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Great Reset pt.3

Death by 1,000 cuts. There is not one ore two issues that are being used to push America to its knees. There are many, each one does its own part. Much like on a football team, each player is told to do their job. If they do that they will win. It is the same with the great reset. Each issue does what it was intended to do and nothing more.

For a better understanding of this I recommend taking a closer look at the work of Cloward and Piven strategy, their method for bringing down America by overburdening its government financially so it would collapse inward upon itself. From those ashes a new socialist Amerika would be born. I also recommend taking a look at Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”, specifically his list of rules.

Road to the Great Reset…

1. Collapse or control the U.S. economy

a. Covid

i. Use Covid regulations and mandate people and small businesses out of work and out of business. Keep in mind just about half of all Americans are employed by a small business, and about 38% were forced to close nationwide. Think of the effect on the economy just from these unconstitutional mandates.

1. Forced “temporary” government closures for businesses

a. Small business sustaining income stopped instantly – causes layoffs, shortened hours, and business closures

b. Small business jobs dried up adding to the unemployment rolls

i. Government started paying people more to stay home

ii. The federal government introduced “Extended Benefits” to allow people to stay on the couch for an additional 13 weeks

iii. Some states offered an additional 7 weeks, bringing the total time someone could stay on unemployment, and therefore out of the workforce, to 46 weeks. It is even longer in some states.

b. Mask and “Vaccine” mandates

i. Mask mandates were used as a test on the public. How will we comply? They knew masks for the most part do nothing, the science on that is/was clear, yet they mandated them anyway, and they still do. If the reason isn’t health, then what is it?

1. Cause confusion, anger, and fear

2. Divide parents – Caused anger, and fighting between pro and anti maskers.

3. Pull more parents from the workforce with virtual school

ii. Vaccine mandates

1. Force people out of work – Grow unemployment

a. Drives down production, transportation, and all other parts of the economy.

2. They divide the people

a. Mandates keep us fighting amongst ourselves while the government is moving on its own interests and not those of the people

b. Feeds the idea that people don’t care about people. “President” Biden has called it the Pandemic of the unvaccinated many times. This helps to create and validate feelings of fear and anger towards others. A natural reaction when you have been convinced that someone else is trying to hurt your child.

3. They slow the economy even further

a. Mandates have and still are causing business closures

b. Raise unemployment

c. Lower citizen morale and expectations

d. Further burden an overwhelmed economy

e. Causes empty shelves

f. Higher prices for essentially everything

c. Collapse U.S. financial systems

i. Collapse Capitalism

1. This is almost complete. To be honest most of us have never experienced true Capitalism, unleashed to its full potential. It has been handcuffed and beaten down by the rod of government and the chains of regulation.

ii. Spend, spend, spend – Right into financial ruin, then blame the Capitalism that was handcuffed and limited by regulations, claim a new “fairer” system is needed and the people will be so desperate, they will welcome socialism.

iii. Create Hyper-Inflation

1. This is the left and big governments favorite tax. Instead of just outright taxing you, they print money and spend it. That money never enters the economy, and it makes the money in your pocket worth less. You see they are just printing paper with ink on it, they can’t print actual wealth. The government doesn’t create wealth, it only takes from you. Inflation is a direct result of government actions and irresponsible tax and spending.

iv. Create a labor shortage

1. Unemployment benefits

a. Extend the amount of time someone can collect unemployment

b. Raise the amount paid out so as to compete or be higher than worker’s previous pay

c. Keep mandates in place- They used the media to sway public opinion on masks and vaccines and had useful idiots out there shaming and even committing violence against people who didn’t willfully give up their liberty.

i. Mandates slow production, add to the drain on government, lower morale, cause infighting, increase unemployment

1. These effects are felt in other ways, such as addiction, overdoses, suicides, divorces, bankruptcy, depression, business closures, less jobs available, and more.

v. Digital currency – Abolish cash, track private spending

1. Instituting a digital currency allows the government to track every penny you spend. Privacy will be a thing of the past, you will have to explain where your money went, and why. Get ready to hear things like, “I’m sorry, we can’t approve this government loan because you spent money in a gun store last week”. They are already working towards eliminating local banks for federally controlled entities.

2. Institute a social credit score system – don’t buy things that make the government nervous or you will be restricted and/or imprisoned by your SCS. Re-education camps anyone?

a. Social credit scores are already in use in China and are quite scary. They offer the government more control over your life, especially if you aren’t a good little citizen. Then they will be able to ration your food, control what you can and cannot do, where you can go, who you can see, what you can do for employment. Better not speak out against big government.

b. Create incentives for participating and disincentives for not participating. – Eventually it will be mandatory.

vi. Wealth Redistribution

1. Add and grow government social programs to help deplete the Treasury and devalue the dollar. Having done this for way over 50 years now, the population has been conditioned to accept government playing their own version of Robin Hood, the character, not the app. Help collapse the system by exponentially growing the welfare system, healthcare, and in turn causing fiscal disruption in local and state governments.

a. Provide cradle to grave social services, this makes the population more dependent on government, which in turn gives them power over your life.

i. “Free” day Care, preschool, healthcare, guaranteed basic incomes, housing, utilities, food, and more.

