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Just a Rant

Why are we not furious? Why are the people not out in the streets?

America is not going to make it to 2024. We might not even make it to 2022 before the leftists and communists in our government have taken us beyond the point of no return. America will still be here, but it will no longer be the land of liberty. With the fall of America, so goes the fall of liberty.

Not long ago we didn’t have these problems, and the ones we did have, were being managed well. You wouldn’t know that if you get your news from the mainstream media. Sadly, the Press, which once served the people as a check on the government, has now seemed to have formed a partnership with that same government. They were the people’s watchdog, sadly they spend most of their time now wagging the dog. They do their best to push public opinion in the direction that best serves the left. For instance, this week they will start to bury the Afghanistan disaster and tragedy under other less damaging news. Maybe they will focus on the sham and partisan Jan 6th commission. The Republicans on the committee only account for 2 and they were appointed by the democrats, not the Republicans. Seems legit.

In today’s world if you want to be accurately informed, you must search out your own information and data. You must gather that data from different and credible sources. Luckily that is easier now than it has ever been before. Yet in some ways it is much more difficult. Obviously, there are many, many more news outlets and publications than there were 100 years ago, but while the quantity has gone up, the quality has certainly gone down. Shadow banning, increases in censorship, biased “fact-checkers” and outright lies make it is hard to cut through the clutter to find accurate facts with no spin.

Speed is what matters now. With so many different news sources out there, everyone is in a race to break a story. It is no longer as important to be accurate as it is to be first. Get the clicks and make the correction later, make sure to put it at the end of the show, or on some back page of the paper. I believe the great Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase “Drive by Media”. It was a good illustration of my point. They would put a story out there that was incorrect, and then they would disappear. Only to surface again a day or a week later to correct the story. This would be after most people had already read it, so the media got the narrative they wanted out, and in the end can say they made a correction because technically they did, even if nobody saw it. The consumer would take in the news story, digest it, and then begin to regurgitate that narrative wherever they could. Ill-informed people feel informed and they want people to know! It doesn’t matter which platform it came from, print, tv, internet, and so on. They would effectively read the headline and accept it. Then march out and continue to push the narrative until a new one is produced

Public confidence in the news is dismal, and I don’t think anyone is surprised at that.

So be sure not to trust everything you read. If something seems fishy, it probably is. Often times we stay in our echo chamber; we only hear the same viewpoints over and over. It is important to listen to the other side as well. If you keep an open mind, you may learn something or even change your opinions. It also sets a good example, and if nothing else, helps us to understand each other a little better.

All that aside, why is America not in an uproar? Not Republicans or Democrats, I am asking why AMERICANS are not in an uproar. Afghanistan has become a home for terrorists again, the people there once again live in fear and persecution. Women are being punished for receiving an education, 12-year-old girls are being ripped right out of their mothers’ arms to be made a child bride to a Taliban caveman that is stuck in the 14th century.

Afghanistan allies are being hunted down with the intel provided by America. Did you hear that? Intel provided by America. Americans were left behind, there will be hostages, there will be more violence perpetrated against abandoned Americans on the ground there as well as the Afghan women and girls. The pentagon has been caught lying about this, the State dept has been caught lying about this, the President has been caught lying about this. Yet the media is mostly silent, some even touting this debacle as a success. Pushing the public opinion where they want it.

The damage that has been done to this country is already incredible, we are moving into territory that will take a revolution to correct. And I don’t mean a civil war, I mean a revolution.

Out there in the world our reputation is stained, our military morale is low, our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us. Weakness invites aggression and a weak America emboldens terrorists as well as enemies like the CCP, Russia, Iran, North Korea and so on.

Here at home, America is burning. Energy prices are skyrocketing, inflation rising at an alarming rate, the southern border is its own full-fledged crisis, and has been for 7 months. Actually, it isn’t a crisis; it is an invasion, and invasion welcomed and encouraged by the frail and confused puppet in the Oval Office.

Landlords are forced to provide free room and board to their tenants, but their mortgages are still due. It is an absolute train wreck what is happening to this country.

The dismantling of America is almost complete. Those who will not get in line will be trampled under the boot heel of the state. Will we look back on these days with regret as we tell our grandchildren about when we walked as free people? Undoubtedly they won’t understand, as they will have never experienced it. It is because of that fact they won’t be willing to fight for it. It would seem that we are the ones who need to step up and sacrifice our own lives, fortunes, and sacred honor so that our grandchildren will walk as free people. It reminds me of a quote from Patrick Henry.

“They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.” Patrick Henry

We used to fight for America. Being patriotic was just the way back then. We were proud, and more importantly we knew how lucky we were just to be born in this God planted nation. To be accused of being a communist was devastating, now these antifa children wear Che Guevara shirts while they assault people from behind in the street and claim to be anti-fascist. It is a joke, and the population has been so dumbed down that they don’t even see what is going on around them, and the ones that do are to scared to move, they sit, shut inside their home, playing video games and waiting for the government check that pays them not to work.

America is in turmoil, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, are under attack. We must defend them or they will be completely dismantled. America will not die, but they are attempting a transformation, and they are winning.

Speaking of winning, remember; Weakness invites aggression. Russia and China are posturing, with a weak America the world is a scary place. Yet continue to spend trillion after trillion, (that is TWELVE zeros), all the while inflation is climbing fast, and we continue to bury ourselves in debt. Have no doubt, these things have been done purposefully. These things are no accident. The goal is to crush America under the weight of its own debt and rebuild it as a socialist utopia. If you are familiar with history and some of the left’s favorite authors, well, they spell it out clearly. If you aren’t familiar, please check out Cloward and Piven’s writings. Or Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals” , that will give you some insight on the lefts methods of imposing its will and discrediting opposition. At that point China takes the world’s leading position and America falls and falls.

We the people must not let that stand. We must come together and take control of this corrupt government that is filled with traitors and tyrants. Let us throw off such a government and reorganize it for the people and by the people, and following the Constitution. Let us force the traitors and tyrants in our government to defend themselves in court, and if found guilty of treason, let the sentence be carried out swiftly, and publicly. All these things must be done by the book and without prejudice. Fair and lawful treatment and tactics.

We used to be a nation of laws; we have become a nation of lawlessness. May God have mercy on America.

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3 comentarios

12 sept 2021


Me gusta
12 sept 2021
Contestando a

Thanks Scott! And thanks for being here. Much appreciated.

Me gusta

07 sept 2021

People are pissed, but they keep being told someone is working the inside so we can stay civilized and continue to work. They are trying to find avenues that are legal. They are homeschooling their kids or fighting their school boards. They want to fight better than the freeloading rioters

Me gusta
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