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The Purge

I sat down to write this morning. My mind was racing with different topics. There is so much out there to talk about. We could discuss how inflation is destroying America from the inside. How it is stealing people’s futures, ripping away their dreams. Now we enter into a recession, and the self-inflicted suffering that will come with it.

I wanted to write about how the man that is supposed to be president, is really just a shell. A bumbling, stumbling fool on his best day, and the demise of the free world on his worst. I wanted to write about how if it were not for the strong America created by 4 years of President Trump’s policies, where would America be now. I believe they thought they would have succeeded in their goal to destroy the very foundation of America. They attacked every front, and they continue to do so. Motivated by the demon that has plagued the human race since the beginning of time, power, and the pursuit of it.

It is a troubling story that has been told countless times in the history of humanity. Men lose themselves in the pursuit of worldly power. So, they seek power over others, but in that pursuit, they lose the power they had over themselves. It slowly slips away, often it takes a bit of their sanity. It can be a cancer that eats away our minds, our hearts, and eventually our souls. The day often comes when they look in the mirror and no longer recognize what they see. Some see the problem and turn it around, but many succumb to the demon. Lost in the pursuit, they miss the beautiful story being written all around us.

That is where the joy is, power over ourselves. When we have power over ourselves, we can truly engage in our own pursuit of happiness with all the opportunities that have been made available to us, not because we deserve them, but because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Our children are taught to look down on those giants in disgust. Taught to spit down in their faces while we judge them by the social standards of today. With no concept of the different times, the different circumstances, the different societies that surround each one of us, as well as it did them. Much like a current culture that we find hard to understand, we grant them the benefit of the doubt because we assume, and rightfully so, that it is US who does not understand them. They recognize that it is hard for us to understand a culture we haven’t experienced. Why is it so hard to do the same to the previous cultures of this world, when their skin color is white?

I do not wish to control anyone, nor would I pursue that goal for the sake of simply controlling another. It isn’t something I understand, why I should have power over another? I, like most people, have a hard enough time exercising power over myself. Just look in the closet where our Halloween candy is supposed to be.

So, I suppose I want people to wake up to the fact that there are people in our government, and have been for many years, that are simply evil. They will be hard to remove. At many times it will be painful to us as a people, and as a nation. It must be done, we do not survive as a nation if the tyrants entrenched in the halls of the Capitol, the White House, the Pentagon, and so on are not purged. Thomas Jefferson once said that “the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, it is it’s natural manure”. There is so much truth in that statement, and there is no avoiding it if we wish to remain a free people.

We must understand, there is no debate, no agreement, no treaty that will result in the restoration of America. The left must simply be defeated in the arena of ideas and then run out of the power they love so much. Children sit in the back seat for a reason. They cannot be trusted to drive; we end up in a ditch every time.

America is a center right nation, and the conservative message when explained clearly, wins every time. However, for far too long messaging has been a weak point. We have played defense for so long; it is our natural state. Most of us are not looking for the confrontation and attention that you so often see the left fiending for. We want what the lefts says they want, to be left alone with our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Only we act that way, and they try to force blue hair ideals down your throat, not only for their acceptance, but until you accept it, and you better smile while you do it.

Reminds me of the agitators we have been dealing with recently. I wanted to get off that topic as they are really not worth the time. Although, it is interesting to watch them just as it is to watch a train wreck. I will still comment as they have not stopped trying to smear our name. I believe that is because they have nothing on the horizon, no prospects, no purpose. Oh sure, they claim to be there for the kids, that’s the narrative they use because, well, who can argue with that. Do you know anyone who is “against” the kids, besides them that is? They neglect or have even lost their own children. Their narrative is a contradiction on how they live their lives.

Recently I took one of them on live, in an unfriendly livestream because I know the truth is on our side. I entered into their arena, an away game with an unfriendly crowd. With a host that tried to save her when he could, I laid her narrative to waste, directed her right into exposing herself, her motives, and her hate. She sat, hiding in someone else’s closet, trying to have a serious discussion while attempting not to look too unhinged. It wasn’t a good look, and it wasn’t a good night for her, I suppose that is why she ran at the end and signed off abruptly. She claimed her battery died but was still commenting in the chat. I believe she, and all that bunch, believe their supporters to be stupid.

As I mentioned previously, they will lose themselves, and that is happening now. Look at the price they are paying, their sanity is slipping further away. Their lives are out of control, and though they make it hard, as a Christian, I feel sympathy for them, deserved or not. I want to see the good in people.

They have been evicted from their homes, arrested, divorced by their spouses, had their kids taken from them, exposed their drug and alcohol problems, put their morals, or lack of morals on display for all to see. All the while bending and reshaping themselves to try to look like the heroes, the good guys, (sorry, didn’t mean to assume anyone’s gender there). They are not the good guys, and people are finally seeing it. Moving forward I am no longer interested in playing defense. Defense only stops them from scoring, but it allows them to continue the slanderous grifting game they play. Now we have one making wired videos in the woods, one making weird videos in a closet, and one in hiding because of the vile actions she did for notoriety. Sadly, she may have to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. When left to their own devices, they self-destruct eventually. They were all left in the wake of a movement that will not be stopped, because freedom cannot be stopped. It lives in the heart of everyone, its value is not taken for granted by the patriots in this movement or the ones supporting it.

As we close this chapter and leave these stories behind us, I do appreciate what the agitators have accomplished. They managed to show people all across America that we are willing to take the abuse that comes with standing in the gap for them. We will take constant ridicule and verbal abuse, we will put our personal safety, our reputations, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor on the line for our children and every American out there who cannot do it for themselves. We are not paid, we are not homeless, we are not broken. We are standing, galvanized by the many behind us. Our resolve is strong, and so are the attacks on us from every angle. They continue and even grow as we show we are a force for freedom in this great shining city on a hill.

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1 Comment

Nikki Sanford
Nikki Sanford
Oct 13, 2022

Very well said and how true it is, thanks for the write up and your time, especially, putting up with the no-minds, spoiled people!! 🇺🇸🦅👍

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