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The view from the bottom...

I don't know what to write, who to write it to, or even what to write about. I am completely shell shocked. Even as I write this, there is some shred of me that still holds on. I thought we would finally see the criminals pay for their crimes, and yet, they walk free. Deeper into the history books that they seem to spend more and more time erasing from. In the end, it seems the forces against President Trump were to much. How can you win when the left controls 90% of the media. They control the masses in almost the same way, (other) , state run "news" agencies report. The numbers seemed to hover around 90% negative news coverage on Trump.

Still, he beat their algorithms, he broke the machines and they had to fix it. They were exposed all over the country. The facts are still out there, yet, they were smothered, or not reported on . The narrative that the the election fraud claims were baseless, or without evidence was pushed, and pushed hard. The lemmings with the China diapers on their faces not only fell for it, but they fought for it.

So what do we do now. I know, we lick our wounds and get back in the fight. We just have to remember, the rules have changed.

No longer can we sit by and be idle. We must unite as Patriots and regain our Liberty. For now though, I'm going back to licking my wounds for the night. Back soon with a new update!


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