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We Aren't Forced to Agree

I’m sick of the fighting, I’m sick of the bickering

I’m sick of the lies, the slander, and snickering

I’m sick of arguing, and the online abuse

I’m sick of the way they blame us to excuse

Their morals so low, their lips are so loose

Do they really have hate that deep in their roots?

They scream and they yell, and dress like a raver

They always present the same lazy flavor

They attempt to be clever and blame us forever

When really they should be the confessor

Made violent threats, and gave it their best

Yet they proved nothing more to us than a test

We were forged in that flame, and then we became

More than the lies that they use to defame

So as we move forward and stick to our morals

We remind everyone that we are just mortals

We will stumble and fall, but we promise you all,

We will own our mistakes and deal with headaches

We will work to do better, and shed the bedwetters

Who protest and pressure to acquire more cheddar

They sell out themselves for the almighty dollar,

They give up their morals, in pursuit of some follows

They lost their credibility and their mental stability

Gave up their humility, and exposed their inability

To see the real truth, or be honest in group

Thinking they’re smooth and their minds are acute

They mostly assume and then wrongly accuse

They prostitute themselves to raise up their views

But in the end, their hate will lose

Now their harassing, their slander, and lies

Have become obvious to onlooking eyes

Their views are down, exposed as clowns

Their train full of stories, lies loaded on lorries

Has come to a halt, and it’s really their fault

Most of their actions were meant as distractions

Just overreactions meant to increase their transactions

They no longer decimate, instead they expose their hate

Their reasons manufactured; their execution substandard

They continue to fracture, the conservative answer

They will be forgotten, and exposed as rotten

Their money ill-gotten, and they should take caution

Before they start acting a lot more like Stalin

With their downward spiral on full display

They either hide, or run away

God says we love them anyway,

And though it’s hard, we fire away

Lord, I wish them peace in their hearts

Please reach in the deepest parts

Open their eyes and help them to see

We have made mistakes, to that we concede

But we are good people, please end this disease

That’s infected their mind, or don’t they believe

In America we aren’t forced to agree?

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5 comentários

15 de nov. de 2022

Is this real? Great comedy bit, Chuckie.


15 de nov. de 2022

Excellent poem Mags. Thank you.


14 de nov. de 2022

We are to hate the sin not the sinner. Pray for our enemies. Their actions, anger and words prove every day that we are doing something right. Agree to disagree and move on. For most of us that is pretty simple to do but for some, not so much. Much love and respect to you Mags and Faith and to 1776RM.

15 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

Well, apparently I have a lot to learn about all the different websites and where your writings are. I am so not tech savvy it’s not even funny unless you ask my daughter how much I know about “the phone” other then how to make a call and text but that’s a whole different story. Back to what I was saying, I didn’t know this was where all your writings are. If I hadn’t got the notification this morning on this one I’m not sure I would have found the rest of them. Man, I have a lot of reading to do.

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