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“America, the Establishment, and the Great Reset.” - pt.2

The Great Reset : The U.S. Economy

You need to be miserable. You need to be beaten down, at the end of your rope, desperate. Then government can come in with their central planning policies and you will welcome them. When energy prices are so high that you can no longer keep your home warm, you will run to the warmth of government. But just like microwaved food, that warmth will fade quickly, and you will be left with a society under the control of central planners. A bureaucrat sitting in an office in a fancy government building, hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away will tell you how you will live your life. They tell you that you will own nothing, and you will like it. I can’t help but hear a bond villain somewhere laughing.

Burn it all down and make way for their utopia, that is the goal. The Great Reset is not appetizing to America, or really most of the world and that’s why it isn’t in practice just yet. So, they need to make it so, but they can’t do that by showing you how great it will be, because it won’t be for most people. To make it more appetizing they increase the pressure on the people by way of executive orders, policy, market manipulation, spending, and taxes.

The government does all these things while at the same time pointing the finger at others. Greatly, and purposefully influencing all these areas in a negative way.

Raise inflation, raise gas prices, raise electricity prices, print money, create unemployment, and manipulate interest rates.

On purpose gas prices are being pushed higher and higher

On purpose government is spending trillions on all their pet projects and calling it “human infrastructure”.

Human infrastructure? What exactly is that really? It sounds a lot like re-education, or conditioning of the population to me.

So, The Great Reset, what is it? And what are we resetting? I will address this further, in this who knows how many part series in an attempt to show all the ways America is suffering death by 1,000 cuts.

Klaus “bond villain” Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, and their many corporate supporters want to usher in a new world economy. One the elites have more control over it, as well as you. One of the main obstacles in their way is the pesky U.S. economy and Capitalism. Even the weakened and sabotaged form of Capitalism that we practice. Crony Capitalism, or Cronyism is more up their alley. The U.S. economy must be brought to its knees, which will bring down the American population and the rest of the country with it. There are many ways that they can and currently are moving their plans forward to accomplish that goal. It is a game of Death by 1,000 cuts rather than by one large death blow. Add some regulations here, raise taxes there, imposing mandates, fines, and much more are currently being used to poison the bloodstream of the American Economy.

One of the sneaky tactics they are using are called ESG’s. ESG’S or Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibility. There are many moving parts and ESG’s are just one tool they are using to push this agenda and help choke America out of its global leadership position. ESG policy looks to force companies to take political positions on issues that have nothing to do with that company’s business. This is essentially a way to virtue signal while pressuring corporations to act against the interests of the shareholders in favor of the “stakeholders”. Essentially extorting funds for the woke mobs. I’m sorry, I meant “stakeholders”, their word, not mine. Stakeholder capitalism is one where business no longer work only for their shareholders. Now they must consider the economy outside of what effects them, no longer can profits for shareholders be the top priority and by extension what keeps them running and profitable. Other things must be considered when making decisions withing and concerning the company, such as The State, society, financial markets, financial markets, banks, community groups, social organizations, and more. The goal, “creating long-term value not only for shareholders but also for customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and others”. Well, isn’t that special…

“We should seize this moment to ensure that stakeholder capitalism remains the new dominant model.”

In 2013 Operation Chokepoint was started by the Obama administration. It was for the FDIC, and I QUOTE “to freeze politically disfavored businesses out of the financial system”. This was essentially to choke businesses that didn’t toe the woke line. Or to be more specific, businesses who don’t comply and endorse the woke mafia. If you do not comply, banks will stop doing business with you because their FDIC insurance will be in jeopardy. Essentially it is a social credit score for businesses, if your score is low, good luck staying in business. The framework for this is already in place ready to be utilized.

Keep in mind however, this is not the time to panic, it is a time to familiarize yourself with what the enemy is doing. We need to know it well enough that we can explain it to someone else. Then we need to know how to beat it, and that will be done locally.

Now, I want to try to focus in on all the policies, executive orders, and other means that the Federal Government is using to purposefully hurt America and to help usher in the globalists.

Please understand that the Great Reset requires that America falls. For America to fall, a collapse of 4 areas of our society must be orchestrated. They cannot move forward with the Great Reset without America under their boot-heel, and they can’t get us under their boot-heel while enough of the people refuse to lay down. America is truly the last hope of the world, the brightest and only lighthouse to shine and expose the sea of corruption surrounding us all. Dictators, communism, oppression, persecution, social justice, and on and on.

So, they need to orchestrate Americas fall. No longer the world’s only superpower, no longer the most charitable nation on earth, it isn’t charity when your wealth is stripped from you. America must be punished for showing the world that freedom and liberty work for the people, not for the tyrants.

Orchestrate - arrange or direct the elements of (a situation) to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.

So, what areas need to collapse or control?

How will they accomplish this? For the Great Reset to take place, they need to collapse the U.S. Economy and change society. Covid, (an engineered crisis being used as a trigger for the reset), has presented them with the opportunity to really push these ideas.

America can fight off this globalist agenda, but we need to be united. Which means we need to be informed, not patronized and controlled by the media, big tech, and the federal government. When presented with the facts, people will almost always come down on the side of Freedom and Liberty. The problem is, no one has put these things all together in an easy to swallow red pill. We are fixing to change that in the upcoming parts to this series.


... part 3 coming soon!

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If you think anyone in government truly cares about your life, you are sadly mistaken. You are nothing more than a slave or surf, allowed to work and survive as long as you don't make waves.

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