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Foreign and Domestic?

Everyone has their limit. We all have lines we won’t cross under any circumstances. There has been a battle for the future of America going on for hundreds of years. Conservatives have been taking a beating recently, however there is reason for hope. The left has exposed itself, and while it is just beginning, I believe the momentum has begun to swing back to the side of liberty. We must continue the fight, The Biden presidency has been such a train wreck that even the left is starting to notice. They will soon begin to panic and they will push back again, we must hold the line.

To those of you who share our conservative beliefs but have not yet made your voice heard. It is your time now; you must stand up. Who do you think they will come for after we have been dispatched? They will come for you. Your property, your reputation, your freedom, and your liberty. They will strip you of your dignity and have you living on your knees after we have long since died on our feet. Figuratively or literally, that will happen. There will be a day you remember these moments, in this time. Will it be with pride or regret?

Stand up for America as there is no doubt America has stood up for you, directly or indirectly you have benefitted from this place. You owe her.

The leftists are closer to their goal than ever before, however the momentum has begun to swing to our side. Now is not the time to grow complacent, the left being in charge for 2 years may be the best thing that has happened to America in a long time. It has truly caused an awakening. The left hasn’t screwed anything up. They have done what they wanted with almost no resistance. Hell, sometimes the Republicants and Mitch McConnell even help the left with their anti-American agenda.

Now is the time to expose them and get them removed from office by vote or by resignation and arrest. Those that have broken laws and committed treasonous acts must be prosecuted in the people’s court of law, not in the one where the rich and powerful never really pay a price or spend any considerable time in jail. This is needed to restore any sort of trust in our government, as it stands right now, there is none.

We must purge American government of these evil ideas and power-hungry bureaucrats. They use issues to split the country and keep us hating one another. Then we never really turn our attention to them.

Like Equality vs. Equity.

Capitalism vs. Communism

Individual liberties vs. Government control

Legitimate elections vs. Continued election fraud

The government and the media often work together to control the narrative and the way that people feel about a particular issue by controlling the information the public sees. By doing this they can make something up, then tell the media. The media then reports it as a legitimate story to all the useful idiots out there. Just like how President Trump was briefed that they were investigating the Steele dossier, (even though they knew it to be false). This was so they could then go directly to CNN to let them know Trump was briefed, shortly after CNN reported on the story. They did this to make it look legitimate when it was not. While these things are going on they push division so people don’t notice what the other hand is doing so to speak.

Family vs. Government

Parents vs. Schools

Black vs. White

Rich vs. Poor

Vaccinated vs. Unvaxxed

Democrats vs. Republicans (or at least that is the show they put on for the people, most of them are on the same team)

Mask vs. no mask

People vs. Police

They have used covid to attack our liberties and push a radical agenda.

They tried to make DC a state because it would bring them 2 more senate seats. They want to end the filibuster, pack the court, end the electoral college, restrict your gun rights, destroy executive privilege, use covid to permanently change America, use schools as propaganda tools, shred the constitution, and so much more.

You have to give it to them though. They broke records all over the place. Yes indeed, they brought us record crime, record illegal immigration, record inflation, record fentanyl deaths, record money made by the cartels and human smugglers, (1 Billion in December), and counting!

Even the Washington Post did a story on the 10 worst things Biden did in 2021. There is a link to that article here. Some things that made the list from this liberal paper are;

10. He canceled Operation Legend amid a record crime wave in U.S. cities.

8. In the midst of a historic labor shortage, he pushed vaccine mandates.

4. He unleashed the worst border crisis in U.S. history.

3. His $1.9 trillion in social spending disguised as “covid-19 relief” helped unleash inflation and extreme labor shortages.

1.His withdraw from Afghanistan was the most shameful foreign policy calamity in my lifetime.

The fact that this came from the Washington Post tells me there is hope, even the left is seeing the light. The results from the democrats policies have been so atrocious, and so obvious to the American people, that there is no way to defend them, or even ignore them, and still be considered a serious news organization. Inflation can be a death sentence to a presidency and sometimes a whole political party, at least for decades. The only reason the people did not start standing up earlier was because of the media’s crowd control coverage.

We cannot allow America to slip away, or it will be gone forever. We are the land of opportunity, the last great hope of the world. We are freedoms last stand, will liberty die on our watch? What kind of America will our children live in? Will our grandchildren know freedom or fascism?

They are closer to their goal than they have ever been before. We need to make this last hard push back to our constitutional roots over these next few years. Let’s do what we can to ensure that our children and grandchildren are able to have the same freedoms as we have, rather than having to tread through life dragging the heavy chains of socialism. Shackled to them by a generation of people lulled to sleep by fake news and social media. So distracted that they don’t feel the chains being locked, so clueless and conditioned they don’t even realize they agreed, even asked to put them on. They are locking the lock, and they are dooming us all. This is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, it is a pandemic of the undiscerning.

Maybe a Pandemic of the useful idiots?

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