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We Are Indivisible

The drums of war have been beating off in the distance for years. With the selection of 2020 they got much louder. Let there be no doubt where I stand, the election of 2020 was corrupt. Joe Biden did not receive 80 million votes in 2020, and Hillary didn’t get 65 million votes in 2016. That is why they aren’t exactly excited to run her again. You see the same system was in place, they just didn’t turn the volume up high enough because they expected to win. In 2020 they overcorrected and turned the volume up so high that it was obvious to those of us paying attention. Unfortunately, not enough of us are paying attention and the media ran heavy cover acting as the propagandist arm of the federal government while social media silenced the voice of Americans trying to speak out and bring attention to the selection, they called an election.

I remember a caller on the Rush Limbaugh (R.I.P.) show state, “without elections, all we have left is revolution”. That is exactly right. America needs a revolution, a 2nd revolution to decide if we will restore our Constitution, if we will turn from our wicked ways, and restore America to what it can and should be. Or if we continue the current course which ends with America on its knees before the world. The course debated and discussed at the Bohemian Grove, at the World Economic Forum, on Epstein Island and other places that Satan’s officers meet to cut-up and divide.

America is the riddle that stands in the way. A land where men and women enjoy freedom and exercise their liberties. A place for the rest of the world to look to and remember there is hope. There is a shining city on a hill. There are still free people in the world who refuse to be slaves to the evil and will fight for that freedom when it comes down to it, effectively. Thank you to the 2nd amendment, for without it we could very well already be defeated.

The battle lines have been drawn, and the soldiers gather on the front lines to do battle for the soul of a nation, and the future of a world. That is how big this is, that is why we face such an uphill battle at MagAmericans and at the 1776 Restoration Movement when we speak out, when we stand up.

I can tell you, patriots like us will stand until the day we are cut down, one way or another.

They have tried to cut us down with lies, they have tried to intimidate us, they have tried to humiliate us, they have tried to magnify our faults to minimize our message. They have tried to shout us down; they have abused the elderly. They have exposed children to their unhinged vile attacks, they have attacked our Christianity, they have their people try to silence our voice, and they have attacked our social media. Additionally, they have sabotaged the conservative movement by creating divide where there should be none. They have slandered and libeled, they have used the cross as a prop, they have done Satan’s work, and they continue to do so. Working feverishly to squash us before we get too big, to relevant, to loud.

They have failed, and they will continue to do so if patriots all over remain committed to the mission. If we keep that pure, God will keep a hedge around us. They only have a target to hit when we give them one, and we only give them one when we sway from our God and the mission.

As we win the battles against those traitors, we attract the attention of larger more powerful enemies, and we need the support of patriots across America to do battle with them.

Make no mistake, this is a war between good and evil, we must unite against the tyranny that has infected Washington D.C. We must wake up the sleeping lions out there, we must prop them up and help them stand tall against the attacks of the left, the media, and our very own government. We cannot leave those who would stand for us when we cannot, or will not, to fall. There are millions of us, millions. We must remember that, and we must reinforce our soldiers from the attack coming at them from the devil himself. We have put our lives on hold, we have sacrificed greatly, we have lost friends and family, we have lost money and careers, we have lost enough already, but this is not the end. So, we swallow our pride, push down the fear, stiffened our upper lip, lowered our shoulder, and we move forward. Some days we do not cover as much ground, but we continue moving forward, never backward. We have many battle scars already, and we will suffer many more. Yet, we do not waiver, and people are noticing on both sides of the battlefield.

We love this country no matter how much hate we get.

With the American people behind us, we are invincible. They know that, and that is why it is so important to them to silence us, anyway they can. They want us to feel invisible and small, so we quit. They want us to walk away from the fight. They want us to abandon our principles. They want us on our knees. They want us silent, one way or another. We will not comply. We simply cannot comply. Freedom beats in our hearts, it will never die.

They cannot break us, we are indivisible.

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1 Comment

Michael Souther
Michael Souther
Nov 05, 2022

Fabulous commentary. We are drawing close to the midterm but don't believe for a minute that these Marxists will give up the battle it will just be starting they are buried deep.

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