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..."without elections, all we have left is revolution"...

I was driving to the jobsite from a material run, and I heard a caller on Rush a few weeks back. I can't recall the mans name, or where he was calling from. I do however remember what he said. As he was explaining his feelings on the fraud, he said, "Rush, you have to understand... without elections, all we have left is revolution"....

At first I thought, "yes! exactly!

However, after giving it almost constant thought, I don't believe that caller was correct. If the right was to start fighting back, well it would be just that, fighting back, or a Counter Revolution. You see, we have been under attack since the late 60's and early 70's. But never has it been so prevalent, so mainstream, so widely tolerated, and so excused by the left as it is today.

Attacks on conservatives are growing rapidly and you barely see it mentioned. The media is no longer a check on the government for the people, but rather is now in bed with them.

Hardly any media we can trust, not many Constitutional Conservatives in government, our voices, (the majority of the country), are not being heard. Politicians purchase their way to riches and power with government money, programs, and votes. Crackdowns on conservative values, complete social media companies disappeared. The 1st Amendment is under an almost full frontal attack, and we all know what comes after 1 don't we?

Yes, it would be a Counter Revolution indeed. The left declared revolution many years ago and we have been under constant attack for many decades now as well. The left has gotten one heck of a head start. How do we catch up?

1. We get organized, we unite our voices since our "elected officials" will not do it for us. We must all be on the same page moving as one. Pick a platform, (how about this one? ;)

2. We get our message out. Conservatism makes the most sense, however, we as conservatives are not very good at getting our message out. The message speaks for itself when it is delivered in a knowledgeable way. Know your beliefs, and be able to defend them.

3. We stay relentless, but aware. The left is going to try to set us up again just as they did in D.C. We cannot let them. Take for instance these "armed capitol protests" all over the country coming up here soon. No one on the right knows who "organized" these, be wary.

4. Never lose faith that God is in control. We ARE on the side of Good here. Don't let that escape your mind. Find time to refresh your spirit, daily if possible.

This is quickly turning into a battle of Patriots vs traitors. That Old Tree of Liberty is thirsty and it has been a long time since it was watered.


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