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The More That Do

The more that do, the more that will.

It has been a year. A year like no other, and yet, more like the previous than we might think.

The only thing that really changed this year was that now it has been brought to the light. Let me explain what I mean. Essentially the left is doing the same things it always has. Now they are just out in the open, and they don’t care that you see them because you will do nothing to stop it.

As it pertains to education.

For many years the state’s education system has been moving in the same direction it has been since the left realized they could infiltrate it. They began to pump into our kids at younger and younger ages. What was that? Free government childcare, now even before school age, and they say it is free!?!? Sign me up! Sign me up to have my kids taught how to masturbate at the age of 6, and to have people come dressed as drag queens to dance with kids and read children’s books that normalize that sort of behavior.

We need to take our kids out of state schools and find alternatives for their education. Of course, not everyone can do that. As a matter of fact, most people can’t do that for a variety of reasons. However, if there were more and better alternatives it could be done. Some teachers are even quitting their jobs and taking on their own students in a homeschooling environment. There are some options, we just have to put a little research and, in some cases, think outside the box, work with other parents. Our kids are worth it, and they are the future. What kind do we want? I prefer critical thinkers to sheep, how about you?

For those of us who those options aren’t available, let’s start going to school board meetings and becoming more vocal. Let’s find resources like * to help us lay out a plan to take back control of our children’s education.

Nothing is free in this world, and the money that the government is using to pay for this came out of your pocket, just because you don’t pay directly, doesn’t mean it is free.

For decades the left has been pushing “their truth” on all of us. History books have been re-written and if some of it can’t be changed to favor the left it is minimized and sometimes even ignored. No longer do they call us “The Land of Opportunity”, but instead we are a racist and evil country. Equity instead of equality is preached. A great man who overcame much, Dr. Martin Luther King preached on equality, and wanted to be judged by the content of his character, the social justice warrior of today subscribes to equity and judges’ people by the color of their skin. The woke are Stalin’s useful idiots of today.

In a recent interview with Meet the Press, Nikole Hannah-Jones, (the author of the laughable 1619 project), tried to turn the debate around and claim that those of us who don’t want racism taught in our classrooms are equivalent to book banners or anti-free speech. She said that “these laws are paving the way for the taking of other political rights like voting rights, like women’s reproductive rights, like rights for LGBTQ people."

It is interesting how skillfully she turns the argument around by insinuating racism or that we want to “ban ideas”. While she is clearly a student of Alinsky style debate, her accusations hold no water. She is trying to reshape the whole debate by taking k-12 out of the equation and just claiming people want to ban books, and ban ideas. That is a twisted simplistic way to shape the argument and is essentially nothing more than the schoolyard level argument. The debate is not about whether the curriculum should be taught or discussed in classrooms. Only that those classrooms should continue to be in the upper levels of education.

She is also not being intellectually honest and expects most of America to take what she says at face value. Sadly, most do, either it is the sheep being shepherded by big tech, media, and government. Or it is the patriot that is willing to break their principles to avoid the eye of the state upon them. You know the one, he wears a mask sometimes, and may even have gotten the jab. When the state comes to take you, he will be watching from his front yard knowing he should do something, but frozen by fear, he will do nothing. He knows the day will come that they come for him, and who will defend him? The faux patriot and his kind will wilt under the pressure the state brings. True patriots are rebels against not the government, but the tyranny of government, and they will stand when most will kneel. It will depend on how many will then stand up behind that patriot. Motivated by his courage more will stand, and the more that do, the more that will. Be vigilant patriots, take care of each other, and remain at the ready. * is our new sister site with the focus on the education of our children. Currently under construction.

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27 Ara 2021

Love Conservatism and want to help in any way I can... the left is a cancer on the world.

27 Ara 2021
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Amen, we need more like you.

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