1. More and more government dependence and control over your life and choices, such as whether to get a vaccine or not. I wonder if this would effect your social credit score.

2. Raising Taxes

a. With all these new programs, we will of course need to pay “our fair share”. Taxes will continue to go up, causing people to spend less and save more, which will further weaken the economy.

i. A quick note on taxes. If people paid their taxes in a lump sum once a year like they used to, they would pay more attention to it.

1. Also, when they say taxes won’t go up for you if you make less than $400,000 a year. Then they turn around and raise gas taxes, Most people don’t realize how much the government is really taxing them. It isn’t just that little bit from your paycheck, and they aren’t giving you money back in the spring, that was always yours.

2. Divide the people – Then keep them distracted

a. Divide us over race – this has been a favorite of the race baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson. However, the tactic in general is used for many issues and on many groups of people. It gets us focusing on our differences, retracting to our perspective groups, and being less engaged

b. Divide men vs. women

i. Using the perfectly reasonable differences between men and women’s pay in the workforce they push the false argument that women don’t make as much as men, but they leave a boatload of important and contributing information that explains the logic behind it very well. Jordan Peterson does a wonderful job of explaining that.

ii. Gender identity drives a wedge between the sexes. Any logical person understands there are 2 genders. By trying to treat an actual girl, the same as a boy in a dress, they claim they are being compassionate to the boy. However, by doing so they validate and even promote the mental disorder the boy is suffering from. Then they claim this insanity is really heroism and bravery. It also hurts the girl, in the locker room, on the field, and even in recognition and achievement when the dudes tuck their junk and steal medals from women’s sports.

iii. Mash the sexes together. Don’t ya know, men can have babies now. It is amazing! Or is it just a pregnant woman who decided to feed her insanity by claiming to be a pregnant man. Oh goodie! Something else to argue about!

c. Divide religious and secular cultures

i. Divide the church on mask or no masks, vax or no vax, policy, additional burdens

d. Divide the mask vs the unmasked

i. This ridiculous mandate had people fighting in stores and other public places, it had people being arrested, – further splintering the country and causing hate for the other side

e. Divide the vaccinated against the un-vaxxed

i. Ignoring the real numbers, the “President” has claimed on many occasions that this is a “pandemic of the un-vaccinated”, as have many of his cronies on the left, media included. This stokes hate between the groups and helps to push the narrative that un-vaxxed are the dregs of society. We are the unwashed, and we are getting everyone else sick. The statistics do not support this line of thinking, but they prefer “truth over facts”.

ii. Those in power have been painting the un-vaxxed as traitors, racists, bigots, and many other titles. They encourage and embolden the useful idiots to act with violence and sometimes worse.

iii. Further divides even families apart.

1. Separation from our nursing home family

a. This cause unknown loneliness and suffering to the elderly who were forced to walk the last few days of their journey alone.

2. Lockdowns and then fear preventing families and friends from getting together.

a. Increased loneliness, depression, drug use and overdoses, suicides and who knows what else – most importantly it divided

f. Divide the people and police – see below 3. Federalizing Police

g. Divide us from our faith

i. Lockdowns cancelled church services

3. Federalize policing

a. Villainize police to turn support away from them

b. Convict them in the court of public opinion, (both president Obama and Biden have done this in public), before they can speak.

c. Publicly dox, post a picture, and threaten a police officer like LeBron James did with no consequences. Allowing these things with no consequences further conditions the public to dislike police and normalize the behavior.

d. Once local police have been vilified, morale is low, and numbers dwindle, they will begin to make the argument why they think a federal police force is needed. The trustworthy Federal Government will take over policing. Don’t step out of line with the agenda or you could be visited by these brownshirts, maybe re-educated in a government camp somewhere if you are lucky. Just don’t be late for the train, and pack light, everything will be provided to you.

4. Take over health care

a. Pass Obama care. Just a reminder, they passed that very late in the night on Christmas Eve, 2009.

b. Current and future legislation – “Build Back Better”

5. Damage Americas reputation on the world stage

a. Afghanistan Withdrawal – Severely damaged U.S. reputation around the world. Presenting the narrative that America is no longer to be trusted, and certainly no longer a superpower. There is no room for American exceptionalism in the new modern, secular, and socialist society.

i. Abandoned allies

ii. Abandoned citizens

ii. $85,000,000,000 in military equipment to Taliban

iv. We are at the Talibans mercy rather than having them pacified and waiting in a corner until we left on our own terms

v. We still have Americans there

There are more, we are working on a graphic to better illustrate the way all these things, and more, are connected. Part 4 will focus on how we move forward, and win! Outline form isn't exactly the easiest read. Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!

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Nov 21, 2021

Sad, but this is exactly what has been allowed to happen, is there a good side like you hear about Trump or Q? Or are they really just a different part of the same group keeping us waiting so we don't retaliate before they can gain control 🤔

Nov 21, 2021
Replying to

I'm at the point of questioning everything and trusting no one


Nov 21, 2021

Perfectly said

Nov 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!

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