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We Don't Deserve Her

I feel broken.

I know people will hear this and try to encourage me, and while I am incredibly grateful for that, I find myself lost. I understand I have a lot of people out there who like me and enjoy what I do, but that is not enough to be able to continue the fight. They are unaware how hard it is for me to continue moving forward, to continue getting up after being knocked down over and over again. The stress I put on myself, my family, and the price we pay by standing to fight for so long is overwhelming. The lack of people willing to stand by my side is a message I hear loud and clear. It feels as if I stand alone out here. I watch my own family suffer and go without, but for what? The goal is honorable, but is it achievable? The fight beats you down. It isn’t a fight meant to be waged by one person. There are supposed to be millions of us, but millions of us just don’t care. They have been hypnotized into this system and they will remain there, they may even defend it!

So those of us who are brave enough to stand up immediately start having to deal with the attacks. Most people cannot stomach it. So they abandoned the mission because someone said something mean to them. The dreaded name calling that the weak in this society today can’t handle. If name calling can defeat you, I didn’t want you by my side, (and you were never really there), anyways.

What words can I say to motivate people? I have no idea anymore. The facts don’t motivate people, my words don’t motivate people, watching their kids abused by masks and shots doesn’t motivate people. Maybe what it will take is shame. Do we need to shame you for your pitiful behavior, for your cowardice? Are we really a nation of fat, lazy, cowards? Are we the people who would watch as Jews were loaded on trains, all the while saying to ourselves, “at least it isn’t me” and doing nothing. Who will stand for you when all the patriots are dead? No one, not even yourself.

I have come to the conclusion that the American People want to be slaves. They want to go through life oblivious to the world. They either aren’t aware it is there, or they avoid it on purpose. They aren’t willing to do the hard things. The patriots who do stand up are falling and there is no one there to catch them. I am baffled as to why there are not more of us out here. Why are there not more of us screaming? What kind of person stays silent when Americans have their Constitutional rights stripped away, or stays silent on child rape and abuse but screams loudly when their group is pushing late term abortions or mutilating minors. What kind of person? A sick one. Seems to me they are for child abuse, not against it.

Good as evil and evil as good. That is where we sit now because the American People are dumb. Absolutely dumb. After years of training, they are now good little useful idiots for the leftists and 1 world government supporters.

There are many patriotic Americans out there who see what is happening to this country that they claim to love. I have no doubt that there are millions. However, and sadly, there are only a few thousand willing to stand up. There rest are selfish cowards who would like to enjoy the benefits of freedom while they rape America for what they can get, never contributing anything back into the pot. America is doomed if pathetic “citizens” like that become the majority, and I fear we are already there.

As I stand alone, cold, and bitter, I find myself asking, is it over? Is America finished? Is she beyond the point of no return? It seems increasingly likely that is the reality we now face. We let her go, we raped and we watched others rape her over and over and over and showed her no more respect than enemy nations do. We spit on and burned the flag, we watch good men and women be swallowed up by the system and we say nothing. We are cowards and we don’t deserve America.

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Anne Lake
Mar 12, 2023

Crying for Her. Ashamed of us


Anne Lake
Mar 10, 2023

Mags. as I look at that picture, you posted, and I think of all the words and thoughts you shared. That was a time of growing together, I think it has separated and strengthened those that continue the fight. The fight to get our country back and to protect our children. I am so humbly grateful that God open my eyes and heart, and put in the will to continue. As I am here recouping from my accident, my heart is with my team. I will be back 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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