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A Shining City with Rolling Blackouts....

Once the shining city on a hill, her white picket fences, and all-around success something that other countries used to marvel at. Now has become a debt ridden, morally bankrupted cesspool of a nation. One who murders her own children in the womb and places insurmountable, debt on each citizen. The debt per citizen currently sits at $84,681.00, that's right, your kids owe the government 84k and it is only rising. That should make you mad, that should make us all very mad.

If I reached into your bank account and STOLE 84K, you would be mad. If you saw me doing that to each of your children, your mother, father, grand kids, you would be furious. Yet we as Americans continue down a road of complacency and digital binkies. More concerned with likes than really anything else. We don’t know our history, and we don’t know God, and we certainly aren’t going to organize well enough to fight the corruption and stop the spending.

Are our best days behind us? Are we supposed to just roll over and accept that the federal government is committing treasonous acts? That the Supreme Court is hardly Supreme? And that the installed, not elected “president” is ruling as a dictator with executive order after executive order. Meanwhile we all know this man gets lost walking off stage, so who is really running the country? Susan Rice? Obama? Soros? Gates?

We as Conservative Americans need to stand up together else, we will be picked off apart. The 1st Amendment is under serious assault, I am not sure it exists anymore but in a few small arenas still covered by the Constitution that are not usurped by big tech. Once they have successfully made 1A moot, they will move on to any others that stand in the way of a socialist America.

“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism until one day they will awaken to find they have communism.”

Nikita Khrushchev – 1959

It would seem that the old communist was correct, each day we wake up and the government, (not the people), has become more and more socialist. At some point, we will hit the point of no return. That point will be here before the 2022 elections.

Establishment RINO’s want you to focus on the 2022 mid-term elections. Forget about what happened on November 3rd and the following days. That’s the point though, we can’t trust our “elections” anymore, and our elected representatives don’t listen to us. All the while continuing to pass unconstitutional pork filled laws and signing unconstitutional executive orders. To me it sounds like taxation without representation. To me it sounds like we are about to lose our country forever. We may get some back, but to much damage is being done. Treasonous damage…

So, what do we do? Well, first things first.

1. The Constitution - Familiarize ourselves with the Constitution, a basic understanding of this document is important to know as Americans.

2. Know Your Stuff – Understand the conservative platform and be able to defend it. We have a great platform, but we forgot to charge the blow-horn. The right has been horrible at getting its message and beliefs out. If people hear and understand our positions and the facts that support it, they will more often than not start moving towards the right.

3. Be Prepared – If 2020 and so far, 2021 have taught us anything, it is that anything can happen. “Preppers” used to be called crazy, now their planning is starting to make sense. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help anyone else. This includes security measures and self-defense tools as well. Everyone thought Noah was crazy too! 😊

4. Be Ready – As Americans we should always be ready to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Especially those of us who have taken the oath.

5. Watch Closely – No one can stay on top of every news story, that is one of the things the left counts on. So pick a few areas and get to know them well. I suggest the 1st and 2nd Amendments for starters. We should ALL be watching those.

6. Communications - Keep a communication line with fellow patriots. A primary as well as some other different lines. Hopefully, a local plan is in place for different situations. If there is not, help create one.

The day is coming where the American Patriot will be called up again. Will you be ready to answer the call?

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