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If Men Were Angels

The convoy is in route, and I’ve been surprised a few times this week by people who were not aware of the convoys. At a donation site we were helping at I spoke with a very patriotic police officer. When we told him what we were doing he asked if it was for the Canadian Convoy. He had no idea the People’s Convoy exists. This means the message is not getting out. People have told me they even think this is fake. The media, which is a greater threat to America most anything else, has told lies or not spoken about it at all. Soon they will frame the truckers as a nuisance, and then as criminals, just as they did in Canada. They are still being pursued by their tyrannical leaders.

That said, I believe excessive caution must be utilized. We are playing the governments game, and they are well practiced. Their tactics are effective, and they have worked before. Their tactics also work best on an uninformed public. A public that has been kept in the dark, or worse yet, given false light. The ones that haven’t already been trained to live in a blissful ignorance while they chase things that mean nothing. Things that have been given a factitious and synthetic value by someone else. So instead of critical thinking about something, they have been conditioned to accept what they are told, and they have been trained to be passive, timid, and when needed useful idiots.

Government has all the tools.

Public Trust - They have the public trust from those not engaged and therefore useful idiots willing to fight for their manufactured goals, their artificial patriotism keeps them believing they are on the right side, when really, they are just on a different section of the same tyrannical sideline. When the government is patting you on your back, you may want to reevaluate your actions.

The Media – The media is no longer a check on the government for the people like it was supposed to be. They have become part of it. Willingly reporting any false stories needed to support the leftist narrative and keep the ball moving in their direction. They have had the wind at their backs for far to long. That wind is the people, and it must fly in their face. They must be made to play into the wind rather than with it, and we achieve that only when enough unplug from the media as well as state sponsored “education” and start thinking on our own. Provide the people the facts, and they will understand and make the choices best for them and in turn America. What’s good for the people is good for the country. What is good for the likes of the World Economic Forum, or the federal government will bring us to our collective knees if we don’t put down the screens and wipe the scales that have formed on our eyes, our children Awill be doomed to a future that we have made dark.

Unlimited Resources - They operate on a budget of unlimited resources, resources stolen from the citizens at gunpoint. If that sounds crazy, just don’t pay your taxes. It will get there quickly. They steal money, they print money, they control the money. There are even nations pushing to institute a digital currency that can be controlled by them. Meaning when you go to a protest they don’t approve of, they can act as our tyrannical neighbors to the north in the Canadian government recently just did by freezing personal and business accounts of peaceful protesters. Some still sit in jail cells. Essentially if you step out of the state sponsored line, you will be punished severely. It won’t be long after that dissenter will simply start to disappear. And why not? They now have absolute power and believe they can make choices for you better than you can for yourself.

Reagan warned us about that on October 27th, 1964 when he said in his amazing speech the following words.

“This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”

This fight has been going on for hundreds of years. Essentially since the signing of the Constitution there have been bad actors working to sabotage America. This is not new ground for them, it is new ground for us. They have been through this many times, and they have perfected their tactics. Much like Goliath, the giant can be slain. All we need is to trust in our divinely inspired Constitution. It provides us all we need to win this battle to restore our republic.

The government can’t control itself. Therefore the press is important to be the peoples check on the government. However, they no longer perform that duty as they have been coerced into believing they are accepted by the self-named “elite class” and not just a tool to them.

Consider that there is no government that is good. At best it can be considered a necessary evil and at its worst a tyrannical behemoth with unlimited control over our lives. If that sounds like an exaggeration to you, please look at China, or Venezuela, or any number of other countries that started down the road to their own suicide, communism. In 1993 the Venezuela was the 3rd richest country in their hemisphere. They were the second largest purchasers of Ford F-150s. One short generation later they are in a civil war with unarmed citizens being massacred by their own government. And starving people eating their own pets to survive.

That is a good example of what a tyrannical government can do. It can make your pet look more like a meal to you.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Back to the topic at hand.

Clearly, I believe in reference to the U.S. Convoys there are more moving parts to this than most people realize. Moving parts that can damage reputations, end careers, and worse. Just a few axes that the machine swings at its own people who might walk to another beat or may even fall out of formation sometimes. Typically, these people are the critical thinkers. Interestingly the founders have more in common with those folks than the redcoats who move in a rigid formation. No different than the other, moving and acting as one, no one stands out. No one fails, or rather no one excels, if they do, they will be forced back in line or eliminated like a broken part. Replaced with a newer, younger, more agreeable replacement. They want us mimicking the parts in a machine rather than behaving as a soul with free will.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. Sounds wonderful until you realize it is a mirage. Karl Marx made that slogan popular in 1875. The idea is that we would all get “free” access to goods, products, property, and services. They don’t mention you have to give away your liberty first before becoming part of the machine. Not to mention most of your money, your ability to make your own choices, a large part if not all your freedom, and your spirit.

Everywhere I look I see history repeating itself. Whether that is the slow slide into socialism and then communism by a nation, or the eerie similarities between Hitler and Germany of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s to Putin and what he is doing, as well as why he is doing it. The so-called elites all across the world are aware that their window is closing faster than they had expected. That means their plans get sloppier while they are carried out with added urgency. The Overton Window is closing, and they are watching the world wake up, much like in the movies, just before the bond villains institute changes that will be almost impossible to break away from. Social credit scores, digital currency, all things that increase their power and control over the people.

The truckers of Canada, and now the world have sounded the alarm, and the people are finally hearing it. We must support the movement; it is the last stand of freedom and they know it. They are working harder than ever to stop it. If this battle is lost, so goes the light of liberty that shines across the world. Extinguished by its own people’s pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

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Someone said to me the other day, "I can't stand what these truckers are doing, we have enough shortages and this is just going to make it worse". Well that is a short minded statement for sure. I replied they are standing up for government overreach, all these mandates are what led to these shortages and people should have the freedom to choose for themselves with advice from their personal doctor what to do.


Agreed Chipmunk. 100

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