complete blackout of the convoy. Of course, people are quick to blame Putin and the Russia/Ukraine conflict for keeping the convoy out of the news. To those people I say please stop that. There is a 24-hour news cycle, plenty of time to cover both stories and more. They just chose not to, and for some reason it seemed the People’s Convoy organizers were surprised by that. They shouldn’t have been, and they didn’t take any steps to remedy it except rely on some live streamers and “journalists” to combat the blackout. The only people who were up to speed were the people watching the live feeds. I personally met all kinds of people who did not know about the convoy. We even had to fill in the police officer who was called to make us leave a parking lot where we were loading up donations that people were driving in. He thought we were talking about the Canadian Freedom Convoy. Before he left, he mentioned he was surprised he hadn’t heard about it, stating that he was “very patriotic”. That was part of the problem, the message wasn’t getting out and the convoy was already on their way. Yes, they had a great amount of support, but how much more could it have been? How much bigger and more consequential. Patriots out there didn’t even know about it, and they were already trucking across the country.

They rolled on with good support from the people. The closer the convoy gets to D.C. the more excited people were getting. They were ready to see the convoy that they had told everyone they could about, the one they filled their friends facebook feeds with. They went further than they ever had in support of a cause, many for the first time ever stepping out in support. Let’s face it, many of us are risking something nowadays when we stand for something in this toxic cancel culture environment.

When they rolled into Hagerstown the excitement was incredibly high. Everyone expected the convoy to stay there for a couple of days. Rest up and refuel their trucks and themselves before heading into D.C. to make a difference. That never seemed to formulate and with each passing day, supporters started to lose hope. When we went out to visit Hagerstown, on March 16th, things were already slowing down. The convoy had gotten much smaller than when it rolled in. That was because they chose a path that made the least impact possible while they were knowingly or seemingly unknowingly engaged in a war of attrition with the Federal Government. They did as little as possible and then they relied on the media to spread their message. That was naive, and naive people shouldn’t be leading this movement.

That said I don’t believe naïve people were/are leading the convoy that turned into a carnival. I wrote back then that they would try to turn this into a career of activism and merch. Was I wrong? Please go back and read how excited I was in the beginning and how those feelings changed once I saw what was happening early on. Look at Brian’s protesting history, this wasn’t his first rodeo. When the people in charge saw the writing on the wall and the end of Hagerstown, they looked for somewhere else to go. Somewhere that would keep them relevant, and they would face less resistance, less risk. After Being carried all the way from California to Hagerstown, they were now limping back to Cali to support the next thing, and claiming they would be back to D.C.

The plan at that point was already to start state groups of supporters so they could start making appearances. They just had to get through California. It looks like they may crawl out of there with enough supporters to keep them on track. Even if the turn outs in Cali were dismal. So now they move forward setting up their activist group, I imagine they will go the 501c3 route. Without bothering to look as I am about tired of this stuff; I imagine they have already done that.

So that is about it. I’m not sure what else needs to be said. They will make appearances; people will still follow. I’m sure when BigRigShots “documentary” comes out they will be sure to donate all the proceeds. I would never think that they just did this to make a name for themselves. Driving into D.C. to park and take some glamor shots before leaving. The whole thing turned into a big joke. It is a shame some people were to blind to see what this did to the conservative movement. It may just be a bump in the road, but it also feels like half of the supporters were left with more than a bad taste in their mouth. It seems like much of the right was cut down during this whole thing.

So, what now? We regroup and lick our wounds. We continue to fight the lefts insane agenda until the mid-term elections this November. We MUST mobilize to get real Constitutional Conservatives elected to office. Just as important we need to continue paying attention and hold them accountable during their time in office. So again, what do we do now?

We organize.

We meet.

We plan.

We act.

We must organize with conservatives in our local areas. Don’t be afraid to step out into the light. If we can’t even do that for fear of cancel culture, then the left has an effective weapon to keep us at bay while they rob America blind. We must meet each other in the restaurants, in the churches, in the libraries, and even possibly under your own Tree of Liberty, whatever, or wherever that happens to be. There we must plan together how to move forward. It is important that we are all on the same page, and that we move as one. Facts are on our side.

Then we must act. This means paying attention. The media must be brought back to the heal of the people where it belongs. It was meant to be a check on the government to keep them accountable to the people. However, it has become the Ministry of Propaganda for the government, working hand in hand together.

Nationally the media must be our first focus because they now work hand in hand with the government to control. To control the media, is to control information, which allows them to control the narrative, and that makes it easy to control the people.

Locally we must focus on fixing our broken schools and get conservatives elected everywhere we can. We must be vigilant; we need to place ourselves outside of our comfort zone and we must make ourselves to feel comfortable. This will be long, and the opposition is dug in with years of controlling education, housing, healthcare, and more. With that they have built themselves an army of fools. They need to be educated; their masters must be defeated in the arena of ideas. That is an easy battle if we can get them to fight it.

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John Jameson
John Jameson
Apr 22, 2022 always say it so well. Its sad what i thought was the beginning of the end of all this crap in America, but when things got so clustered at first I should have realized it then. But like many others, when the trucks got going and the overpasses were full, I just knew that something great was about to happen. And then hagerstown, why are they stopping in Hagerstown? That's when it hit me, I knew something was wrong.

I to supported the truckers all across the U.S till they stopped short around 50 miles or so from DC. This wasnt in my playbook, they, I thought were suppose to go into DC loke a storm, like ottawa, but…

Apr 23, 2022
Replying to

Thanks so much John. That means a lot. I appreciate your comments as well. I agree, Hagerstown was only supposed to be a day or two but it turned into a war of attrition with an unbeatable enemy.

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