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Know, Seek, Preach. The Great Reset pt.4

I don’t have a PhD, or Md after my name. When I look around at what America’s government has become, I am saddened. We call them leaders, but they are not leaders at all. North Korea has a leader, Iran has a leader, China has a leader. We have public servants, although it is hard to tell the difference sometimes.

I do often wonder; how can anyone look around at the things going on in our government and not be angry. They lie, cheat and steal, and now they do it out in the open! With the media on their side, they can get away with more because simply put, the people don’t know because those things aren’t reported. They enact policies that clearly and directly contradict their oath of office. They allow the Constitution which they are sworn to protect, they allow it to be ripped to shreds, as long as their pockets get lined, or they have more power granted to them. This must change, it is a poison in our representation.

People are asking us what to do. The fact is there is not simply one answer. This battle is being fought across many different areas, there are many answers to combat this destruction of America. If we the people fought back together, we cannot be beaten. The problem is people are less informed now than ever before. Hypnotized by technology of all kinds, essentially pacified. We have lost the will to fight, but even worse, some have forgotten why we fight.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it's never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.” Ronald Reagan

The dumbing down of the American population has been ongoing for over 50 years now. The slow removal of religion from the public square, the demonization of the congregations to make religious views to be deemed as hateful or hate speech in many instances. Effectively silencing the religious leaders that we have always and should be looking for guidance.

There is one answer. Resist do not comply with their power grabbing mandates. Do not listen when they lie and say kids need vaccinated, they do not. Parents need to do their own research when it comes to things as important as injecting their child with an experimental, emergency authorized, NOT FDA approved, (as if that means much), “vaccine”. By the way, they changed the definition of vaccine, so they could still call it a vaccine. All that for a virus that kills less children in 18 months than the flu did in only the 2019 flu season, which is about 4 months, December – March. More children die from drowning than covid, why do we not mandate life preservers?

We must fight them individually.

When they tell you that you must “turn the page” from the still hundreds of people that we left behind in Afghanistan, (and the U.S. government actively worked against groups trying to evacuate Americans and American friends). Do not turn the page, talk about it, post about it and help to fight the media blackout. Make them talk about it.

They use this tactic to help push to the next narrative.

Those of us who are informed, we need to spread our message, but we must spread it with the right method. We can’t educate people with hate or ridicule. We just need to keep the truth out there, if we banded together, we can accomplish this. This is a little of what we try to do at MagAmericans, not only do we work to support and promote the policies during the Trump presidency that made America great again in so many different areas. We keep the truth out there; we keep the facts circulating. We can drown out the silence of the national media which often feels like it is state run. The press are no longer part of the people. They have moved on to become part of the elite class that they are supposed to honestly report on and be a check on the government for the people. No longer does the press represent truth, no longer does it have any integrity. It is closer to a propaganda arm run by the state.

When it comes to the border, Afghanistan, Covid, the rise of energy costs, inflation, or anything else. We need to keep people informed by being able to articulate our points clearly, and with supporting facts. You plant that seed, and you walk away. You will not change a person’s mind, or they will at least not admit it for the risk or damage to their own egos and self. They must believe they oversaw their transformation to the right. They will never admit, in the heat of debate, that they are wrong, and everything they have put time and effort into believing was wrong.

For instance, the southern border. No one really talks about it anymore; most people assume the problem has been solved. They don’t realize that the border has gotten much worse because it is no longer reported. We must not turn the page until the reading is complete.

What we need to do seems clear to me.

1. Know your Rights

We should all be familiar with the Constitution and the Liberty it guarantees. Most people are not educated on the Constitution because civics has essentially been removed from public school life. When people are constantly being taught America is bad, it is only natural that they would be more welcome to changing it.

2. Seek out truth and familiarize yourself with it in such a way that you can intelligently articulate the finer points of conservatism, capitalism, or whatever the topic is.

Don’t just spit opinions at people and walk away, be able to explain your positions clearly so they are understandable and refrain from judging the other side. This usually only angers the person and makes them less receptive to your ideas. In their eyes you have diminished your credibility because you are judging people and groups rather than ideas and policy.

Nothing personal. We must stay focused on the topic and not be pushed and pulled out of our debate and into playing defense to ridiculous claims or false assumptions. When rational people’s irrational ideas are challenged, the immediate reaction is defense. They look at the opposing sides debate as an attack on their intelligence or their friends/group.

3. Preach. Preach the truth and challenge when confronted with someone or something spreading false information. Especially the false information that has an agenda behind it. Only what you can intelligently defend. Otherwise remaining silent is often the best course. When provided with enough time, the lefts arguments collapse upon themselves. Often times we rescue them from the jaws of defeat when we give them an incorrect fact or make a statement about a topic we are only slightly educated on. That gives them the opportunity to attack you with ridicule and magnify the blemish to eventually use it to discredit you personally rather than the topic being debated. Once they have successfully ridiculed you, your credibility is then damaged. Even if what they say is not true, if people are convinced the ridicule is warranted, you have lost. The strength behind your words has been sabotaged and you will no longer be taken seriously, if only for long enough to lose the interaction.

I, just like most Americans being honest with themself, can see that our government is about 80% corruption. Right now, America is the worlds piggybank. To be squeezed and plundered while those in power actively work to destroy America from within. They make choices that only make sense if you are trying to hurt America and they do it in plain sight. They used to try and hide these actions, but no longer, the people have been effectively pacified, and if you showed them that, they would probably just like and share. If they even stopped scrolling to look up they could see that America is burning around them.

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