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The Constitution's Road to Redemption

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Every single one of us. Now I’m not going to wave my finger in your face, I am ashamed of myself as well. None are innocent, we all played our parts, or rather we failed to play them.

We should be ashamed of what we have allowed this country to become. We all sat idly by while elections were stolen, while a puppet was installed as president, and while the lefts policies literally tear America apart. We all see it, but we say nothing. Sure, we might post about it, but all that does is make us feel better. Social media is a pacifier, and it makes people feel like they have done something by making a post or changing their profile picture to a color.

If we are honest with ourselves there can no longer be any doubt. They are destroying America, and they are doing it on purpose, with help and cover from the mainstream media. The only ones who can stop it are patriots, but we are splintered and divided all over social media. We have the numbers, but we are spread out. Maybe the answer to that is going to be President Trumps TruthSocial that should be up and running in early 2022. Or maybe

The left has a plan to bring America down so they can remake it as a socialist country. This plan is out in the open, Cloward and Piven, Alinsky and others have laid out the path to overwhelming the United States into collapse. Then they blame capitalism and use Alinsky tactics to silence the remaining opposition.

Look at the things the leftists have accomplished with both houses of congress and a puppet installed in the white house.

1. Raised your gas prices

2. Raised your food prices

3. Raised your energy prices

4. Attacked your Liberty

5. Attacked our economy

6. Raised unemployment

7. Shredding of the Constitution

8. Forced business closures

9. Spread and endorsed hate

10. Holds political prisoners in cruel and unusual conditions

11. Severely damaged America’s global reputation (think Afghanistan)

12. Controlled you with regulations and unconstitutional mandates

13. Purged the military

14. Encouraged illegal border crossings to new records every month with statements and policies

15. Damaged our children for control

16. Attacked parents and mobilized the FBI against them

17. Projected weakness to the world

18. Provided our enemies with help and comfort – boosted Taliban morale and provided them with an arsenal of weapons, $85 Billion worth

19. Attacked Christians

20. We bow to China

21. We bow to Russia

22. We bow to Iran

23. We bow to North Korea

24. We bow to OPEC

25. We bow to the European Union

26. We bow to the U.N.

If it wasn’t for the media carrying the water for government, it would never have gotten this far. For many decades the media has been acting as just another arm of the federal government. A propaganda arm that is used to control the information that the people are given. To control the narrative, and to ignore stories they don’t want reported on; like the border or the Maxwell trial. People are getting banned from social media like Twitter for reporting on that case daily.

It’s just silly. The left will say that prices may be going up, but so are wages. What they don’t mention is they are going up at a rate much less than inflation.

Just last week it was celebrated that gas prices had gone down 2 cents. The DCCC put out this tweet.

This is the big picture which shows what the part they don’t want you to focus on. This is such a great example.

Fake news agencies picked up the DCCC story and started pushing that gas prices had dropped. First, they essentially ignored the story as much as possible. They ignore it until they can no longer. Gas prices touch everyone, so it is a harder story to ignore, but they do their best. This is why they get away with ignoring stories on the border, or Afghanistan, but I digress. When they report on it, they try to control your information and only show you that small decrease. They believe that the American people are stupid, they think that we are stupid, they think that you are stupid. The press is supposed to be the peoples check on the government, not the governments check on the people.

Someone asked me the other day, what is the biggest threat to America. Biden, Energy prices, mainstream media, Radical Islam, the border, leftist policies, China, Russia and the list went on. I chose the media, because if we had an honest media in this country, those other threats would be easier to conquer. For instance, the border has gotten no better, yet you don’t see it in the news anymore. We still have Americans and supporters stranded in Afghanistan, you don’t see it in the news anymore. Hunter Biden is clearly guilty of horrible crimes, but you don’t see that in the news either.

We are now groveling at the feet of OPEC, (they hate us), for the lifeblood of our economy. Giving other nations control over America.

So we need someone to stand up and take the lead, but who? We look around at the other guy. Surely, he is the one who will stand so it is easier for the rest of us? No? Not that one either huh? So, you scan the room. It has to be someone willing to lose everything, because that very well may happen. We may need a few to be ruined to motivate the masses to courage. It seems we have no one to step forward.

Who is going to stand up? Does it need to be someone of prominence with a large social media footprint/following to get the message out? Well, that would sure make things easier, but it isn’t needed. Our message sells itself, and thanks to the Trump era policies, we have a roadmap and the proven results to back it up. They were put on display, success after success, but the media squashed it.

So, if the media isn’t going to help us, and we can’t find anyone else to stand up, maybe the reason is because it is you. Maybe it is me. The fact is whoever it is must be willing to lose everything or we will all lose everything. Whoever stands up is going to come under the fire from the entire leftist machine. They will be discredited, investigated, most likely separated from family, and they will face punishment for their patriotism. They should place more importance on the way history records them than their own personal satisfaction.

When we look around and see no one else, that is because we are looking in the wrong place. Around, rather than within. We are all that person, and if someone is willing to stand up we must all be willing to stand up.

Who do we stand up to? It sure gets confusing...

First things first, the media must be brought to heel. They must be reminded that they are to act as the peoples check on the government. We won’t get very far waking people up if the media is still pushing that soothing lullaby of lies, manipulation, and blissful ignorance. The liars must be silenced, the ones who twist and lie and even sometimes inject themselves into the stories. They must be removed from journalism and clearly identified as opinion commentators and not journalists.

Then journalists must get back to reporting the news. There is room to insert personal opinions into the stories, but those should be clearly identified as such. Let’s face it. People can be morons; some believe everything they see on tv. The news must get back to being reported and not imported. Just tell us the news, don’t shape it in a way that tries to manipulate, in other words don’t tell us how to think about it.

Once the media is back to reporting the news and keeping an eye on government, we will all see the high levels of stupid in this country start to come down. As people start to digest the truth, you will start to see support for the far left diminish. Fighting them will become much easier.

Next week we will discuss the next step in the Constitutions Road to Redemption.

1. Return the press to the people

2. …coming soon



Thanks for reading! Please share with your friends and enemies!

Until next week patriots!


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3 commentaires

Austin Skidmore
14 déc. 2021

You’re seeking the messiah, but does he agree with you?


12 déc. 2021

I blame myself for believing in what politicians promised during their campaigns, and not doing my own research on all candidates and their voting history if running for reelection. I wasn't taught critical thinking until college, when I was asked about my stance on a subject and then told in order to get a good grade I had to research the opposite stance and prove it. That's what needs to be done in middle school now!

12 déc. 2021
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