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What They Leave Out

When you’re young, you see the world through different eyes. The eyes of a child, using the lenses of innocence, hope, and excitement for the future.

You think people are good and that the world is fair. The world was cartoon rabbits and Mr. Rogers. You could take guilt free naps and you weren’t old enough to mow the lawn. Life was certainly simpler, but more importantly it was that your lenses of innocence had you assuming everyone told the truth. That there weren’t really people out there who would do the things we as adults see and do every day.

I have spent decades watching the news and paying close attention to the political bouncing ball. The atmosphere is different. People out right lie and twist “news” stories to make it appear as though they are correct. They do not argue to be right; they argue to keep you from being right.

You see they usually start by misrepresenting the story, casting it in their own light, with their own twists. It isn’t so much about what they put IN the story as it is what they leave OUT. They work hard to put the focus onto where they want it rather than the actual issue under debate. Typically using insults or sarcasm, just like the 5th rule tells them to do, then easily rolling into rule #12 in order to polarize the opposition. Once that is done, it won’t matter if the facts are all on your side. Their goal is to make you the proverbial tree in the forest, you may fall but no one will hear you.

That is their goal, their end game. They win by hijacking the debate, and distracting the opponent into defending themselves, other people, or institutions long enough to not lose. Winning the debate is often not an option for them as the facts are not on their side. I suppose it depends on the lenses you’re looking through. That is how shows like TYT present their own narrative and lead all their sheep to the cliff and then over it. It always helps to encourage all the useful idiots out there to commit violence, all of the internet trolls to start mocking, and soon the message is too hard to hear through all of the chatter. That is the idea, at that point the have won because you have been picked, frozen, personalized, and finally polarized.

That is why when you corner a leftist, much like I do on my channel when they come in, the easiest thing to do is try to get them to take a stand on something. You’ll find often times the hardest thing to do, (especially with the low intelligence useful idiots), is to get them to state an opinion. They will avoid it like the plague because if they state their opinion then they are expected to defend it. That is something they usually cannot do.

The press is supposed to be a check on the government for the people. It has become a check on the people for the government. Control information and you control the people. We are being lied to; we are being controlled. We are under the thumb of these dishonest “news” corporations and their armies of uninformed useful idiots who they sick on conservatives all across America. The “news” primes them and then they act. It really isn’t much different than a mob boss putting out a hit on someone. The mob boss is the media, the useful idiots are the hitman, and the target is conservatives. However, it doesn’t stop with conservatives, they attack families, religion, our children and more.

Just yesterday, facebook swept through and deleted our 1776 Restoration Movement page with 8,000 members as well as the personal pages of 4 of the people involved with it. I have 3 facebook accounts and they were all permanently deactivated. No reasons given. None. Those who control information control the world. The information doesn’t have to be correct; it would only have to be correct if the point was to inform the people. However, that is not the point, the point for them is to indoctrinate the people with propaganda that shapes the overall public opinion.

It is time to turn them off, time to cancel subscriptions, time to find new sources for our information.

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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2022

Facebook needs us we don’t need Facebook!!!

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