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The Rise and Fall

So it has been a short while since I released my last article, or manifesto as the unhinged left has called it. I have not had the time to write as much as I used to due to my heavy schedule of freedoming.

However, the response from my last article was so overwhelming I knew I needed to follow up, and while we received a wonderful reaction from our supporters, it couldn’t compare to the response from the left. They were very upset, even making videos about me. Please understand my intention was not to do anything but tell our story, however I certainly enjoyed watching them squirm and lash out in reaction to it, I consider it a bonus.

Now I’d rather focus on the good we as a movement are doing, and I will, however, please first allow me to enlighten the public about how these clowns have tried to harass us, legally as well as illegally.

While these useful idiots stand at the National Mall yelling obscene and vulgar things as families walk by, they claim they are there for the children. They record all their antics so they have “content” for their YouTube channels and are dedicated to themselves and no one else. They have no cause, no platform, just hate and harassment. It isn’t hard to figure out that they are there for the money and subscribers. They beg for donations on their YouTube channels so they can spend that money harassing women in the dead of night, filming people sleeping and creeping around the woods in the middle of the night trying to scare patriots with their silly games.

It is our own fault I suppose, when this movement began to gain traction, they saw an opportunity to ride the 1776 coat tails to YouTube stardom. Make no mistake about it, for the most part they are TPC rejects angry about what that group did to them.

The rise and fall of the TPC and the rise of the Phoenix called the 1776 Restoration Movement has been one wild ride. The way TPC started had so many full of hope. However, the way it ended left so many people discouraged and feeling alone again. So many great patriots were left to feel as though they didn’t matter. They stepped out into the light only to be cut down and left damaged. They were not important, their love of country was not considered, their devotion to the TPC was discarded, thrown away. Only what they could offer the TPC royalty was a consideration in their value to that disgraced organization.

Patriots were discarded by that movement like used bullet casings. Ejected from the movement one way or the other and left to fend for themselves. Some were left homeless, some were left bankrupt, some were left with a broken heart, a broken spirit, a broken will, even a few broken minds. Some lay that night, looking at the stars and wondering what the future would hold for them. They gave so much of themselves to that disgraceful and shady operation; with the hope that America would be changed forever, reminded of the power of the people. It is almost poetic, but on that long road, they lost their way. Some lost their sanity.

Now I see TPC looks to be attempting a comeback, with some of the same people at the wheel as before. This should not stand, they have proven the movement to be a joke, a money-making scheme for those at the top. A way to profit from patriotism, while leaving a wake of broken patriots behind them.

A few rose to the top without having to accept any of the blame for the way the TPC played out. Quietly separating themselves from the TPC when they saw the writing on the wall. Some just a day prior to the fall. Rather than standing up, they slinked away back to their previous lives, just with fatter bank accounts and a bit more fame. They remained quiet when they should have spoken, they shrunk when they should have stood up for those thousands of patriots that gave so much.

Even now they are creeping out of their little holes, creeping in the dark to try to reignite the dirty old furnace in a dark basement that powered the TPC. Powered it with deceit, greed, and evil. Is it already time to crank up the money-making machinery? It has only been a few months, are they out of money already? Do they miss the attention and subscribers?

These are not heroes, they are villains. Set on restarting the gravy train that did so much damage to the American Conservative Movement. I believe in forgiveness, but I am not stupid. The TPC should remain a shady footnote in history that took so much and did so little. The people that were responsible should never be allowed to do that again to the American people. Yet here we go again.

I believe the rise of the 1776RM has reawakened the leeches and remotivated the parasites. So here we have old members of that disgraced group poking their heads back out of the mud, smelling the chance to ride that bobtail of grifting again. Their only goal to make money and gain fame again. Suddenly you see them popping up in a livestream, testing the waters on their public opinion. You see them working in the background to destroy other organizations they deem a threat. The 1776RM has been a victim of these attacks for over a month now, with no real consequences for their harassers, their late-night tormenters roam free grifting money to fund criminal activity like stalking, slander, threats, and harassment.

There is a reason 1776RM has been under these attacks, they are the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the TPC, and they shook off the ant holes and bad actors as they rose up to start their long flight to the return of a Constitutional Republic and a moral society in these United States of America.

The opposition is working to destroy the 1776RM. They consider 1776RM a threat because they are guided by God and governed by David. A God-fearing man with a huge heart and a lot of pressure on him. These are not professional protesters, 1776 is made up of Americans worried about the direction of their beloved country. Most have never done this before and in D.C. they showed that, but they also shined in the face of hate. Holding hands and praying together when faced with venom spitting snakes and a whistle blowing woman. They cared for the homeless, provided first aid to a man who fell from a scooter and cut his hand, talked with many people, and went to events and monuments carrying their message of patriotism and redemption to the people. They held that lawn for over a month and did not allow the evil to push them out.

They did what TPC said they would do. They said they would finally finish the job that others abandoned. They lined up their convoy in the night and road out for D.C. That takes an amazing amount of courage, not knowing what will meet them there they rode out anyway. They knew the cause was worth it, they ignored the fear they all felt at differing degrees. They quieted their anxiety, they ignored their nervousness and did it anyway. None of them did it for themselves, they did it for others. Some did it for family, for their sons, for their daughters. They did it for every American out there that couldn’t do it themselves. We all deserve the country we were promised, the one some of us took an oath to defend.

1776RM also took an oath, on a Bible, in public, and on video livestream. I took that oath that day as well, and I will honor it always. Will you take it with us?

Oath To Uphold The Constitution

I (state your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm)

that I will support and defend

the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

that I take this obligation freely,

without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;

and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of an American Patriot

I solemnly pledge my undivided support

to The Declaration of Independence,

the U.S. Constitution

and the Bill of Rights;

I commit to seek out and support those individuals who

are devoted to restoring and maintaining the sacred principles

codified within these documents.

So help me God.

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