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The Long Dark Night

This long, cold night may be drawing to a close in America, however the morning isn’t quite here yet. You can just begin to see the faint morning glow reflecting off the clouds that linger lazily on the horizon. The still late-night air is crisp, and the wind carries the faint scent of Moon dust. A new day will be here soon America, first we must finish the fight that we call the night. How did we get here?

Well, when this plandemic began, we were all taken by surprise. We didn’t know at the time how many lives this virus would claim. We also didn’t know at the time how many lives would be lost by the politically and not medically motivated choices, lies, and mandates. Then there is “Dr” Fauci. This man should be charged with crimes against humanity, as well as treason. He is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Check out our Covid-Timeline for more information on him and his emails early in 2020.

So, after the 15 days to slow the spread, then masks everywhere, stay at home orders, schools closing, no masks, 2 masks, 3 masks, untested vaccines, vaccine mandates, boosters, shots for kids, soon shots for under 4. Pro vaccine propaganda, villainizing of people who respect the Constitution, “pandemic of the unvaxxed” “President” Biden said on numerous occasions. Get the shot and you won’t get covid, if you get the shot you probably won’t get covid, you may but it will be weak, you will but it would have been worse without the jab, you will and you’ll be admitted to the hospital but you won’t die, you may die. Better get a booster! Just listen to how ridiculous that sounds. This isn’t science, it’s politics, power, and control. Those that still listen are the sheep. The useful idiots, ready to defend a vaccine they know nothing about, ready to fight and ridicule, (see Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”), other American citizens over their choice not to cover their face with a useless mask, most of which do close to nothing anyway. Now they want to give children up to 4 years old 3 shots.

My apologies, I veered off into a bit of a covid rant. Back to the convoys. They are happening all over the world now. Most people don’t know because they aren’t told. So what happens when the convoys meet aggression? They most certainly will. The U.S. Government is good at this game. They are excellent at putting operatives in the crowd, (see Jan 6, 2021 and many other examples), to cause problems and make it looks like the truckers are violent, scary, and big ol’meanies.

Antifa groups on and around some overpasses on the route will be spreading nails and throwing rocks from overpasses. Truckers have asked supporters to bring or donate large magnets used for clearing the nails, however these don’t work on aluminum nails.

Facebook has shut down convoy and personal pages, created pages to pose as legit convoy pages, ignored reports on fake convoy pages, and put out false information to confuse and scatter the movement while they hide behind “fact-checkers”. So, here we are. Our truckers will be rolling out soon on their way to D.C., will you be there to support them on their way? I will, my family, and my kids will be. This is going to be history in the making. This is the second shot heard round the world, the elites better listen, all we need to do as a people is stand up, and their game is over. They keep us splintered. Splintered wood can build no bridges, and they know it.

Now we have the media, the government, and even republican party shills like Sean Hannity reporting that the convoy is going to start at the Super Bowl. This is fake news, and the ones reporting it are doing for a reason. The media masters are pushing fake news to mislead and confuse the public. The only path they have left is to turn the public against the movement, and therefore against their own freedom. This will be a propaganda war the likes we have never seen before. The elites, the ones who control 90% of ALL MEDIA aren’t going to walk away from their plans. Their “Great Reset” must move forward and they will pull out all the stops. Everywhere you look there will be negative reports about the movement. False flags, accusations, blame, food shortages made worse on purpose to put pressure on the public, gas shortages, price increases and more, all to make them uncomfortable. The government and the media will work together to crush anyone who dares rise up. If we only do it a few at a time, we lose. We must act as one, we must act as We the People, and not we the sheeple. When the time comes, and it will have no doubt, it is inevitable. Will you answer the distress call from the Land of Liberty? Will you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone? We as Americans have forgotten that we must fight for our freedom. That doesn’t mean we spend our life thanking the ones that do while we sit on our lazy asses and stare at exactly what they want you to stare at. Media, fake news, false flags, and distractions. Shiny things meant to distract and lull people into a sort of blissful ignorance. You get walked, and the dog gets wagged. I am not too concerned for the truckers safety while the trucks are moving. It’s when they get to their destination that I am concerned about what will happen when they get to that swamp. Will it eat them alive? What will the Biden administration do, or the ones controlling it do? I fear their reaction is finally going to trigger a long overdue counter-revolution in this country. I say counter revolution because the left has been in a revolution against us since the late 60’s, when they were harmless unemployed hippies. Then in the 70’s and 80’s they decided the best place to push their radical agenda was in the education system. Hmm what year was the Dept. of Education created? Oh yeah, it was October 17, 1979. Late in Carter’s first and only presidential term, who until recently, was the worst president in modern history. Carter was bad because he was weak. Biden is bad because he is actively trying to hurt America. There is no other way to explain his policies and actions. If our enemies were in charge of America and didn’t want us to know it, they would do a lot of the things this administration has done, in the same way, and in the same timing.

So what will the U.S. Government do? We already know, just look at history.

· They will try to sabotage the convoy with their version of brownshirts called antifa.

· They will pose as members of the movement and commit crimes of vandalism or violence. They will later be bailed out, cases dismissed shortly following. Then they will get back out on the street to do it again.

· With the medias help, (they are just following their owners orders) they will demonize and falsely label the movement using the played out insults they always use, (again, please see Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals”). Racists, sexist, bigots, transphobe, fascists, antisemitism, anti-black racism, homophobia, insurrectionists, and so on. In an attempt to turn steal credibility from the movement, making it easier to turn the public against them.

· If these things do not work, they will take action to quell this uprising before it gets too big. I don’t think they will be able to do it in the traditional methods.

Social media is vital here to help tell the true story of the convoy. Take Ottawa for instance. The media reports swastikas, hate, anger, theft, racism, homophobia, and more. The live streams from inside the camp have been invaluable to tell the real story and counter the medias fake news.

This is about much more than a mandate. Sure, that is where it starts, but this government, this tyrannical government needs to be reminded who We the People are. Washington D.C. should be occupied completely and brought to a stand still for as long as it takes. However, the federal government will not allow this go on very long. When the truckers, who are sacrificing for all of us, need help. When they need people to come to D.C. and stand with them, will you sacrifice even a few days? When the tremendous weight of this corrupt federal government is coming down on them, where will you be. When they put out the S.O.S., and they are under siege, losing property, losing freedom, losing reputations, losing families, losing everything they have while they stand up for our rights. Will you lose even 1 hour? Or will you watch from your couch as the truckers are rounded up, assaulted, arrested, and then convicted one way or another? Will you sit there, enjoying the blessing of this country while not offering anything to it? If those D.C. streets are cleared and the movement erased, America will never be the same. If we watch as the truckers fall, cuffed and taken away. If their property is removed and the streets of D.C. are swept and cleaned up to appear as if it never happened, then we have failed them, and more importantly, we have failed America.

This is the moment. This is the last stand.

Think of all America has given you, then think what you have given to America. These truckers are the army of the people, by the people, and for the people. They must be supported. This movement must not die, it must be written into the history books as a reminder that “those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.” JFK This is a rallying cry to all Americans, but especially to all of you out there who have taken an oath. That oath never expires except upon death. It is time for radio silence, keep our eyes on this convoy, and be ready to answer freedoms call when it comes.

Godspeed Patriots,


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