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Like a Thief in the Night

I don’t hate or fault the truckers; but I also won’t let my feelings interfere with what I am seeing here.

The People’s Convoy underestimated the media, and they underestimated the government. People who are still blindly supporting them without skipping a beat are fooling themselves. I am not saying we should condemn the convoy, not at all. I am condemning the inaction and poor planning once they got to Hagerstown. They overestimated their supporters taking something beautiful and making it ugly.

If you take feelings out of it and consider the timeline. From the moment it was announced in early February 2022, I believe on the 9th it was a confusing mess. Mixed messaging, confusing supporters. People jumped at the chance to create false groups on social media, some seemed legit, some didn’t. Some sold shirts pretending to support the convoy but instead they were just taking advantage of patriots. It was just a way for shady people to make money off someone else’s idea while at the same time stripping the movement of possible funding. That could all have been stopped by the People’s Convoy getting their message, their website, (was there one at that time yet?), as well as their social media out there for people to follow. Assuring the people got correct information. Because of their incompetence people across the country were victimized, ripped off, and tricked into donating their hard-earned money. I wonder how many would be supporters were left with a bad taste in their mouth from that one.

Then the official press release announcing the departure day, place, and routes came out 3 days before the convoy started. They say to avoid anti convoy protests, or maybe they didn’t know yet. Right from the beginning there was confusion. No one knew what social media groups were real, which were not. The early communication was horrible, and I wonder how many supporters walked away because of it. Thousands of online t-shirt scammers later they finally rolled out. Started taking donations and were moving. There was a good amount of support for them. The media was essentially ignoring them, but they won’t be able to when they get to D.C.! Right? That was another mistake. They totally underestimated the media, and when they needed to do something to get into the press, they either didn’t know what to do, or weren’t willing to risk anything. They did manage to bring people out to unify behind a cause. There were even a lot that had never done it before. They got the public buzzing. Everyone wanted to support them. Everyone wanted to carry them to D.C. with love, support, money, and supply donations. It was wonderful to see. It filled myself and lots of other patriots with hope. This one will be different; this one will work.

I was expecting them to go to Hagerstown, stay there for 2 or 3 days, and then head to D.C. to get down to business. This would be the big payoff. This is what all the people on the overpasses wanted. What everyone who worked to get them donations, help, money, fuel, and so on was to see them go into D.C. and make a difference. I was assuming they would be there for a week or so and the call for veterans would come. I wrote about those things in previous articles. I just knew the call would come for support.

But that call never came. There was no grand finale, no push for freedom, no civil disobedience. In the end there was nothing.

Oh sure, there were a few things. There were patriots all over the country with a sinking feeling of weakness in the pits of their stomachs again.

There are those who will not support another movement, at least not anytime soon. The convoy left them feeling defeated and alone, again. There are those that took time away from work and families to follow these clumsy organizers across the country and they expected to go into D.C. to make a stand. That stand never came and now they have sacrificed a great deal only to be left with nothing to show for it.

There are those on the right who donated for the first time to any movement, the convoy took their money alright, but did they get what they paid for? I think not. This convoy took the conservative base and shredded some off the top. In that way they did more damage than good. We have been weakened, some of our ranks are now thinner. To clarify once again. I am proud of those truckers who took this stand with the convoy. They are great patriots. I find no fault in them or their deeds and I give them all my respect. I don’t hate Brian Brase or any of the other leaders or participants. I have no hate in my heart for anyone involved here. I hate the drink, not the drinker so to speak. I think they were in over their heads from the beginning and didn’t want to admit it. I believe it was started with good intentions, although the history of previous truck convoy protests makes me wonder if this wasn’t the plan all along once they got one that worked. Maybe they never planned to go into D.C., maybe they planned it just how it happened. Camp out and see what happens with the donations. Then when they get thin, head back to Cali to go to a previously scheduled protest and start making their appearances. The first of many, I’m sure. We will see what happens, but it’s clear to me. They blew this chance, and I don’t believe they will ever get that level of support back. I don’t think they deserve it anyway, they failed and left for an easier to chew state government in an effort to stay relevant long enough to make a career of it. I can’t fault them for that. I just wish there was more honesty. They were playing with the hearts of patriots all over this country. I am not sure they knew, and if they did maybe they didn’t consider it when planning.

I know I sound angry because I am angry. This could have been so much more. I believed this was just the beginning, who knew the end would come so soon, and so quietly too. Like a thief in the night they stole hope from the people when they tried to create it. Godspeed Patriots

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Austin Skidmore
Apr 02, 2022

This Thessalonian reference to my return (For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night) is a gross misuse of my image and an unsightly abomination unto the lord.

Apr 02, 2022
Replying to


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