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The Patriot Fire

Those of us in the fight, especially the ones who have been in it for months and even years, we grow weary from time to time. It is only natural, the typical ebb and flow of the human condition. No one stays up all the time, and no one can stay down all the time either.

Along this journey I have watched patriots that once stood at my side wilt and fall away. But they did not fall down, no, they chose to kneel back down on their own power. Succumbing to the pressures of the fight. Either from the attack of the enemy, the sometimes high cost of standing, or their lack of courage. One way or the other, the fear got to them, and they folded like a poker player dealt the dead mans hand.

You can almost see when the fight leaves them, it is like watching a fire burn out. Patriots with that fire in their eyes are able to look past the harmless screaming banshees, the venom less insects, and the other useful idiots out there fighting against us. Patriots with that fire aren’t affected by those standing in the shadows screaming and raging out. They are too cowardly to step out into the light and fight. They think themselves relevant, yet they hide in the shadows of irrelevance. Like a safe space, they try to throw things from a distance, but they have no effect on a patriot.

Patriots with that fire are like a soldier on the battlefield, standing in the chaos but untouched by it. They keep their eyes on the mission, and they will sacrifice anything to achieve it. I will sacrifice anything to achieve it. True patriots know it is bigger than them, it is bigger than our families, bigger than our communities. More important than our property, than our things. After all, they are just things. This is about our legacy, our children, our country, and our God. We will not, we cannot stand by watching our country, our divinely planted nation, be ripped apart and purposely sabotaged from within. We cannot allow it to continue without trying to stop it. Without trying to salvage it before it is destroyed. My personal goals are of no consequence when the nation that once provided a path to them has been so defiled, so distorted, so sickened by the demons that walk those halls in D.C. that any hope of achieving them has been ripped away from my tired hands.

Don’t allow yourself to get beat down, we all get beat down. We are not alone, it is just dark and you can’t see the others down there. It is scary, but stand up, rise above the fog to see how many of us are already here. Take their beat down, whatever its form, and use it to become stronger, more rigid, more motivated, and yes, more angry. We cannot allow this to continue or we prove we live shortsighted. Not seeing past our own death, we forget the ones we leave behind. If we run from the fight we face today, we may save ourselves, but the ones we leave behind will be left with a bigger fight, worse odds, and less faith.

James 4:14 - “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”

Make it count.

The tyrants have no defense against the patriot. We must come together, or we will surely fall away. Let the manufactured divisions and carefully curated hate they push fall away. Let the blue hair standwith the trucker hat. Let those of us out there who remember what is was like in America on 9/12 spread that unity. We must unite, or America will die. There will be plenty of time to argue about things that don’t matter after we unite around the things that do. We share more common ground than they would have us believe. Than they would allow us to discover.

We breathe the same air. We share the same space. We live together but they pull us apart. We are Americans but they want us as groups. Color, money, sex, politics, health care, the list of wedges they use to keep us apart goes on and on. Can we see past that or will we remain so preoccupied with those things we never noticed the ground moved under our feet.

I don’t know which bothers me more. The Americans who never stand up, or the summer soldiers that do and then faded away. They gave us hope, but then they devolved back into submission. Covering themselves with a blanket of excuses like a child hiding from a monster under their covers. They submit to the lies told about them, they succumb to the pressures of the fight. They make a lot of noise from the shadows yet they wilt when they step into the light. Some try to fight every troll, correct ever lie, but they must be ignored. If not you will be eaten by the monster while you’re busy fighting insects.The mission is what matters, not your pride, not your money, not your things. The mission and the mission alone. The leaves will return when the roots have healed.

Stay focused on the mission or get used to submission.

These sunshine patriots’ principles were weak. Because of this they stumbled and bumbled, and fell away from the cause, looking inward more and more they reverted back to the “safety” of their homes. Back to familiar ways, back to the race that no one wins. That is not safety, it is a pacifier, a temporary comfort to lull the people back to sleep. It is hard to wake up, and once awake it can be hard to stay there.

I wonder sometimes if there are enough of us willing to stand. I wonder if the decades of ignoring the lefts moves to control the people by infiltrating education, the media, and Hollywood. With control of those things they control society and what society will accept. They have many of us trained, and I sometimes wonder if the fight is already over, if they have already won. Because I will never live on my knees, I will never stop my fight, I just fear there will be no one to stand with me. If a tree/patriot falls in the forest/battlefield, and no one is around, does it still make a noise/matter?

Allow me to offer some coffee for the patriot soul.

Our government is destroying America, and they are doing it whilst we sleep. Even as we wake, they only work more feverishly to sabotage America. It is everywhere you look, and thanks to the MSM it is nowhere you look.

The federal government sponsored border invasion with over 5 million illegal aliens pouring into our country and stealing from our people. Whether that be stealing jobs, steeling resources, stealing government assistance, stealing our elections, stealing our future, stealing our tax money, or stealing our lives.

The purposeful destruction of our small businesses, the reckless spending, the wasting of our resources, the depletion of our oil reserves, and the damage to our economic system with inflation. The list goes on and on.

Soon it will be too late. The damage will go to far and the nation will be changed forever with the leftists screaming how capitalism doesn’t work as they strip you of your guns and Bibles.

This is not a weak man’s battle. You must have grit.

It is a constant pressure you must fight against.

From my cold dead hands. Be careful though, the pages will be worn, and the barrel will be hot.

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