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Easier Kept Than Recovered

It seems that every corner of the world is burning. Hate is up and love is down. Crime is up and faith is down. There is no doubt the world is in a dark place. The hope is fading from the people’s eyes; you see it all across America. The distractions provide sheep with the blissful ignorance that they seek, and the scared with the excuses they use to hide from it. The strong must stand up, and soon.

When I wrote, "When Will Americans Finally Stand Up?", I didn’t know what the people standing up would look like. I believe I do now.

The convoy movement is fizzling. It is fading from the thoughts of Americans, it is not covered much in the “news” or given the attention it deserved. Putin gave the MSM the cover it needed to ignore the remarkable story of this convoy and the people in it. Then, after arriving in Hagerstown it didn’t have the immediate impact that the people of America were hoping for. The reasons for that are many, but there is no point in looking backwards.

Senators and Representatives even visited the convoy and spent a considerable amount of time with them but that only managed to garner a small mention in the MSM, and then it was on to the next thing, or back to the lies about the war in Ukraine.

So now it seems the Convoy is losing people by attrition, and I believe that is the government’s plan. Stifle their movements, quiet the media, and wait for the convoy to slowly fade away.

It appears that plan is working.

Part of the problem is that as Americans we tend to look at the Convoy as a group of dumb blue-collar workers who could only get a job driving. While that is laughable to those of us who know, most people do not understand all that goes into trucking, the work, and the life. These are not dumb people. The convoy is also not just truckers. They are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers. They are Irvin Russel Pelton Jr. who donates ALL his time to give free haircuts, smiles, and a little hope in humanity. They are mama bears standing for their kids. Workers who lost their jobs, entrepreneurs who lost their business’s, people who lost grandparents, people who lost children. They are blue-collar, and they are white-collar. They are young and old, short and tall, fat and skinny. They are the people in Hagerstown and the people who supported them all across America. Some wear work boots, some wear dress shoes. Some have a strong faith, and some are faithless. They are the lost and found, the left and the right, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians. They are Americans standing for the Constitution of The United States of America.

They are all of US.

They must be heard; and WE MUST be heard.

So far we have been silenced and even though they won’t admit it, the Convoy is starting to faulter. We cannot let that happen. To some, this is just a fuel wasting, horn honking, annoyance that they don’t take seriously. To those of us who have been paying attention, it is much more than that. This is quite possibly the last stand for freedom the world may ever see, and it is being silenced by the establishment. The ones who seek power and riches above all else. The ones who would, and have, sold out their country to the highest bidder.

So, what are we Americans across the country supposed to do?

We are to mobilize. It is time. This is a desperate call to action. A final plea of a dying Lady who’s Liberty has slipped away.

To all of you Americans who have enjoyed the fruits of this country your whole lives, it is time! This affects all of us, not just the rich, or the poor, the old or the young. Your color doesn’t matter, your religion or lack of one is irrelevant. What happens in Washington D.C. in the next 8 months will decide the fate of this country and with it the fate of the world. This is a global fight, and we are the tip of the spear. We are also the last remaining city not to fall. The shining city on a hill, if you haven’t paid your electric bill you better. The envelope marked “Final Notice” in red has already come and the lights are about to go out. They will not go back on without a fight, without vast losses of blood and treasure. We can avoid that now if we act. We can change the fate of America, but we must do the one thing they have trained us not to do, we must stand up.

To those who will stand, We the People salute you. To the ones who won’t stand up, stand up anyway or live with the name coward all the rest of your oppressed days. Your children will pay for the sins of their father. You will be known as a Summer Soldier or a Sunshine Patriot. You retract when you are needed. You faulter when duty calls, you talk but don’t act.

Those of us with a voice, speak out, speak loudly, and speak often. Thomas Paine didn’t fight the Revolution with a rifle on the battlefield, he fought it with a pen in the hearts of Patriots. We all have a part to play. However, I feel we must descend on Washington in numbers that have never been seen before. We must be peaceful, and we must bring that city to a standstill. We must attract attention and FORCE the media and the government to listen to the people. The world is watching. Flood the Swamp.

The call has gone out to get to Washington. The call has gone out to write and call your representatives, senators, governors, as well as local officials. Tell them you won’t stand for this anymore. Flood the streets and halls of government with its rightful owners. We the People. Force them to listen or remove them from office. This cannot be allowed to continue. It is the people’s duty to stand against tyranny. Get off the couch, get off the phone, get off the screen, strop focusing within while the world around you burns to the ground.

Start to organize trips to Washington D.C.

If you can’t get to D.C., organize a protest at your state capitol.

If you can’t get to the state capitol, go to your town hall.

If you can’t get there, pick up the phone.

If you don’t have a phone, pick up a pen.

Do something, anything to help wake the country and demand attention from those in power. Let people know about reliable news sources that report facts not lies, that report truth not propaganda. We will list a few at the end of this article.

To those that do nothing, your fellow Americans need you to wake from your slumber. The country is burning, and we need all hands-on deck.

To those that hide, remember, today you may be blissfully ignorant but tomorrow you will be painfully aware.

They will come for all of us one day. If we do not stand, we will surely fall.

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Mar 20, 2022

The treatment of truckers is getting worse, high traffic areas which usually have a higher democratic population are experiencing aggressive driving towards truckers. I highly recommend every trucker to get a dash cam for self protection. They are cutting trucks off and then slamming on their brakes down here in Florida. I've had 3 recorded episodes in 2 months, when I have been driving with no recorded episodes for the 6 years prior. Several of my coworkers have multiple recordings as well.

Mar 20, 2022
Replying to

My wife follows this closer than I do, and she said she has seen that all over as well. Playbstupid games.....

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