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Rush to Defend...

The conservative side, seems colder, lonelier, emptier. The man with “Talent on Loan from God” has left this world for a better one. He is at peace, and we it seems, we are at war. At war with the left, at war with the establishment republicants, at war with those who would bring corruption to our elections, at war with shutdowns, at war with each other, and even at war with ourselves on some level or another.

Is this the end of an empire? They do all seem to have an end… Has the left won the war with the masterful way they have infiltrated our media, which was intended to be the people check on the government itself, now reduced to a propaganda machine. Spitting venom at conservatives and spewing lies for their followers to regurgitate wherever they can. That is why, when challenged with facts, most of them crumble, deflect, or personally attack us.

They have been slowly working their way into all aspects of our society and we blindly keep voting for democrat lite candidates. Nothing has changed except the left got its tentacles into our education system, into the media, and into the government.

Effectively destroying the country from the inside out. They teach our kids, they control what they watch and take in from all sources of media, (there are only 5 media companies that essentially control everything), and they make our laws, and overburden the government, with the end game of forcing a collapse so they can say Capitalism failed and move toward socialism, and essentially a public that is easy to control. This is the oversimplified explanation, but those are the basics.

We are now at the point where if you still believe in the Constitution, YOU are the extremist. If you don’t approve of men in make-up and women’s clothes, reading and dancing for our kids at PUBLIC Libraries, then YOU are the problem.

If you do not want your children learning about sodomy and other graphic things at school or learning about “The 8 White Identities” in public school, then you are a racist, (yes YOU, not the person who made this chart, seems legit), whoops, I’m sorry, they have taken it a step up since they stole the election, now we are traitors, terrorists, and nazis and need to be “reprogrammed”.

For so many of us on the right, Rush was our center. He could explain conservatism, he could make sense of things we could not make sense of. He calmed our nerves, and filled us with optimism.

Now that center is no longer there. I fear that the right will scatter to their respective corners and start arguing with each other about who has the best way forward, all the while the game is already over.

Ah but it is not over just yet, we don’t know what the future holds. While we are feeling tired and beaten down, we need to remember and do a few things.

1. Conservatives united around The Rush Limbaugh Show, about 20 million listeners a day. We MUST find a place to continue that meeting. Whether that is another show, or a social media network, or something we have not even thought of yet, we need it. We all need to be on the same page and working as one as much as possible. Real unity.

2. We must make our voices heard. If that means 75 million people head to Washington D.C. to do just that, then that is what it means. We must understand that this election was stolen from us. If you don’t yet believe that I implore you to look closely at the data. If you really look at the evidence, there is no doubt. However, the media suppressed almost all that information, major networks even cutting away from the President of the United States of America during a speech to say they won’t air lies.

3. Everyone of us should start to learn our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and defend them.

4. Pay attention to what your children are being indoctrinated with in school and fight it when needed. Where possible get your children out of the public school system altogether. Often funds for a child’s public school can be used to pay for private schools.

5. Teach American History to our kids, (and adults), and not from the books that have 6 pages on President Obama and only 1 paragraph on President Lincoln. It is important our kids know accurate American History without the liberal spin you get from most textbooks today. They also need to understand that we cannot hold men from another age up to our standards today, this is ridiculous and unfair.

Of course, I have oversimplified it to make it easier to explain. Essentially, we all need to either wake up, or we need to admit defeat and group up. Why are we not “mad as hell”? Are there no patriots left anymore? Or has the government gotten too large, too powerful to challenge? At this point there is corruption right in front of us, they don’t even hide it anymore. They do not have to…no one is looking anyway. Lost in our phones, we have become products ourselves and didn’t even notice it, nor do we care enough to turn off our shiny spying things.

Like a car alarm in a crowded mall parking lot, the alarm has been going off for years, we barely even notice it anymore…

If you ever served in the military, or as a police officer, you took an oath.

I think we as Americans, should All take this oath.

Will you, as an American take this oath right now? Our country needs you.

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; On my honor, I will never betray my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community, and the agency I serve. So help me God."

If you took the oath, I thank you, as an American, as a veteran, and as a father.

Now it is time for action. Live your days by that oath and please share this message everywhere. More to come Patriots!


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