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Activist Teachers in America

Is it morning in America?

I wouldn’t be so sure. Distractions…

It’s getting dangerous out there. The brainwashed and brainless are starting to outnumber the rest of us. As a father of 5 school aged children, I am finding that this applies to the school system just as it does the general public. The more involved in their education I get, the more apparent that is becoming.

So, what is going on with teachers in America?

We all know there will always be good teachers who are called to the work. The teachers who want to inspire kids to have the passion for lifelong learning that they have. They want to help provide opportunity for kids today through excellent instruction coupled with professional guidance. Their students do not know their political affiliation or sexual preference.

God bless those teachers. They are there for all the right reasons. Sadly, this seems to be a dying breed that is being replaced with a different kind of teacher. The one with the purple streaks in her hair who is sure to ask all students their pronouns, (most likely to help normalize this ridiculous practice). The teacher who is described by students as “openly bi-sexual.” We were never told about the sexual preference of a teacher. Outside of the occasional female gym teacher, no one cared. It wasn’t important, not like it is now. In some people’s world it is very important. People put way too much stock into the identity they are trying to be rather than the person they really are. Often mentally broken, they cling to this identity as the person they really are fades beneath the layers of a delusional self-image and inflated self-importance needed to carry the weight of their created identity. Their soul fades from the mirror, replaced with just another cog in the wheel of whatever movement they decide to subscribe to. Once subscribed they push the message, not because it is right, but because they want to change the world around them to accept a caricature rather than consider looking inward and working on themselves. More and more teachers are bringing their personal beliefs and values into the classroom. Creativity is encouraged and important to apply when teachers create their lessons based on the curriculum they are provided. However, while creativity is applauded and helps to keep the kids engaged, activism is not, nor is indoctrination. My son or daughter should not know what you do in your bedroom at night, and anyone defending this kind of educator activism is prioritizing their agenda over our kids. Yesterday our local middle school, where 2 of my 5 children attend had a walk-out. After 2 emails to the principal as well as the assistant principal, I received a response about 7 hours later that was 3 sentences long. I understand the principal is busy, and I should be glad that she answered me on a Friday after 5. However, I was disappointed with the content of the email. The response was as follows, “Thank you for reaching out. The walk-out was brought to our attention. It was not school sponsored, nor was it organized by the staff.

Now I tend to be incredibly skeptical, some might even say a tad cynical, but I think that is one of my strengths and why I sometimes see things other may have missed. I prefer the term critical thinker. I have asked directed the following questions to the school principal with the Superintendent copied in the email.

If the students were permitted to walk out, isn't that the school supporting it? If there was an effort to stop students from leaving the building, what was it?

If it is true that this teacher organized or supported this walk out, will she be disciplined? Or is a teacher allowed to support such things during the school day while at work on the taxpayer’s dime?

If they weren't allowed to walk out shouldn't they be disciplined?

As parents we need to be able to stand up and question the teachers, principals, schools, and even the district when needed. I recommend when emailing an educator, always cc or copy one of the educators superiors on the email as it encourages a faster and more serious response. Activist teachers must be stopped before they poison our children’s minds with whatever it is they support. We have all heard it before. Math, English, History etc, don’t be teaching my child your personal beliefs. That is not the schools place, they are stepping on the parents when they do this.

It has become more and more accepted for teachers to turn into activists… partly because the parents don’t pay attention like they used to.

For one of the first times in history, outside influences have more influence over our children’s minds than ever before. Try as parents may, there is just too much out there. The enemy is attacking from all sides and you are but one person, you do your best to stop all the deep passes, but then the enemy is able to inch his was up the field little by little, and while they may not have gotten there with one or two big plays, it may be worse. Through all those little plays, they conditioned your own child to doubt you and the motivations for your guidance. Effectively doing what almost all liberals do, blame you for what they are doing. I would like to encourage anyone with a story to share, please visit and share with us.

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2022

Welcome to the club sir. If they weren’t allowed to be “unionized”, they wouldn’t wield the power they do.

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